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Cold Case Posse plays fast and loose with the law

Despite dubious claims of being “law enforcement,” the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse doesn’t act like law enforcement, but more like someone trying to evade the law.

Case in point is their obligation under federal law to provide certain information regarding their IRS tax-exempt status. When I asked for the legally required information in a registered letter, they refused delivery (didn’t sign for the letter at their PO Box) and when they finally responded to someone else, they redacted parts of the filing, not complying fully with the law. Here are some of the redactions:



At least two complaints have been filed with the IRS regarding the CCP tax exempt status, one documenting that their primary activity is political, and one filed by me that their independent status conflicts with their exemption from filing financial disclosure forms.

A second matter is the recent discovery that those county government “G” license plates on Posse cars are not registered to the county, but to the Posse itself. Irregularities with the Posse and it’s vehicles have been referred to the state auditor.

Now a third complaint has been filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The full story appears in an April 22 article at Arizona’s Politics. The complaint was filed by former Posse member Brian Reilly, well-known to readers of this blog. Reilly alleges that filings with the Corporation Commission were altered around the time the Posse went into the Evil Obama business (my phrase) to obscure the current addresses of those who run the Posse.

Arizona law requires the street address be provided for a corporate address, and the 2011 filing does contain a street address of sorts (and the same address is listed for all corporate officers and directors).


Here’s what is located at that street address:

Photo of post office

It’s the Daisy Mountain post office at 44047 N 43rd Ave.

The only real address on the form is the “physical address” of Mike Zullo, in his capacity as registered agent, and that address belongs to the Sheriff’s Office, where Zullo has box where he can pick up mail without signing for it. It appears that this exercise in obstruction might be to prevent delivery of registered mail to him, or maybe Zullo is acting paranoid.