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Quote of the day – Volume 16

Quotes of the day are intended to represent what is being said by people on both sides of the birther question. They do not necessarily represent the views of this web site.

Orly running for State Attorney General is like John Dillinger running for Sheriff!

– Benji Franklin
– Comment at Obama Conspiracy Theories

Whenever there is the ability to create fear and ambiguity, conspiracy theorists and con-artists will be there to prey on the misinformed and feed them lies and half-truths. It is our job as a society to ensure that we don’t fall into their traps, and educate each other with scientifically verified information.

– Kevan Hulligan
The Breeze

The so called arpaios investigation deal is complete bullshit! Just Like arpaios and his clown squad … Arpaio , zullo ect are a joke

– Chief Mark Kessler

Lord Jesus Christ told me in PERSON that the Illegal Alien Muslim Brotherhood Member Terrorist, Saudi’s employee, Usurper AKA Obama is working for and with several groups of foreign and domestic enemies of the USA, including some USA government employees in Congress, in the USA judiciary and some employees in the executive branch of our own USA government and in the states government, to annihilate, crush, bankrupt, destroy, and to overthrow the USA Constitutional Republic, the USA economy, the USA military, the USA national security, the USA national sovereignty, and USA businesses leading to their plans of the genocide of hundreds of millions of USA American People in their planned overthrow of the USA Constitutional Republic.

– Comment at Birther Report

The idea that Obama attended Occidental College as a “foreign student” is pretty silly when you think of it. His high school transcripts were from Hawaii. Duh.

– Dr. Conspiracy
Censored comment at Birther Report

Everyone in Congress, everyone in Wash DC, and everyone in the Media know about Hussein’s fake ID.
None of them will “risk their political careers” by bringing it up.
It is up to We the People, not the cowards in Congress.
And… it’s Friday… another FF Update…hang on… it’s huge… it’s going to rock the world…

– Comment at Birther Report June 20, 2914

Partly it was coded racism. Mostly it was unvarnished crazy. By the time Donald Trump jumped on board the joke had run its course, though the birthers did get the president to sigh and release a copy of his long-form birth certificate, when surely he had better things to do. Like pardoning another turkey.

– Jacob Shafer, June 20, 2014
The Pacific Sun

I have spent five years looking at birther evidence, and I have concluded that birthers are simply too incompetent to understand the evidence, and too biased to listen to reason. They believe that a 10-year-old can understand their argument and maybe that is true. Fortunately we don’t let 10-year-olds vote, drive cars, or handle the nuclear missile launch keys.

– Dr. Conspiracy
– Comment at Fox News

I have reluctantly concluded that Sheriff Arpaio is never going to reveal his evidence.

Our country is being destroyed at a faster and faster pace. Arpaio goes on national TV and he has a perfect chance to say something about the FRAUD in OUR Whitehouse. It’s his patriotic duty to talk about the REAL issue. But … crickets.

Bought off or threatened.

Zullo disappeared. Gallups hasn’t even mentioned the Cold Case Posse investigation for a month.

The signs are all there. All I’m doing is reading them, know what I mean?

WHY should I still have faith in Sheriff Arpaio? Because he says “We’ve almost found the forger”? It’s been 2 years and four months since the first press conference on March 1, 2012, where they told everyone the birth certificate was a forgery. Even if — ten or twenty more years from today — they find the forger, that’s ONE OBOT. Or maybe a few Obots. It doesn’t shatter the universe that there’s a forger or a few forgers. Everybody knows there’s a forgery, so there HAS to be a forger or forgers. What’s universe-shattering about that? How does that remove the FRAUD from office?

I give up. We need a new plan. What are we up to now, Plan P? Plan Q? Plan R? I’ve lost track.

Or hey, let’s just talk about Sandy Hoax Hookers or gerbils or something for the rest of our lives. Who really cares if the FRAUD is never removed from office? We’ve already won, haven’t we? Let’s celebrate!

– Rhodalicious
Comment at Birther Report

If you really cared about America you would be proclaiming aka obama to be a criminal identity fraud and treasonous anti-American usurper and would be demanding that he be arrested, charged with high treason, very publicly tried and convicted, then swiftly sentenced and put to death, all per the rule of law.

– thinkwell
– Comment at Birther Report

@_Foggy No, and I hear McD is hiring Carl Gallups as is spokesman. Universe shattering evidence coming in March. LOL #birther #mssen

– Skeptical
– Twitter

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