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Dennis Montgomery near death?

An unattributed article at WorldNetDaily this week cites Larry Klayman as saying that Dennis Montgomery is in poor health, and should be deposed before it is too late. Deposed about what, you ask? About the alleged scam he ran on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office? No, rather about Montgomery’s purported knowledge of NSA surveillance of the US Supreme Court. Klayman wants the court to question Dennis Montgomery in secret, saying according to WND:

The witness, Dennis Montgomery, can testify “about the unconstitutional and illegal surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency that is highly relevant and of crucial important … as he worked closely with these agencies following the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001,” said Klayman.

Montgomery’s poor health adds to the urgency that his testimony be taken now, Klayman has said

Klayman points to Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Ginsberg as surveillance targets that Montgomery could testify to. (Maybe he found this in bar codes in the noise of Al Jazeera TV signals.) Klayman raises the question of whether Roberts is being blackmailed by the Obama Administration.

Klayman sued the president and won a court order that the NSA stop spying on him personally (read more on Klayman v Obama). This motion is part of that that legal proceeding.

Natural born dilemma

The Huffington Post has a new article out by Terry Krepel, “Birthers at WorldNetDaily Won’t Hold Cruz to Same Standard as Obama,” charging WorldNetDaily with hypocrisy, for not raising the same eligibility objections to the foreign-born Ted Cruz as they did against Barack Obama.

Apart from the editorial position of WND, birther commenters there and elsewhere (e.g. Mario Apuzzo and David Farrar) consistently declare the ineligibility of both, although they leave me wondering how they would actually vote. I have a 2016 election poll that I’d really like birthers to respond to:

If the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates were polling within 5% of each other, would you vote

  • Hillary Clinton? (58%, 15 Votes)
  • A third-party candidate you believed eligible? (31%, 8 Votes)
  • For the Republican candidate you liked ideologically, but believed Constitutionally ineligible? (12%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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imageWND has not been completely silent on the issue with an article 2 days ago by Cheryl Chumley titled, “Rubio runs, tea party turns on him.” No loss of irony is seen in her selected quote from Rubio (pictured right) , who called himself “uniquely qualified” for the presidency. Despite that teaser, WND readers will find that the core objections against Rubio are policy based.

Indeed, one has to get pretty deep into the article before they touch the eligibility question:

Meanwhile, others contend Rubio’s not even a natural-born citizen and therefore, ineligible to seek the presidency. Rubio’s parents, as WND previously reported on at least two occasions, were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth.

The article itself takes no position on Rubio’s eligibility.

WND blocks Doc from debunking nutty article

Lord Monckton is back at WorldNetDaily with a classic example of he blind leading the blind in a rehash of a similar story from 2012. I’d like to refute the nonsense there, but WND banned me a while back.


The comment I couldn’t post (from the preceding image) says:

With all due respect, Monckton doesn’t have a clue what real scanning and PDF generation software does. He relies on what he is told, and the people telling him aren’t qualified. It is the blind leading the blind. The paper largely relies on the false claim that normal PDF generation software does not create multiple one-bit non-black layers. Well it does. Ask any Xerox WorkCenter 7655 machine.

This is in response to a central theme in the Monckton report (repeating over and over “I am told”) that says, among other things:

Monckton: "I am told that no optimization software generates any non-black layers of 1-bit quality, yet all of the 1-bit-quality layers in the White House document are non-black" and "Multiple layers of 1-bit quality each representing a distinct color other than black can only be created by an operator deliberately."

As readers here know, the Xerox WorkCentre 7655 that the White House owns automatically does exactly what Monckton was told optimization software can not do.

Then Monckton goes on to do some math which is both wrong, and inappropriate:

Multiple layers of 1-bit quality, no 1-bit-quality layer represents black and one 8-bit-quality color layer: 1 in 60 (combined)
Registrar’s signature-stamp on its own layer: 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Registrar’s date-stamp on its own layer: 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Line spacing irregularities: 1 in 10
Letter spacing irregularities: 1 in 20
White halo effect around black text: 1 in 10
Chromatic aberration absent: 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
Certificate number out of sequence: 1 in 25
Father’s birth date two years out: 1 in 40
Use of “African” against written rules: 1 in 25
Miscoding of federal statistical data: 1 in 25
Probability that all errors were inadvertent: 1 in 75 quadrillion

First, let’s correct the mistakes:

Multiple layers of 1-bit quality, no 1-bit-quality layer represents black and one 8-bit-quality color layer: Normal for Xerox machine
Registrar’s signature-stamp on its own layer: Always happens with Xerox
Registrar’s date-stamp on its own layer: Always happens with Xerox
Line spacing irregularities: Why is this unusual?
Letter spacing irregularities: Why is this unusual?
White halo effect around black text: Always happens with Xerox
Chromatic aberration absent: Normal for Xerox
Certificate number out of sequence: Not out of sequence
Father’s birth date two years out: Matches other documents
Use of “African” against written rules: No such rule
Miscoding of federal statistical data: No such code applicable

The a priori statistical fallacy involved (reference, see Note 4) is to conclude that something that that has already happened is improbable. He might just as well have argued that the name Barack is very unusual, and the name Obama is also unusual, and that only a relatively small number of babies were born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961, and then conclude that someone named “Barack Obama” being born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii was very unlikely.

