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New (old) attack on Obama’s Selective Service registration

The signer of Orly’s latest affidavit sounds a little more expert than the usual birther volunteer document examiner, 20 years as a special agent with Homeland Security  and 20 years as an investigator with the Coast Guard. For some reason, though, Coffman has had a thing about investigating Barack Obama dating back at least to his Senate days in February of 2008.

I have to start off by saying that I don’t know if this Jeffrey Stephen Coffman has the qualifications listed on his affidavit. For the purposes of discussion, however, I will assume that he does. As with any expert testimony, a report is presented and the methodology is described, and it is the methodology that I will treat below.

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Zombies sighted in California

Long dead case comes to life

When I think of the Keyes v. Obama lawsuit, later named Barnett v. Obama in California, I feel like I’m discussing ancient birther history. It was Orly Taitz’ first birther case, I think, recruited by the unsuspecting Gary Kreep (much bad blood developed between the two). It’s been dead for years.

Orly Taitz has a filed a motion to reconsider the RICO portion of her case, that Judge David O. Carter dismissed, on the basis of new “evidence.” The evidence is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s affidavit entered in another case saying that he “believes” that fraud has “likely” been committed in Barack Obama’s documents. Of course, what Arpaio believes is not evidence, nor is he even willing to point the finger at Barack Obama as the culprit. It’s a waste of time, but Orly is like the Energizer Bunny, and just keeps on filing and filing and giving me something to write about.

In Orly’s mind, Barack Obama is at the center of a massive criminal conspiracy, and in her RICO action Taitz names the conspirators as defendants:

  • Barack Obama, President of the United States
  • Alvin Onaka, State Registrar of Hawaii
  • Michael Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security
  • Obama for America, official campaign organization
  • Brian Schatz, former chair Hawaii Democratic Party
  • Lynn Matusow, former chair Hawaii Democratic Party
  • Nancy Pelosi, former chair of the National Democratic Convention
  • Alice Germond, former secretary of the National Democratic Convention
  • Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States
  • Loretta Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health
  • William A.  Chatfield, former director of the Selective Service System

While Taitz clearly says that this case is only about the RICO portion of her original suit, she still asks f0r a declaratory judgment.

Choice quotes:

Orly Taitz, attorney in this case brought Quo Warranto in DC, however presiding judge in that case simply twisted the statute and claimed that Quo Warranto can be brought only by the Attorney General [or United States Attorney], which of course is not the case and represents a perversion of the statute. …

New evidence submitted herein is as follows. Plaintiffs are submitting a true and correct sworn affidavit of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa county (sic) attesting to the fact that Obama’s birth certificate, selective service certificate (sic) and Social Security card are fraudulent and forged (Exhibit 1). … [Note: in the barely legible attachment of this affidavit, one page is upside down and the other is sideways.]

Defendant Alvin Onaka, Registrar of the State of Hawaii, aided and abetted Obama and was complicit in the cover up of the fact that Obama is using a forged birth certificate. …

Defendant Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security (sic), aided and abetted Obama by covering up the fact that Barack Obama is fraudulently using a Connecticut Social Security number. …

Here’s her motion:


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Zombie epidemic

Despite recent denials of zombie attacks from the Centers for Disease Control (the FBI used to say there was no organized crime), there continue to be sightings. We here at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog have been lulled into a sense of complacency by Mario Apuzzo who has been posting extensively in comments here; unbeknownst to us it was only a distraction while he created a zombie of his Purpura v. Obama lawsuit. The undead case has been seen and documented at the New Jersey Supreme Court1. It is well known that just about the only effective means of destroying a zombie is massive trauma to the head, preferably by a strike from a large wooden mallet.


Indeed, another brain-consuming zombie brief has appeared at the Supreme Court of the United States no less. Birther Zombie queen Orly Taitz filed an appeal of the Georgia ballot challenge,  Farrar v. Obama. Zombies have been identified by their decaying physical bodies, and this is clearly evident in the Farrar brief, for example on page 43 where some of the text has deteriorated to the point that it is barely recognizable.


1I’ve been reading the appeal and am researching it for a possible serious article.

More zombie action

Because of the reader demand for more zombie material, I thought I would show this photo I snapped of a car in front of me last Sunday in Greer, SC.


It says “Support Zombies.”

Zombies ahead

It died back in August of 2010, but the zombie claim that Supreme Court Justice Kagan defended Barack Obama on eligibility-related cases as Solicitor General has been seen lurking the streets of the web site. The cases Jeff Rense Googled have nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. I’m still scratching my head over what George Soros has to do with any of this.

You might want to check out Rense’s link fast because it might just sink back into the ground as it did last time we saw it at WorldNetDaily before it was hastily scrubbed.

Zombies sighted in Arizona

Last week it was a “Zombies Ahead” electronic billboard hacking in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This week the Arizona “birther bill,” killed in committee, has crawled out of the grave as proponents plan to attach the content to some other bill being actively considered, reports the Associated Press. It’s sort of a ghoulish parasite scenario.

The Arizona bill is one of several “birther bills” engineered to exclude Barack Obama through the addition of requirements beyond those of the US Constitution. The Arizona bill requires that candidates for President and Vice President must be born in a hospital in order to be added to the ballot. This requirement doesn’t actually exclude Barack Obama, but it does invalidate the standard birth certificate from the State of Hawaii that doesn’t list hospital and physician names. Another non-constitutional requirement, that candidates never had dual citizenship, probably would exclude Obama, who could at one time have claimed citizenship in the UK and Colonies through his father.