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The wait is almost over

Here an old video (December 26, 2013) titled “How Many Will Go To Jail To Protect Obama?” that says “THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER.” It’s on Mark Gillar’s Tea Party Power Hour YouTube channel.

Yea, Mark, any day now.

…when a prophet speaks…, if the word does not come to pass or come true… The prophet has spoken presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

– Deuteronomy 18:22, The Holy Bible

“Any day now” gets closer

It’s been a slow week and I am reduced to republishing Birther Report. One of them had the stomach to listen to Carl Gallups Freedom Friday program and this comes from that:

Carl Gallups: Been talking to Mike Zullo. Both the birth certificate and criminal investigations are still ongoing. Sheriff Arpaio is getting close to holding the press conference. They are in the process of getting over two legal hurdles so they can release some of the information. All sources and information must be extensively vetted.

So “any day now” becomes “getting close” and “getting VIPs on board” becomes “getting over two legal hurdles.” I wonder what those legal hurdles are. Could they be:

  1. No evidence
  2. No jurisdiction

Perhaps we will find out, any day now.

Obots betrayed!

Birther says

Today’s Quote of the Day came from William, writing at Birther Report:

Besides, 2 of the main Obots (possibly more now) have already rolled over. Their followers are simply too stupid to know it – Yet…

Being a slow news day, I decided to break out the PULP-O-MIZER and try to express William’s sentiment graphically.

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_ Mark II

I’ve gotten many, many comments at BR suggesting that the Obots should turn themselves in to the Cold Case Posse (as if they had any authority as law enforcement) to avoid being killed by the Obama Administration, a fate they call “Fuddied” after Hawaii Department of Health’s Loretta Fuddy who died following a plane crash late last year.

I’ve been getting comments at BR saying that I should make an advance directive that my body be autopsied (comment deleted during recent purge at BR). I want to donate my body for medical education.

BR’s latest article is titled “FF: Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigation:  They Know Who Forged Obama Birth Certificate.” I don’t think Zullo actually said that, but the birthers took Zullo’s comments that way. Gallups said:

The second thing that Mike Zullo revealed was that he again spoke on behalf of Joe Arpaio, assuring America that they are now honing in on “the group responsible for the forging of the fake document.”

The birthers responded (names not included to protect the disabled):

Obots, you’re next.
Cut a deal with Zullo, before the regime Fuddies you.

Dr Casket, are you really sitting at a computer connected to the web right now?
Do you understand NSA knows where you are, and your Fuddying is likely to happen at any moment?
Call Zullo ASAP, and offer to testify against the other Obots.

Time is soon one way or the other. Obots need to watch their backs If Zullo don’t get them Patriots will but in the end if Zullo and Patriots fail Obama will have their heads.

Yep, BOTH sides want to ‘get’ the Obots.
Patriots want Obots convicted/hanged.
Ostapo wants Obots ‘permanently silenced.’

yup, poor obots, nobody wants them anymore. I read on freerepublic that someone close to obozo is considering sticking obots that have fallen out of favour into femacamps previously reserved for patriots. there they will receive extra humiliating "therapy" explaining them how they have fallen short of gaymarxistkenyan principles. they will wish to have fallen into the hands of patriots instead ..

Dr Casket,
Watch out for exploding tampons.

Hmm, I wonder if some of the obots already testified to a secret grand jury. I wonder.

Obots, run away, run away as fast as you can. Forgers known, universe shattering information is COURT ROOM ready. Learn something from Loretta Fuddy.

I have gotten to the point that I am not going to advise obots to seek a deal with law enforcement. If they are stupid enough to not realize the gravity of the situation and exercise a little self-preservation, then please come to BR and continue to spew your disinformation, your lame attempts to discourage us, and your desperate ranting. The party is about to start and if you’ve aided and abetted or had direct knowledge of the commission of these crimes you will go from "persons of interest" to "persons incarcerated".

I want Obots to cut a deal with Zullo, b/c after the Regime has the Obots fuddied, we may never know what the heck happened.
It could turn into another ‘Who shot JFK’ mystery for the next 100 years.
Every Obot is a valuable source of intel. They exist for a reason, and we need them alive and talking to whatever genuine law enforcement still exists in the USA.
After they spill their guts, we should execute them. Or, if they prove instrumental in taking down hundreds of Marxist traitors in the Regime and FedGov, then maybe they win a deal for Life In Prison with no chance of parole.


Orly’s approach to web site maintenance

Several readers of this blog are complaining that they are nable to post. Please, contact and demand that they fix this glitch ASAP

And that’s the most interesting recent post from Orly Taitz! What’s the world coming to when all an anti-birther gets to write about is maintenance problems on Orly’s web site? Or perhaps this breaking news headline from Orly is more to your taste:

No decisions yet in 5 pending cases

At least she didn’t make that 5 articles. Another major article says that Israel Hanukoglu complained to Orly about a typo in her link to his site, and this somehow turns into harassment of academics. The rest of her stuff is just invective against everybody in the government, accusing of them of treason, and some nasty anti-Muslim bigotry. Pathetic and wholly uninteresting.

A quick scan of Birther Report didn’t get my juices flowing either. Maybe there’s something in the comments, but really, “any day now” is pretty threadbare after all this time.

On the “any day now” theme, Obot1 has declared the birther movement dead — again. Yeah, right.

