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McInnish case deathwatch

Yesterday, a docket entry appeared at the Alabama Supreme Court saying that a motion for oral arguments in the case of McInnish v. Chapman had been denied. Fogbow commenter BamaLaw indicates that this is an indicator of an imminent decision, likely today.

imageIf indeed the decision comes down today, or next Friday, it will be a bitter end to a bitter month for the birthers, especially the Cold Case Posse fans. Rather than the month of major revelations from Mike Zullo, the arrests of the pesky Obots and the vindication of the much-maligned birther faithful, March is turning out to be comprised of rumors of further delays from the Cold Case Posse, the castigation by a former member of the Posse for unprofessional behavior and finally the loss of a case before a sympathetic judge where the affidavit of Mike Zullo was a central part of the argument.

Oh the humanity!


I didn’t know when I wrote this article that an old acquaintance had died earlier in the week. I got the phone call while I was in the back yard cleaning up from a large tree limb that finally fell after hanging broken for over a year. It hung vertically by a slim connection and we called it the “Sword of Damocles.”

After the call I rushed to get cleaned up and travel the 30-something miles to the funeral to get there in time. I saw a few old friends, not as many as I would have hoped to see there. Her death had been anticipated for some time, but still was a shock when it came. My friend, who led a very long and fruitful life, was committed to sacred ground by loving family and her community of faith.

The McInnish case has been hanging for a year or so, and like my tree limb, there was no question about where it would fall, only when. The Alabama Supreme Court has finally handed down its decision, affirming the dismissal of the case and now, like my limb, it can be hauled off to the trash pile of fallen limbs and failed birther lawsuits.