Everything is about the birth certificate

or so it would seem if you read Birther Report or WorldNetDaily.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended for 6 months for misrepresenting his exploits in Iraq and when reporting on hurricane Katrina. There is speculation as to whether he will return to the NBC Nightly News anchor slot after his suspension or whether someone will take over that job permanently. Several names are mentioned for a replacement:

  • Lester Holt
  • Savannah Guthrie
  • Matt Lauer
  • Jake Tapper
  • Katie Couric
  • Jon Stewart 😯

WorldNetDaily focused on the number 2 slot, Savannah Guthrie, who was NBC White House Correspondent on that fateful day, April 27, 2011, when the White House released President Obama’s long form birth certificate in an early morning press briefing, followed later in the day by a nationally-televised address by the President to say that “we don’t have time for this silliness.” Guthrie appeared on the NBC Nightly News that evening and reported that she had personally handled the birth certificate and “felt the raised seal” that is somewhat difficult to see in the photo she took with her phone and tweeted.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Outside the small world of birther activists and their detractors, Guthrie’s role in the birth certificate story is insignificant, but for those who focus on these issues, Guthrie stands as a testimony to the fact that a significant part of birther conspiracy theories is a lie.

Now WorldNetDaily jumps in with a remarkable article titled, “Obama’s birth certificate to sink Brian Williams’ ‘replacement’?” The article had what appears to be one significant lie attributed to Mike Zullo:

[Zullo] pointed out that, according to former White House attorney Bob Bauer – a Perkins Coie attorney before coming to the White House – Obama never even handled the document.

What Pfeiffer [not Bauer] said was that Obama wouldn’t be holding the certificate during the press conference.

The article itself says not a word to suggest that Guthrie’s birth certificate story will have any effect whatsoever in NBC’s selection of a replacement for Williams, but only talks about Guthrie’s reporting on the certificate, and some remarks from Mike Zullo stating that there is “no evidence of a raised seal,” despite everybody else being able to barely see it on the Guthrie photo. The suggestion, as we so often see at WND, is left to the headline and to the readers’ imagination.

Persona non grata at WND


I went back over my Disqus profile to see what might have triggered WND’s ban.

Here are the last few with the most recent first.

a day ago: Removed

The information about Washington came from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register – January 1857 No. 1. and Notes and Queries, 1857. And yes, I found the images of those works on the Internet.

When researching "on the Internet" it’s important to consider the authority of the source, in this case it was historical documentation scanned by Google Books.

a day ago: Removed

There is nothing "Christian" about the birther movement. It is based on racism, bigotry, political smears and mental defects (different strokes for different folks). What ever your particular defect, birtherism is founded on lies and character assassination (as you just did for the 6 experts, 3 of whom were hired by WND).

We could add a less credentialed expert, John Woodman, who is a Tea Party Republican, but with integrity. He wrote a book, showing the forgery claims were bunk.

a day ago: Removed

Dreams from My Father sold 4,650,000 copies.

a day ago: Removed

Dual citizenship is not unusual for US Presidents. Some countries grant citizenship to the grandchildren of their citizens. I am really not concerned by whatever quirks there are in the laws of some other country. They shouldn’t be able to restrict who we can elect as our president.

James Madison, the principal author of the Constitution, was a dual citizen of France, actually accepting the honor before he became president. Washington was also a dual citizen of France. Eisenhower could have been claimed by Germany until he took up arms against them. Of course, Chester A. Arthur’s father was an Irish subject when the President was born.

Teddy Roosevelt wrote a book in which he mentioned the "dual citizenship" of several historical figures, including President Arthur, in an essay rejecting the notion that the United States should recognize such a thing as dual citizenship. He said we should totally reject such foreign claims on our citizens. The book is "Fear God and Take Your Own Part."

2 days ago: Removed

I’ve never known birthers to raise a crowd big enough to make it worth my while to drive to Atlanta. How about as an alternative we debate live on Internet Radio. I’m sure one of the shows would host it.

But I warn you, you would end up looking very foolish.

2 days ago: Removed

Barry Soetoro. Barry is a nickname, like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Ike Eisenhower. Soetoro was his stepfather’s name, and he went by it for a few years when he lived in Indonesia with him.

2 days ago: Removed

Barack Obama published Dreams from My Father in 1995. The nationality of Obama’s father was in a best-selling book–hardly a secret.

2 days ago: Removed

You know, there was a rumor going around after his death that George Washington had been born in England. It was in the papers. The story was that Martha Washington birthed him in England and then rushed back to the United States to register his birth in Virginia.

I didn’t believe it until I looked it up.

2 days ago: Removed

The Obama Foreign Exchange Student story was an April Fools Joke, April 1, 2009. There has never been ANYTHING to indicate Obama was ever a foreign exchange student anywhere.

