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The wait is almost over

Here an old video (December 26, 2013) titled “How Many Will Go To Jail To Protect Obama?” that says “THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER.” It’s on Mark Gillar’s Tea Party Power Hour YouTube channel.

Yea, Mark, any day now.

…when a prophet speaks…, if the word does not come to pass or come true… The prophet has spoken presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

– Deuteronomy 18:22, The Holy Bible


Important birther, Jeff Lichter, seriously ill

There has been virtually no coverage of Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party on this blog, but that is my oversight. Lichter has been an important figure in organized birtherism. Who else among the birthers can say that they met Donald Trump face to face, and advised him about Obama’s birth certificate (and carries a photo to prove it)? Miki Booth in her book Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i wrote about the encounter:

Dr. Kate, well-known conservative political activist and host of the Revolution Radio Show, and I met for the first time in Phoenix on April 16th for a meeting arranged by Jeff Lichter of Arizona to compile evidence that would be given to Michael D. Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Donald Trump. At a little known meeting weeks earlier in New York City, Jeff, Arizona State Rep. Carl Seel, and Kelly Townsend, organizer of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, met with Trump for a brief 30 minutes discussing the Arizona eligibility bill which Trump fully supports and pledged to go to Arizona in June. Wrapping up the meeting when the topic changed to the birth certificate and “natural-born citizen,” Trump’s time had run out, but he gave a “homework assignment” to Jeff by saying, “I want to know everything about ‘natural-born citizen,’ and I want to know about these reports from Kenya when members of the Kenyan Parliament had talked about Obama having been born there.”

Booth, Miki (2012-01-30). Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i (Kindle Locations 5330-5336). New Patriot Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Lichter was a very active birther, who met not only with Trump but with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who demanded a verification of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. He was also acquainted with Orly Taitz and Dean Haskins of the Birther Summit, acting as its organizer for Arizona. Lichter was instrumental in Sheriff Arpaio’s meeting with Lord Monckton, British eccentric and birther.

Lichter was one of the original Tea Party members who met with Sheriff Arpaio to urge him to investigate Jerome Corsi’s allegations about Barack Obama. Here’s a photo of Lichter with Mike Zullo taken at the Cold Case Posse Press Conference, 31 March 2012 (courtesy of the Ventura County Tea Party):


You can listen to Lichter as a guest on America’s Web Radio program “One Nation Under Fraud,” hosted by Gary Wilmott of the Article 2 Super PAC:

He made the national news in a 2011 Associated Press story where he famously said (making my quote of the day):

“The term ‘natural-born’ has nothing to do” with location of birth, said Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.

Commenting on Miki Booth’s Facebook page in March of 2012, he said:

Miki, you raise a good point about whether we can trust SCOTUS. I encourage everyone writing on your thread here to keep fighting, keep spreading by whatever means (email, word of mouth) his ineligibility and Arpaio’s findings. And keep pounding and compounding demands to the media to stop their censorship.

Jeff was a true believer and didn’t just sit around waiting for others to act.

He has been hospitalized for some time following complications of surgery, reports Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email. According to her, Lichter is showing some signs of recovery and there are hopes of being able to remove him from the ventilator soon. Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Lichter in the hospital.


Malware reappears at Taitz web site

I hadn’t seen any of those pop-ups lately from Taitz, ones trying to make you think you needed to update some software or cure a problem on your computer. They’re back.

The Google Chrome browser flashed red on her site!


I presume this comes from some of her third-party advertising content.

While I was at it, I checked her stats at Taitz has verified results at Alexa now, so we can actually see how many visits she gets:

Metric Obamaconspiracy.org1
Daily unique visitors 1746 803
Daily page views 3578 1650
Monthly unique visitors 25170 10573
Monthly page views 110140 51136


1Obama Conspiracy Theories statistics, as reported by Google Analytics, were for the 31 day period ending November 7, 2014, which excluded the anomalous spike in traffic on November 8-9.


“Seperating” the men from the birthers

I was pretty young when I a read a work of youth fiction in which one of the characters explained to another a spelling memory trick: “There is ‘a rat’ in ‘separate.’” This was the beginning of my life-long attention to the misspelling of that particular word, and why I noticed it tonight in a comment at US Message Board from someone named Steve_McGarrett. The comment, which I will cite below, was mentioned by Dave B. in a comment here.

Mike Zullo has been fully trained by the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office under the powers granted to Sheriff Arpaio by the Arizona Constitution. He is well qualified and has ALL the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office resouces at his disposal, including their attorneys. Also Arpaio opened up a second criminal investigation a year ago appointing two full time detectives from the department. This is why the posse hasnt asked for donations anymore in many months.The second criminal investigation is what has delayed revealing all of the new posses evidence they collected since the second press conference. Once the 2nd investigation wraps they will hold two seperate conferences announcing their findings.

