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April Fool!

Visitors to the site earlier today will have seen this image:

It’s my little April Fool’s joke. On the last minute of March, 2014, I converted Obama Conspiracy Theories into something that I thought might look like the opening crack in the birthers’ universe shattering event.

The image was adapted from a notice I found on the Internet for a gambling site. “Arrest Warrant in Rem” refers to the seizure of property, not the arrest of a person. The image gives folks the opportunity to get move involved in the hoax since they have to search for statutes. 18 USC § 1756 deals with money laundering (a crime full of avenues for speculation) and 18 USC § 201 deals with bribery of a public official (the text of the 3rd paragraph comes directly from the statute).

The diligent birthers at Birther Report are having none of it:


They seem to think that there is some violation of federal law involved in my April essay, something about impersonating a federal agent or some such. The also have accused me of another crime in comments to this article: Someone posting under the name “Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.” wrote:

Is no joke. Davidson set up fake Defend Our Freedom Foundation website stealing money and I alerted the FBI. He will be going to jail.

For the record, I have never set up any fake Defend Our Freedom Foundation website, nor have I ever stolen any money from Orly Taitz. Of course, I don’t know if this is the real Orly Taitz commenting or not—other commenters at BR are skeptical.

Queen Orly hoax?

Did I punk myself?

In an article published today, I quoted an earlier article that I had written, “Orly Taitz demands to be made Queen of the United States” that includes a quotation ostensibly from one of Taitz’s email broadsides saying “I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.”

One of the issues with that referenced article is that it is dated April 1, 2010, and categorized “Wild & Wacky.” That’s a bad sign. Did I quote my own April Fool’s joke as a real story?

Taitz thinks so, writing on her own blog the same day an article [link to Taitz web site]  titled:

New April 1 hoax. Last year it was a hoax, starting with the words “quietly eligibility case reaches Supreme Court” It still goes around, even there is no such case in the Supreme Court. Now Obots came up with 3 new ones: Orly Queen of england, Queen of America and Queen of US. Are those dumb Obots paid with our taxpayer money?”

And she was right (except for the paid part), so it turns out, as I wrote in a comment on that article I wrote:

Yes, this is an April Fool joke, as you have surmised. It has gotten a little bit of replication on other web sites that may not have gotten the memo.

My favorite comment was: “You might think this is an April Fools day joke, but it’s not.”

I’m always a little uneasy about starting a rumor, even on April Fool’s Day, but ya gotta have a little fun now and then.

And in a later comment I confirmed that the specific quotation was a total fabrication. So here I am, hoist on me own petard.

Not worth the risk

A joke is a very serious thing.

–Winston Churchill

The clock has clicked past midnight and it is now April Fools’ Day. In many countries, it’s a day to play practical jokes and to make up outlandish stories and to try to trick others into believing them. I’ve had a lot of fun listening to the faux April 1 stories from National Public Radio.

In the Obama Conspiracy business, birthers are so ready to believe anything and everything, and so slow to give up such beliefs even when they are shown to be false, that it’s really not work the risk of playing an April Fools’ joke with an Obama Conspiracy theme. A major thread of birtherism is the belief that Obama attended college receiving student aid as a foreign student, and yet that was nothing more than an April Fools’ hoax.

Taitz dental office seized by feds

This is breaking news from OC Weekly, the best local coverage of Orly Taitz and her antics. In a pre-dawn raid, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration seized the building at 29839 Santa Margarita Parkway in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, housing the dental practice and law offices of Orly Taitz, Esq. As we reported last year, Taitz had leased part of the building to a medical marijuana distributor.

While legal in California, the sale and possession of marijuana is still against federal law, and statutes allow seizing assets, including buildings and vehicles, used in the drug trade.

OC Weekly speculates that this is pay-back from the Obama administration for Taitz’ string of harassing lawsuits against the President. Taitz, in a characteristic response, has posted a string of articles [link to Taitz web site] on her blog, describing herself as a political dissident and urging her readers and supporters to flood the Justice Department  and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with complaints.

Why the idea that the President attended Columbia University as “Barry Soetoro” is beyond silly

Orly Taitz’ latest shiny object is a report from Al Hendershot, a skip tracer from Alabama, that he found a 2010 record in one of his databases that lists a “Barry Soetoro” with a Columbia University address. Hendershot thinks this is evidence Obama attended Columbia as a foreign student. He’s being silly.

The original story was an April Fool joke that Obama attended Occidental College as a foreign student. This may be one of the most successful April Fool jokes of all time, surpassing the Orson Wells radio broadcast that Martians had landed in New Jersey (which was not broadcast on April 1 anyway).

First, there is no way a name and address from the 1980’s is going to appear in for the first time in some skip-tracing database in 2010 unless somebody intentionally created a transaction, such as a credit application, for the purpose of inserting the record. This is obviously a birther trick  and only somebody hopelessly naive would fail to recognize this.

For the benefit of readers who have never been to college in the US, this is how things work. When you apply to a college, you have your high school submit a transcript. Well President Obama went high school in Hawaii under the name of Barack (or Barry) Obama, not Soetoro. Lots of people remember him from high school. Some of his friends even wrote a book about it. Obama is in the Punahau yearbook, and Punahou School proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.

Barack Obama graduated from high school as Barack Obama, ergo, he entered Occidental College as Barack Obama. There are many references and published interviews confirming the President at Occidental, under the name Obama. Occidental College proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.


The president then transferred from Occidental to Columbia University. When you transfer from one college to another, you have a transcript sent; you don’t send it yourself, the school does. The President attended Occidental as Barack Obama, ergo he attended Columbia University as Barack Obama.

His name appears on the list of graduates supplied to Brietbart News by Columbia University:

And we also see Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro, in the Columbia graduation program. Columbia celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.

Following graduation from Columbia University, Barack Obama attended Harvard University. When one applies to graduate school, one must have the undergraduate transcript sent to the graduate school. The President went to Harvard as Barack Obama, ergo it said Barack Obama on his transcript from Columbia, not Soetoro. Harvard Law School celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.


As a normal human being, it is hard to grasp how someone would fall for an April Fool joke and try to keep it alive for years, risking their professional livelihood by violating the terms of service of a critical tool used in their job, and making themself the object of universal ridicule on the Internet.

Obama Occidental Blast!

President Soetoro?

President Soetoro?

This little gem (first circulated as an April Fools joke) is being recycled. Of course the case obliquely referenced here was dismissed, and the subpoena was quashed. This article represents what the “hope”  of the denialists looks like:

transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school

In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama’s qualifications for the presidency, the group “Americans for Freedom of Information” has released copies of President Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.”

This is the man now sitting in the oval office that we’re talking about above. He is also a lawyer; that is a sworn officer of the courts system, and a member of the Bar that actually taught Constitutional Law in Illinois, before running for the office he now occupies.

This immediately brings up a number of direct conflicts of interest that in themselves create several indefensible positions for the fraud that Barack Hussein Obama, formerly Barry Soetoro, truly appears to be. How could Obama the lawyer not know that he took grant money for financial aid, from the Fulbright Foundation that was intended only for foreign citizens? How then to square this with his supposed Naturalized American-citizen status that he claimed in order to run for president? He cannot be both things in the same person; especially not at the same time. Continue Reading →