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Two doctored versions of the State of the Union

As reported by ThinkProgress, the Republicans posted a version of the President’s speech that deleted remarks about the science of climate change.

What was covered up by all the media is that fact that the White House version was cleverly edited too, to hide the fact that the Supreme Court justices and the Joint Chiefs walked out as the President started his remarks (just as predicted at Birther Report). :roll:



A commenter pointed me to a message from Carl Gallups on Facebook, posted just a few hours ago:

We spoke with Carl Gallups. Here is what he told us concerning this matter:

"I have spoken at length with Mike Zullo. He says that he and the sheriff are still proceeding with the investigation and their plans to release the information. They believe it will be soon. HOWEVER, as reported before – they have been involved in jumping some huge legal hurdles that will enable them to bring this info forward. They are still involved in one big legal hurdle now. They hope to have it resolved soon. Any major movement in the case coming forward will be announced on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups ( and on the PNN internet network."

Gallups later posted at 5 PM that Zullo would be on the show at 5 PM. You COULD have given a little advance notice, Carl. So that will be something to listen to.1

What Gallups said about legal hurdles is a reprise of what he’d said half a year ago (except for the “s” word):

Carl Gallups: Been talking to Mike Zullo. Both the birth certificate and criminal investigations are still ongoing. Sheriff Arpaio is getting close to holding the press conference. They are in the process of getting over two legal hurdles so they can release some of the information. All sources and information must be extensively vetted.

For the boy who cried “wolf!” one too many times, the word lost its meaning through misuse. The same might be said of the word “soon” coming from Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups. My favorite example comes from February 7, 2014:

Gallups: You’re guys are confirming that you are very, very sure, very sure you know who several of these people are. …

Zullo: Yada, Yada, Yada. … This is going to be their play: deny, deny, deny.

Gallups: Right, but, but, they’re lying, lying, lying because you’ve got the goods, right?

Zullo: I’ve got the proof, proof, proof.

Gallups: OK, good. And the whole world is gonna see it, see it, see it, real soon.

In a video posted in May 2014 (and subsequently deleted) Gallups said:

So, we’ll know soon exactly what’s going to happen. In the mean time, from time to time Mike Zullo and I will give updates so that you will know that it’s still in the works, and still going to happen. God bless you.

We all remember the expectations of a “March reveal” in 2014, but even then birthers, like Mark Gillar, were prepared to give the Cold Case Posse a little breathing room:

… Don’t focus on a timeline. As far as I’m concerned as long as it breaks by summer and impacts the 2014 midterms, I’ll be happy.

Was 2014 the year of “soon”?

No, it started way before that. This is from Gallups January 2013:

PPS has been in direct contact with the Sheriff Arpaio investigation. We have just again been assured by Lt. Mike Zullo lead investigator that the investigation and potential angles of prosecution are still going full steam ahead. Just because it’s not in the news right now does not mean they are not feverishly working on the matter. There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming.

1We would be better able to track the delays if we had transcripts of the Gallups/Zullo segments. I made a few partial transcripts of them for articles, and I will continue to do that. Zullo has been on many times.


Rules 13 and 15

I have been remiss in enforcing the rules on this blog, and this has led to significant discord among the commenting community. Here are rules 13 and 15 from the site Editorial Policy.

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If police come upon a mentally ill homeless man lying on the street surrounded by people kicking the crap out of him, whom should they arrest? ‘Nuff said.

Throw Lingle under the bus

imageThe crew over at Gerbil Report™ have piled up the poo to fling at Linda Lingle, former Republican governor of Hawaii (pictured right), one who famously supported her Republican appointee Health Director Chiyome Fukino in saying Obama was born in Hawaii. She said: “And I think it’s, again, a horrible distraction for the country by those who continue this. … It’s been established. He was born here.”

Rather than putting herself into cryogenic storage, Lingle has found life after the governorship, now named by Illinois governor Bruce Rauner as his chief operating officer and senior adviser, announced in a statement made at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business1, reports the Chicago Sun Times. Rauner named his “superstar” turnaround team:

  • Donna Arduin, CFO
  • Trey Childress, Deputy Governor
  • Linda Lingle, Senior Adviser

According to Rauner:

Linda Lingle was the first woman elected governor of Hawaii, serving two terms from 2002-2010.  Gov. Lingle oversaw a $10 billion annual budget and made state government more transparent, responsive and accountable. Prior to her role as governor, she served as the Mayor of Maui County for eight years, and was a member of the Maui County Council for ten years prior to that. Gov. Lingle began her career as the founder, editor and owner of the Moloka’i Free Press. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge.  She is a native of St. Louis, Mo.

Lingle will start sometime in May or June.

It’s “Pay For Play,” say the gerbils at Gerbil Report™.

The article also repeats a number of long-disproven birther claims, like Obama’s certificate being out of sequence.

Read more:

1The original Gerbil Report™ article had Lingle going to work for the University of Chicago instead of the Governor, which perhaps explains the “Pay for Play” angle. The GR article was later corrected.


Arpaio 2nd criminal investigation canned?

Gary Wilmott (Give Us Liberty 1776) posted 2 comments at Birther Report™ yesterday that give some inside information about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s maybe investigation of Barack Obama or something:

For what it’s worth. I had some face time with Arpaio in mid-October. He wasn’t interested in talking about the issue. In fact he was somewhat irritated and dismissive. I also asked him some very direct questions in a public forum. Also dismissive. I just talked to a good friend and well-known activist who has had 3 conversations on the phone with Zullo in the last month. While there is no representation that A & Z have folded their tents…it was quite apparent that they are not poised to release any information in the near future. Personally as much as it pains me to say it and my friend agrees…we are not optimistic that anything will happen. I think that A & Z have been betrayed by the politicians, they have no viable media outlets (although Arpaio told me that if he needs to get the story out he can do it…but wait he got no traction in his last press conference) and I think they have been intimidated and threatened by forces and powers that we can only imagine. As more time goes by it would seem that there is increasingly less chance that Obama can be convincingly exposed and ultimately removed. I pray that I am wrong. Remember however that Obama has been committing his crimes (at the direction of the puppet masters) with the help of the republican establishment. These traitors will do anything to ensure the status quo.

He followed up with:

Once again…for what it’s worth. Of course I don’t have the inside scoop…I am merely putting 2 and 2 together in my mind and giving my opinion. I want this to happen more than you can imagine. I am living a nightmare. However…let me just say this…I am in regular though infrequent communications with someone who DID have access to the investigation (not Gallups) and was privy to SOME of the universe-shattering info. At one time that person thought that something would be released late last August. That person does not think anything will now happen and that is also part of my calculus. Sorry…I pray that I am wrong because this country is in a world of hurt and its only going to get worse. I love RG’s [BR commenter Reagans_ghost] positive attitude…but my hopes are waning. We are in late January and the focus is going to be on the presidential race and all irresponsible wannabes jockeying for position.

Wilmott has all the pieces — [mixing metaphors] now he just has to read the handwriting on the wall. Mike Zullo never had anything. He was just stringing you on.