Misspelling “separate” isn’t the only problem with that post, but I thought it might be useful as an indicator as to whether this Steve McGarrett person is actually Mike Zullo, or some other identifiable birther. The misspelling of “separate” seems to be a Steve McGarrett trait, appearing again from him at US Message Board last April here:

That prompted Arpaio to officially open a new second criminal case indirectly seperate from the birth certificate evidence and he appointed two full time seasoned detectives from the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office to pursue criminal leads across the country working with other law enforcement agencies. Zullo stated the press conference in Phoenix will be a international event that will reveal what they’ve uncovered and Zullo stated it will be ‘Universe Shattering’ that will affect the nation. I’ve been monitoring this case for months and I believe they have uncovered hard copy evidence of Obama’s true birth status and that he went to college as a foreigner and the players who all covered it up.

I used the Google search engine, combining various birther keywords with “seperate,” to see what happened. Here is an interesting result from Birther Report from a commenter named Joe Mannix, who is widely thought to be Mike Zullo:

Mr. Zullo is not a liar. Hawaii had their own seperate code manual prior to becoming a state. Verna K. Lee verified she used those codes. The CCP also has in possession two Hawaiian birth certificates from 1961 that reveal that the term ‘Negro’ was used for black babies instead of the term ‘African’.

Here’s one by Britt Reid last April at City Data (a site where “Joe McGarrett” has also posted):

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is Britt Reid of the Surprise TEA Party here in beautiful Sun City West, AZ. Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo yesterday gave an update on what is going on with their investigation into Obama. It is apparent they are being precise and serious and the ball is fixing to drop on Obama that will shake the nation to its core. They have been working around the clock diligently but what will be revealing is what the seperate new criminal investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office will produce. Here is the update by patriot Mike Zullo.

“paralegalnm” (Leonard Daneman) had an entry from 2011 over at Apuzzo’s blog:

The Aug-8-1961 registrar date stamp is a completely seperate bit of artwork added in its own layer.

“Michelle” made the error multiple times commenting at the Citizen Wells site:

It has also been brought to our attention Bauer and Pelosi issued 2 seperate sets of Certifications of Nomination-complete language change in one set. No back up documentation provided. The COLB is backed-up by thin air. The way the media reports the issue, they act as if they have seen documentation, which we all know does not exist. They are editorializing when they should be reporting, is someone holding a machine gun to their heads?

Even our own resident birther john got in the act:

It appears that RC did not use “real” date and signature stamps and they essentially were part of the paper. I know that the CCP used a “real” date stamp to make sure that date stamp was seperate independent element and not part of the paper. As for the signature, stamp the neither the CCP or RC had Alvin Onaka’s stamp handy. But in any event, RC’s Onaka signature stamp is only partially lifted where the Obama’s BC, the entire stamp is lifted.

I don’t know that much was discovered in this short investigation. It may well be that similar style and subject matter plus the spelling error leads to a possible association between Steve McGarrett and Britt Reid. And before I close, I should acknowledge that my search found non-birther commenters here who made the same spelling error. :oops:


Post hoc ergo Taitz propter hoc

Orly Taitz takes credit for delay in the confirmation of Carolyn Colvin to head the Social Security Administration. Confirmation was delayed, says Taitz, after she sent a “criminal complaint” to the FBI, alleging Colvin’s complicity in Obama ID fraud. Taitz’ article (and there is really an article under this headline) is: “Press release: Second high ranking Obama official involved in the cover up of Obama’s fabricated IDs, resigns, third official had her confirmation hearing postponed by Senate after Taitz filed a criminal complaint with the FBI.” Taitz wrote:

After Attorney Orly Taitz filed a complained with the FBI relating to acting commissioner Carolyn Colvin’s complicity in cover up of Obama’s use of a stolen Connecticut Social security number 042-68-4425, Senate confirmation of Carolyn Colvin as a full Commissioner of SSA was stalled for five months.

Colvin had been serving as the acting head of the Social Security Administration and was nominated by President Obama for the regular position. The Senate finance committee voted 22-2 to recommend the nomination to the full senate last September.

The background is that Orly Taitz had named Colvin in a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration under the Freedom of Information Act. A query at a database aggregator service returned the name “Harrison J. Bounel” and the year of birth 1890 attached to the social-security number used by President Obama, and publicized by Taitz. Taitz assumed this data item, the source of which remains unknown, must indicate that the number actually was issued to Bounel and that Obama had used it fraudulently. The Social Security Administration could find no such person in their files (nor has anyone else located this individual). This is what Taitz sued over and why she thinks Colvin is covering for the President.

Taitz also thinks she may have had a hand in the resignations of Attorney General Holder and Postmaster General Donahoe. both named in lawsuits. Taitz lost all of those lawsuits.


What the heck happened November 8-9?


I glanced at the Google Analytics for this web site, and the chart showing the number of unique users looked totally wrong. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Shark attack?

The November 8 number is 5,337 with 6,752 on the 9th. That’s far more than normal (November 5 had 607). On a normal monthly report, about 38% are new visitors, with most being returning readers; on these two days, the new visitor number was 93.5%. So these were not my regular readers.

Where did they come from?

They came from all over. Here’s the top of the chart of locations:


So what was it?

Most of the hits were referred from Reddit is a social media site where registered users suggest articles, which are voted up or down in popularity. Someone must have suggested an article from my site, and 10,000 people clicked on it. As best I can tell, the article is not recent, but one called “False Flag Operation” from last March, the debunking of a Internet photo of Michelle Obama titled “Hooray for Communism.”

So much for my site’s 15 hours of fame.