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OARPA Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 1

Update: OK, so somebody spilled the password. Look it’s all a joke, OK. It’s April Fools Day. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

This issue probably should be dedicated to our “Chief Alinsky Officer,” Carmen Montoya, who came up with the “hide in plain sight” strategy. As you know, we’ve been planting farcical OARPA articles at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog to immunize the birthers against suspecting that OARPA is real and working full tilt very much against their interests. This article, published on April 1 no less, will add to the farce mystique, but they won’t be able to read it because of the password. After this issue, OARPA newsletters will resume in the protected section of our honey trap DARPA Technology web site.

Infrastructure news

Mr. Fessenden mandated that the new distributed data center network be up by this date, and we are pleased to report that our 5 data centers are now online and fully operational, including the deep cover defense contractor. Construction was completed and the new power management hardware installed at OARPA1 on March 23.


Our Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Davidson, reports the roll-out  of “New Architecture 3.0” and that it has been installed on most of the OARPA client machines to good reviews from users. Suggestions from our defense contractor to tighten security on the software update channel have been implemented. The information database structure has been enhanced to store more types of information, and to allow quicker searches and simpler SQL queries through views and user-defined functions. The development team has been putting in 16-hour days in February/March to make it happen. We owe them, both the paid staff and the volunteers, our thanks.

Rapid response

Expanding on the brilliant success of the President’s “Fight the Smears” web site, we are more proactive in dealing with Internet news items that go against our interests. The conventional debunking and ridicule activities are ably carried on by our misinformation fronts: Obama Conspiracy Theories and The Fogbow. The rapid response team goes one step further by injecting malware-carrying advertising into those sites with advertising, or taking them down with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from the OARPABot network. They can effectively take a site down usually within 1-2 hours. The debate continues as to whether Birther Report is to remain off limits because of their overall bad reputation and the suspicions raised the last time we did it to them.

Security breach

This was described briefly in the March 30 Newsletter. One of our researchers literally stumbled on a 33 MB data file that was a WordPress Extended RSS export of one of the major birther blogs (named in the previous newsletter) from October of 2010. The WordPress export includes all of the site comments (including unapproved and deleted ones) with the information that the blog administrator sees, specifically including the comment author, the comment author email address and the comment author IP address. Of the 1,843 distinct individuals represented in the data set, 106 were on our watch list.

Local activities for April

  • “April Fool the Birthers – share your story” party, Nashville, TN, April 1
  • Technology workshop, New Orleans, LA, April 4
  • OARPA Book Club, Richmond, VA – April 9
  • Regional leadership training, Phoenix, AZ – April 11
  • Regional leadership training, Columbus, OH – April 14
  • Tax day celebration, Seattle, WA – April 15
  • Regional leadership training, Austin, TX – April 16
  • Temperance Alliance, Palm Bay, FL – April 21
  • Soros Club, Midlothian, IL – April 22
  • Patriots Roundtable, Wilkes-Barre, PA – April 24
  • Birthers Я Funny skit,  Clarkesville, TN – April 24
  • Regional leadership training, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – April 27
  • Technology workshop II, Williston Park, NY – April 27
  • California Liberal Coalition, Fountain Valley, CA – April 30

April Fool!

Visitors to the site earlier today will have seen this image:

It’s my little April Fool’s joke. On the last minute of March, 2014, I converted Obama Conspiracy Theories into something that I thought might look like the opening crack in the birthers’ universe shattering event.

The image was adapted from a notice I found on the Internet for a gambling site. “Arrest Warrant in Rem” refers to the seizure of property, not the arrest of a person. The image gives folks the opportunity to get move involved in the hoax since they have to search for statutes. 18 USC § 1756 deals with money laundering (a crime full of avenues for speculation) and 18 USC § 201 deals with bribery of a public official (the text of the 3rd paragraph comes directly from the statute).

The diligent birthers at Birther Report are having none of it:


They seem to think that there is some violation of federal law involved in my April essay, something about impersonating a federal agent or some such. The also have accused me of another crime in comments to this article: Someone posting under the name “Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.” wrote:

Is no joke. Davidson set up fake Defend Our Freedom Foundation website stealing money and I alerted the FBI. He will be going to jail.

For the record, I have never set up any fake Defend Our Freedom Foundation website, nor have I ever stolen any money from Orly Taitz. Of course, I don’t know if this is the real Orly Taitz commenting or not—other commenters at BR are skeptical.

Queen Orly hoax?

Did I punk myself?

In an article published today, I quoted an earlier article that I had written, “Orly Taitz demands to be made Queen of the United States” that includes a quotation ostensibly from one of Taitz’s email broadsides saying “I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.”

One of the issues with that referenced article is that it is dated April 1, 2010, and categorized “Wild & Wacky.” That’s a bad sign. Did I quote my own April Fool’s joke as a real story?

Taitz thinks so, writing on her own blog the same day an article [link to Taitz web site]  titled:

New April 1 hoax. Last year it was a hoax, starting with the words “quietly eligibility case reaches Supreme Court” It still goes around, even there is no such case in the Supreme Court. Now Obots came up with 3 new ones: Orly Queen of england, Queen of America and Queen of US. Are those dumb Obots paid with our taxpayer money?”

And she was right (except for the paid part), so it turns out, as I wrote in a comment on that article I wrote:

Yes, this is an April Fool joke, as you have surmised. It has gotten a little bit of replication on other web sites that may not have gotten the memo.

My favorite comment was: “You might think this is an April Fools day joke, but it’s not.”

I’m always a little uneasy about starting a rumor, even on April Fool’s Day, but ya gotta have a little fun now and then.

And in a later comment I confirmed that the specific quotation was a total fabrication. So here I am, hoist on me own petard.

Not worth the risk

A joke is a very serious thing.

–Winston Churchill

The clock has clicked past midnight and it is now April Fools’ Day. In many countries, it’s a day to play practical jokes and to make up outlandish stories and to try to trick others into believing them. I’ve had a lot of fun listening to the faux April 1 stories from National Public Radio.

In the Obama Conspiracy business, birthers are so ready to believe anything and everything, and so slow to give up such beliefs even when they are shown to be false, that it’s really not work the risk of playing an April Fools’ joke with an Obama Conspiracy theme. A major thread of birtherism is the belief that Obama attended college receiving student aid as a foreign student, and yet that was nothing more than an April Fools’ hoax.

Taitz dental office seized by feds

This is breaking news from OC Weekly, the best local coverage of Orly Taitz and her antics. In a pre-dawn raid, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration seized the building at 29839 Santa Margarita Parkway in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, housing the dental practice and law offices of Orly Taitz, Esq. As we reported last year, Taitz had leased part of the building to a medical marijuana distributor.

While legal in California, the sale and possession of marijuana is still against federal law, and statutes allow seizing assets, including buildings and vehicles, used in the drug trade.

OC Weekly speculates that this is pay-back from the Obama administration for Taitz’ string of harassing lawsuits against the President. Taitz, in a characteristic response, has posted a string of articles [link to Taitz web site] on her blog, describing herself as a political dissident and urging her readers and supporters to flood the Justice Department  and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with complaints.