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A fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a good king and queen. The land was fair and prosperous, but one day there appeared in the forest near the castle a wicked witch, and, as you might imagine, things became less fair and prosperous after that. The witch was very old and […]

Fairy tales

I’ve been reading fairy tales of late, the real ones in books, not the Mike Zullo radio interview. One of the things which is noted of such tales is the common archetypal characters in the tales of different cultures. I was struck today by the  correspondence between the Russian fairy tale, “Koshchei the Deathless” and […]

Shocking results from Google image search

One of the neat features of Google is its ability to search for images. I took this photo of Barack Obama, taken circa 1991 and asked Google to find it. Reader, please note that all of what follows are the actual Google image search results. This is not a spoof article. Truth is stranger than […]

Obama birth certificate found in Kansas?

I found this at the KAKE station web site, a comment on Orly Taitz and her Kansas lawsuit against Obama. Weird. Hyperlinks added. Ms. Taitz knows full well that the president is eligible due to his birth in Topeka Ks. she knows it from me. I’m pretty sure the Sec of the state of Ks […]

Teddy Roosevelt on dual nationality

On any list of America’s greatest Presidents one will invariably find Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. In 1915 during the First World War a man from New Orleans wrote the US Department of State with a question: He had been born in the United States in 1880 to a father of French nationality and […]