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Giving thanks for the birthers

So it’s Thanksgiving Day. Much busyness characterizes the Conspiracy household with family members from out of town gathering amidst the smell of turkey and stuffing in the oven. It’s funny how when there’s a lot to do, there suddenly comes time to do some things that I’ve wanted to get done, but never got around to. The leaves are raked, the accumulated clutter put away, and the front door’s been painted.

One of those things I’ve meant to do for months was to make some Dr. Conspiracy business cards, and now I have. If you want one, click on the image below to expand and then print it at 2 x 3½ inches.


But getting back to the title of this article, “Giving thanks for the birthers,” I write that knowing that some of my readers will have a very negative reaction to the concept. Certainly there is much to be criticized in birtherism and individual birthers say and do things that any ethical and reasonable person would condemn. If someone gave me a big red button that would make that original birther comment at the Free Republic unmade, I think I would push it, but, if I did who knows what might have replaced it.

NoBirtherButtonI’m one of the few individuals who actually benefits from birthers. My candidate got elected President because of, or in spite of the birthers. I didn’t blow lots of money to get my 15 minutes of fame. I’m even a footnote in somebody’s book (more than one actually). And finally, I got to make some keen business cards.

It’s like The Joker and Batman where The Joker says (and Batman could have said the same to The Joker), “you made me.” So thanks to the birthers for all I have gotten out of your existence, but I would be pleased now if you would go away.