Chop chop

Birther Report allows advocacy of violence

Here’s a comment from Falcon over at Birther Report yesterday:

In my opinion Obama is done. And so are his sycophants who ran over America and her citizens for the last five years. Obama is no Lazarus and will not recover from the public beating he’s about to take. This will also take down all who refused to even consider Obama was a fraud when it was staring them dead in the face.

I hope this all leads to an Uncivil War and the communists are imprisoned in their beloved FEMA Camps. I also hope the rail cars with guillotines are used. It’s a shame to let all that looted DHS money go to waste.

An even worse call to criminal action comes from commenter Chris Farrell, perhaps incited by Falcon:

Any who facilitate the ongoing usurpation of the office of the presidency by a criminal who fraudulently represented himself as eligible to be president while knowingly not so are actively engaging in a conspiracy to contravene the Constitution of the United States of America and do by their actions define themselves as legitimate targets of opportunity for American patriots to engage at will. The words ‘Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes’ come to mind as most apropos to the present situation.

Falcon continues:

There’s no love for Obama and most have had a first hand look at his totalitarian society and want no parts of it. Lastly, Congress will be forced to act or they will find themselves on the receiving end of a blood-bath of epic proportions. America wants this to end and quickly – everyone knows what’s going on here and can barely contain their contempt for another second of it. It’s going to come to an end one way or the other.

I would consider that a threat against the President and certainly a violation of Blogger’s Content Policy on the advocacy of violence.

The triggering event, Obama’s “public beating” at the hand of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would seem a highly improbable thing. Obama has been quite effective in weathering guilt by association attacks, and pure nonsense hasn’t gotten his opponents anywhere.

All of this stems from a BR article highlighting a new Mike Volin video compendium of old stuff presented as a stand-in for the so-far absent real stuff from Sheriff Arpaio, referring to the “Sheriff’s Kit 2” coming any day now to a website near you.


Let’s all take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Birtherism is a war of words on the Internet. It is not a real conflict. Obama is president, and will eave office in 2017 and the country will muddle on as it always has. Nobody is threatening the birthers, and they have no cause to advocate violence in return. They lost at the polls—get over it already.

March expectations

Picture of Joe Arpaio with Mike Zullo behind him.So it’s almost the middle of March and nothing much from Zullo and the Zu-Bot Cold Case Posse. That leaves me in the difficult position of having nothing to write about. So just as the birthers have to live on promises, so do I.

Comments from Zullo in interviews with Carl Gallups, and recent remarks from Internet radio host and videographer Mark Gillar, suggest that they have completely abandoned the Birth Certificate / Selective Service registration themes that dominated the first year of their press releases and were shot to pieces by critics. It’s something else.

Birther Report has a new article up, “Washington DC Unprepared for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Universe Shattering Surprise.” I daresay that Sheriff Joe is pretty far down on the list of things the White House is preparing for (if it’s on the list at all and I doubt that it is). Given the total insanity of the stuff from the Cold Case Posse to date, it could be anything, not bounded by facts or evidence. Maybe they will find some elderly person suffering from dementia who doesn’t remember Obama being born in Hawaii (or for sure whether they were ever in Hawaii). Maybe they will discover the dirty little secret that the State of California’s certification of the Electoral College vote for Obama, residing in PDF format at the National Archives HAS LAYERS! Maybe they have latched onto one or more of the strange tales of women who claim Obama was born in Kansas, or Florida! My guess is that it will be something about the conduct of the 2008 or 2012 election in Arizona.

Certainly conservative members of Congress are interested. Here are just two examples from the BR article:

Rep. Labrador: “I really haven’t been following that at all.”

Rep. Huelskamp: “Honestly, I haven’t been following that at all.”

Clearly Arpaio and Zullo have the element of surprise in their favor. Commenting on the article, Gillar said last night:

Things are a bit different this time. The LFBC and Selective Service Card investigations resulted in the discovery of many other crimes that were committed by this regime. Some of which will piss off democrats and republicans alike. Don’t focus on a timeline. As far as I’m concerned as long as it breaks by summer and impacts the 2014 midterms, I’ll be happy. The delays are coming because of the amount of time that is taking to retrieve and log the large amount evidence as well as make sure the proper chain of custody is preserved and recorded. The evidence is different this time. I’d back off criticizing the CCP. You’ll have a lot of egg on your face when this is over if you continue.

By Summer? :shock: What the hell am I going to write about for the next 5 months? Do I have to come up with endless regurgitations of old articles with escalating cataclysmic titles as Birther Report does? Do I have to (shudder) cover Orly Taitz every day? This is a serious inconvenience!

My career expertise in vital records isn’t going to help much in mending the shattered universe, as the topic goes off in another direction, again from Gillar last night:

Arpaio knows. As Mike said, the wall between the CCP and MCSO have come down given the nature of the new crimes discovered. As I’ve said on other boards, the LFBC is just the tip of a very large iceberg of corruption. Americans will wonder if there is anyone left in government that they really can trust by the time this is over.

I know the LFBC is the focus for many of you, but the entire story will knock you socks off once it comes out.

As for Sheriff Arpaio, let me offer some advise from Holy Scripture:

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

In the meantime, as I face a long dry spell of no birther news, I console myself with the wisdom of the ancients:

Photo of fortune cookie

In case you didn’t hover over the Arpaio picture at the top of the article, the title is “Ventriloquist Mike Zullo operates lifelike Joe Arpaio dummy.”