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Chinese spy in Arpaio’s office?

Pro Publica published a lengthy investigative report yesterday that raises serious questions about how a Chinese national got access to Arizona’s Terror Center and 5 million Arizona drivers records and possibly lists of law enforcement, intelligence analysts and investigators. Why did Arpaio’s second in command, David Hendershott, travel to China with the county’s facial recognition software vendor? The Pro Publica report states that Hendershott gave orders, contrary to law, to cover it all up. It’s a very troubling story.

Here’s a small taste:

The chance that Fan made off with a raft of sensitive material was made possible by a set of cozy relationships – among a tainted sheriff’s official, a dubious technology startup company and a woman who U.S. government officials think is a Chinese spy.

Read the details and let us know what you think.

By the way, have you heard all the news coverage and discussion of military-grade weapons given by the Pentagon to local police? Joe Arpaio’s department got some, and some went missing. The MSCO has been suspended from the program. Watch this at The Arizona Republic.

Maricopa Sheriff’s posse member shot—thank God it wasn’t Zullo

A 63-year-old ex-Army Sheriff’s Posse member raced to aid a Phoenix police officer struggling with a suspect who had gotten control of the officer’s gun. Both the policeman and the posse member were shot and remain hospitalized in critical condition. The posse member’s name has not been disclosed but the age tells us that it isn’t Mike Zullo. This is the first ever shooting of a Maricopa Sheriff’s Posse member, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper.

Thank God it wasn’t Zullo! I don’t think I could deal with the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the birthers if it had been Zullo, not after Loretta Fuddy’s recent death. Of course I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody.