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Another birther candidate gets national press

When I think of “birther candidate,” it’s Donald Trump. This time ABC News highlighted another birther candidate, Christopher Earl Stunk, in an article titled: “Meet the Most Interesting 2016 Candidates You’ve Never Heard Of.” I had actually heard of three of the ones selected from the current list of 512 candidates registered with the Federal Elections Commission, especially Limberbutt McCubbins (a cat) whose candidacy has gone viral (#MeowIsTheTime).

The ABC News article tends to make fun of these candidates, and if that were their intent, they could certainly have said more about the range of conspiracy theories held by Chris Strunk than they did; however, they did cover the most important fact: he is a birther.

I didn’t get this story from Birther Report, but they do have an article.

Armed birthers take to the streets in Ferguson

Thanks to a commenter tip pointing to a video of the paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, who appeared, armed with military-style weapons and bullet-proof vests on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, last night. Press reports say that they were there to protect a journalist from Alex Jones’ web site. Jones is a well-known purveyor of birther material on his show, having such guests as Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

That in and of itself is not news, but the guy with the gun  in Ferguson is a birther; he’s a freakin’ birther!

Oath keeper: [Obama] himself reporting, talking about himself being born in Kenya. All the sudden that’s no longer an issue. Them Democrats and Republicans went along with it. … The ring he wears, from the blow up, it appears to be some kind of Muslim ring.

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Klayman out, DOJ in, Mackiewicz in deep, and more hard drives?

OK now we know why a portion of the prior hearing in the Melendres case was sealed. It’s unsealed now, and involves Defendant Brian Mackiewicz, who is revealed to be under criminal investigation. This according to a Tweet from reporter Stephen Lemons. All we know for sure is that MCSO spokesperson Lisa Allen confirmed that there was a criminal investigation by the Phoenix Professional Standards Bureau, but declined to reveal the issue. Sources say that has to do with irregularities in his overtime pay. Mackiewicz is on administrative leave.

In the meantime, the US Department of Justice has been allowed to intervene in the Melendres case (this related to settling another DOJ lawsuit with the County and the Sheriff), and Larry Klayman’s application (following his failure to show up to answer questions) to appear pro hac vice representing Dennis Montgomery and Mike Zullo has been denied. You can read Klayman’s previous reply to Plaintiff’s objections.

There’s likely not much to the hard drive story, but the Phoenix New Times received photos of a computer recycling truck loading equipment from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office August 6. The hard drives were supposed to have been removed first, but the Court is concerned.


Photo credit Phoenix New Times

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Joe feints, and attacks on another front

So at the last minute Sheriff Joe throws in the documents demanded by the Court Monitor in the Melendres case (not really as a distraction) but at the same time files a Writ of Mandamus with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to have Judge Snow removed. Thanks to Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Time via Twitter:


Here’s the brief for the Circuit Court. Same old, same old except now they want the entire contempt proceeding vacated.

Obama followed by demons?

WorldNetDaily has an August 4 article up regarding some video footage of Barack Obama in Kenya. There is flaw in the thing which you can see below:


In the actual video (available in the WND article) this appears as a blink, or a streak lasting a fraction of a second, but as you can clearly see (just joking) the thing has a head and body. WND writer Joe Kovaks suggests that it might be a demon.

My first reaction is that this is too silly for even WorldNetDaily, but that would not take into account the fact that according to a 2013 Public Policy Polling poll, 20% of Republicans believe Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. I would expect the percentage among WND readers would be much higher, so this is a story that would resonate with many WND readers.

Birther fails to meet lowered expectations

The Natural born Citizen Party and Harold William Van Allen brought suit against the Federal Elections Commission, the FBI, the Department of State, the CIA, President Obama, the Copyright Office and the New York State Board of Elections in federal court (1:15-cv-01036) and it was dismissed this past July 6. The judge cited Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 8(d)(1) that requires that pleadings must be “simple, concise and direct.” Courts are specially mindful and lenient of pleadings files by the parties themselves (pro se) without an attorney, but even under this lesser standard, US District Judge Richard Leon found:

I am unable to glean from the plaintiffs’ papers any legitimate grounds for granting the relief they are seeking. The statements are … neither simple not concise, and as such, fall short of Rule 8(d)(1)’s requirements.

In fact, I couldn’t make heads or tails of the complaint either, mainly because there doesn’t seem to be any complaint in the complaint–it’s just some exhibits, copies of letters and magazine articles. It has something to do with a FOIA appeal about information regarding a 1957 American Mob Conference. Something about Stunk too.

The dismissal is being appealed.