2 days ago: Removed

Well, you came up with nothing, but just to show you what a good sport I am:

Ivan Zatkovich – Professional electronic document, has testified in multiple court cases.

Dr. Ricardo de Queiroz of the University of Brazil – former research scientist for Xerox and the holder of patents on document compression.

Dr. Neal Krawetz – security expert and expert in electronic document alteration detection. Has authored software to detect alteration.

The other three are Pex. Broyhill, and Coburn. All three run data analysis companies and are considered experts in the field.

WND writer Aaron Klein, read the reports of Pex, Broyhill and Zatkovich, and concluded, speaking on his WABC radio show May 1, 2011:

"But let’s put that aside.[22:03] It would have to be a massive conspiracy, and I don’t want to get into that, that the State of Hawaii was involved in, in order to fake this document. I believe that this document is absolutely real. There is no evidence that it is not. And there would have to be a grand, crazy conspiracy for the State of Hawaii to be involved in faking a birth certificate. I don’t want to even get into that on this program."

So you see, this whole forgery thing is just the blind leading the blind.

I think what they were not ready to allow was my comment about Aaron Klein and the document experts he and WND hired. I get the impression that anything with the string “WND” in it goes into automatic moderation. I have never published the extended transcript of Klein’s WABC radio program on May 1, 2011 up until now where Klein basically says that the experts find no smoking gun of forgery in the President’s birth certificate PDF. That transcript has also been added to the menus under Bookmarks | Transcripts. Loren sent me a link to that show some years ago, and I made the transcript.

WND, you can’t handle the truth.

Flinging poo

Monkey flinging pooThe opening paragraphs of my recent article, “Run Cruz, run!” started out as a comment at Birther Report. They posted a new article titled, “Backlash Warning: TP Publisher Under Fire For Suggesting Foreign-Born Candidate For POTUS” about the candidacy of Ted Cruz. My comment appeared second on the article, making it prominent. Here’s what I said:

While I personally think foreign-born Cruz is eligible because he was a US citizen at birth, there is certainly an argument to be made the other way. It will be interesting to see how strong the opposition to Cruz is compared with the parentage-based opposition to Obama.

If Cruz is a serious candidate, it would certainly be possible for a legitimate challenger for the Republican nomination to bring a lawsuit (even if it were a friendly suit) claiming that Cruz was ineligible, resulting in the adjudication of the definition of "natural born citizen" by the Supreme Court. I think that would be a good thing.

I knew that a comment that high up from someone like me would not be well-received, and I was right:

charlesmountain: No one gives a damn what you have to say, evil, disinfo fag… .Save it for your wack blog or pack it in your asscrack…whichever floats your tampon…

That’s not the whole comment. It goes on from there. I think this kind of poo flinging is designed to drive away the target.

I contemplated this article before the BR incident, mainly based on a series of comments exchanged on an article at WorldNetDaily called, “Obama’s identity fraud and Mickey Mouse media.” I’ve been commenting, along with Dave B., Ran Talbott and someone posting as Jan123456. On the other side are several birthers, notably three with the names of Veritas Aequitas and TruthToBeTold and Joseph Figarelli.

Here’s a comment from Dave B.:

The Supreme Court didn’t provide an exclusive definition of "natural born citizen" in Minor v. Happersett for ANY purpose– not for establishing the facts of the case, not for rationalizing the decision, and certainly not for the entirely unrelated purpose of presidential eligibility. What Chief Justice Waite DID do, however, is conflate native citizenship, acquired by birth in the United States, with natural born citizenship and presidential eligibility; as opposed to naturalized citizenship, acquired under Congress’s naturalization power. Native citizens are by no rational understanding of the term naturalized; they are and have always been natural born citizens.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Another no argument comment from an idiot.

At another point I said:

And the Sheriff or Mike Zullo never proved any records were forged either. All of that stuff fell apart under scrutiny. We even caught Zullo lying and fabricating evidence in the 2nd news conference.

And here is the reply from TruthToBeTold:

Who is we? You are just a lonely old man that doesn’t have any friends that belongs in a padded white room.

And in another part of the massive thread I said:

Obama’s past is no more unknown than that of any other public figure, and his records are no more sealed that the records of anyone else. Obama released information in line with what other presidential candidates have released, some a little more, and some a little less. Romney wouldn’t release his tax return. Bush wouldn’t release his college grades (they got out by accident). McCain wouldn’t release his medical records or his birth certificate.

The idea that Obama is unknown and hiding his records is a total fraud and not true to the facts.

And got back from Joseph Figarelli:

What exactly are you smoking?, *** for brains.

I could go on for a very long time from that particular article, but these are good examples. I label this flinging poo to cover up impotence. I have lost my temper sometimes at birthers who are being particularly obtuse and will resort to calling them “idiot,” but never if they are trying to be reasonable. If someone makes an argument, I will respond appropriately. All told, I fling a lot less poo, and it is not as smelly.

I think part of the birther frustration at WND is that they are very poor birthers. They’re still living in the past with the Travel Ban to Pakistan that never existed. This particularly is pretty easy to pick apart, and they say things that they cannot back up when challenged. When that happens, all they can do is fling poo.