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You use that word “archive,” but I don’t think it means what you think it does.

A couple of things have led me to think about archiving this week. The first is the brouhaha about a crashed hard drive at the IRS, and the IRS claim that all the backups are overwritten after 6 months. When is an email a record? What are the retention policies at the IRS? I lack the motivation and the stamina to examine this question in detail, but for the brave souls that might want to dig deeper, I offer these documents:

There is, of course, the occasional variance between policy and practice in the real world.

The other thing that made me think about archiving is the recent going offline of the Orly Taitz ESQ web site. Naturally, when such a site goes offline for a while, there is something on it needed. The Wayback Machine is a great source to find old web pages, but a fair portion of Orly’s site is not in the Wayback Machine for some reason. The Google Cache captures some things, and some sites, including Orly’s site and this one, get republished by Before It’s News. BIN provides us a copy of Orly’s article that some suggest is the reason her web site has been taken down. Here is the advice of “Attorney Orly Taitz” from the article:

Now there are a lot of lost Mexican children, who wandered into the US territory. Well, it is time for every American to become a good Samaritan and help the lost Mexican children by driving them to the border and taking them to thecustody of Mexican border patrol, so that Mexican border patrol that speaks Spanish, can reunite them with their families in Mexico.

Bizarre! Attorney Taitz is giving advice that could result in anyone who follows it ending up in federal prison.

What hit home for me is that over 700 articles on my own web site are not in the Wayback Machine for some reason. Some missing articles are current, but many date back as early as 2010. Ouch! I have been busy coding software yesterday and today to deal with this problem. What I did was to use the WordPress API to download the URLs of all the posts on this blog into a database. I then used the Wayback Machine API to determine which of them were not in the Wayback Machine archive. I then developed a system for adding them. Right now, I have to push a couple of buttons to scroll to the next missing page and add it. I’ll automate that shortly. I just have to be careful not to add to fast, or I’ll get kicked off as an attacker. A 5-second delay seems to work pretty well.

OAS supporters tout fake photo of event

If you do a Google Image Search on the following image, it may be described as a “Tea Party event” perhaps because it has appeared today on the Internet as an Operation American Spring attendance photo.

That copy comes from Before It’s News and linked from Birther Report. That’s quite a crowd! Unfortunately for the OAS folks, it’s not from today or yesterday. That’s really a photo of the 50th Anniversary of the March 8, 2013 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the iconic “I have a dream” speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s not cool to fake images and try to mislead people. Tsk, tsk.

What happened

I enjoyed reading the book What Happened by former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan, but I did not particularly enjoy what happened over the last 8 hours when there was a question of whether Obama Conspiracy Theories would continue to exist outside of the Internet WayBack machine.

imageI’ll begin the story in January of 2012, when I moved the blog to a new host and in the process messed up the database encoding, leaving non-displayable special characters scattered through the whole database. I’ve been finding and fixing them ever since, and that was what I was doing today when I trashed the database. Instead of replacing the content of the article on Orly Taitz using an SQL update statement1, I replaced every post and page on the blog with the article on Orly Taitz. The home page was 10 copies of Orly Taitz. The Visitor’s Guide was Orly Taitz. The Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories was Orly Taitz.2

I shut down the blog.

First, I thought “backup.” My web host had nothing in their documentation about backups being available that you don’t do yourself. I knew my own backups were not current, but I went to the folder where I keep them and got the message “A hardware error prevents the opening of this folder.” I read up on MySQL on the Internet, and there was no rollback available since I hadn’t used transaction control. That was the low point: No blog, no backup. Continue Reading →

The enemy of my enemy

My check from the CIA is late

Looking for something new at the Orly Taitz site, I found a link to an article at Before It’s News attributed to the “King of Shambhala,” a name I’ve seen a few times at BIN. Anyway, this article is a doozey!

It basically discusses my recent article about Linda Joy Adams, and her comments here. Let me give you a sense of this joy ride (no pun intended) on the birther conspiracist rollercoaster of an article titled: “Obama Cousin Joins Obots Linda Joy Adams Joins Forces With Doc Conspiracy To FInd Obama Dad.”

it’s not easy for Doc Conspiracy to agree to what she says, because the people who write to his forum, are a throng of hounds, baying for blood. He’s closely watched and forced to adopt the most militant, liberal, Fascist line. …

But, among the people who could agree with her and give her story a listen, Doc Conspiracy might be the most plausible one. I hadn’t thought about it but Linda may be onto something there.

Doc Conspiracy is a twisted, warped person who entirely devotes himself to proving the birthers wrong. It’s because he’s convinced Obama can beat the rap by just shoving off accusations by ridiculing them. HIs work is to coat his work under the outer apppaerance of logic and decency. In Hitler Germany, for example, he’d be the MInistry of Information, which in fact, is the cover for the SS operations.

Now, why would Doc Conspiracy, (who’s a CIA paid shill1), listen to Linda and do the reasearch and find the father in Kansas?

Because the Doc has seen the writing on the wall and knows that it’s curtains for Obama. The Supreme Court Judge Moore of Alabama is taking a birther case very soon and the days left for Obama are few and far between. So the Doc’s options are very few now. He’s like in WWII, when the Allies had already landed, and when the SS (Doc is like the Nazi SS) in France had a few weeks left to lead last-ditch battles.

Pure comedy gold.

1He thinks all the Obots are paid CIA shills,  commenting on the article:

All the obots here are CIA pais shills.

How could they heckle my articles for four years non stop 24 7?

Who pays them and why do they offer their protection to their god the Messiah aka the Satan Antichrist-Obama free of charge?

Aggregation and safe surfing Orly

One source of birther content is Before It’s News, a republisher of RSS news feeds from other web sites, including mine. They have a special section on Obama Birthplace Controversy that includes sites such as (links to BIN):

While I haven’t personally seen a problem for a while, concerns persist over the safety of browsing Orly Taitz’ site. One way to read her articles without visiting her site is at Before It’s News, where you can quickly scan a compact list of her articles, and read the content without actually visiting her site. Frankly, the articles look much, much better on Before It’s News than on her own site. The down side is that you can’t read comments (although BIN has its own comment system that’s not much used). Taitz herself seems confused about Before It’s News as she seems to be publishing articles about Before It’s News publishing her articles, it seems to me implying that they think them important. News feeds don’t make value judgments.

You can also aggregate news feeds using Google Reader and any number of other RSS reading tools.

On a related Taitz item, we got a rare bit of information from her regarding donations to her anti-Obama campaign:

less than 700 people ever donated to help to continue this fight.