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Taitz changing emphasis?

The once queen of the “birthers” seems to be emphasizing other issues on her web site of late. Of the 15 articles comprising the home page of, none of them are about President Obama’s eligibility. Indeed, one has to go back to the 3rd page to find something birther-related, the Sibley/Vogt/Fuddy bribery faux story.

Taitz seems more oriented towards her run for California Attorney General, anti-Muslim bigotry, and advocating tolerance of racism. Oh, and Benghazi!

On April 7, there was this typical Taitz article:

Update: no decision yet in outstanding 5 cases filed by Attorney Orly Taitz in relation to Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN and bogus IDs. Decisions are expected any day now.

On the Taitz lawsuit front as you may recall, Taitz moved in Mississippi asking the Court for leave to file new evidence and authority. This was opposed by defendant Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee, joined by other defendants. Taitz would have had her decision in Mississippi if she hadn’t muddied the waters filing more stuff the day before the decision was to have been handed down.

Senate Benghazi report: There’s no “there” there.

Benghazi is not a topic I follow. I thought I would wait for the judgment of history on that one. However, I was given a subscription to a little magazine called “The Week: The best of the U. S. and International Media,” and it had a story touted as the “Final Verdict” on Benghazi, so I looked to see if the judgment of history had been issued. The story leads off:

It won’t matter to the true believers, said Eugene Robinson in The Washington Post, but the Senate Intelligence Committee last week confirmed what rational observers have known all along about the Right’s beloved Benghazi obsession: “There is no there there.” After a 16-month investigation, the bipartisan committee concluded that the 2012 attack on the U. S. diplomatic mission that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, was “likely preventable,” but found no cover-up by the Obama Administration. Potential rescuers weren’t ordered to “stand down,” as reported by Fox News. There was no evidence that al Qaida leaders planned or directed the attacks. …

They said that it may turn out that the attack really was the result of street rage over an offensive YouTube video as Ambassador Rice originally said. Who knew?

Spun the other way, the same story reads this way.

And for something completely different, it is reported that “password” is no longer the most common Internet password. It’s now “123456.”

Mining outrage leaves behind toxic tailings

I wrote an article called “Mining outrage” nine years ago in another forum. It was prompted by that label being applied to Bill O’Reilly and I don’t remember the precise vein of outrage he was mining back in 2004 on his TV show, The O’Reilly Factor. The point was that he used emphasis, rhetoric, telling half the story and sometimes misdirection to get people unjustifiably upset about things, to make them feel outraged. Mining outrage is a mainstay of partisan political talk radio, and the worst examples (particularly in intellectually dishonest outrage mining) seem to be on the Conservative side with Rush Limbaugh the miners’ union boss and the Republicans in Congress happily on board. (Keep in mind that I don’t have access to Liberal talk radio.)

When I was growing up, you had three TV network news organizations, major newspapers and news magazines that might have had a tiny slant in one direction or another, but generally told the story straight, and were quite responsible in using the appropriate level of concern about the stories they reported. AM radio played music. Today, those sources are still around, but there are so many other news sources that don’t subscribe to the canons of journalist integrity. There has always been some yellow journalism, but it has now exploded to the point that most people get their news from the dumpster. Indeed in a recent poll, Fox News was found more trusted as a news source than CNN on the Boston Marathon bombing story.

Birthers mine outrage as well and tap in to nascent racist feelings among their crowd. In either case what results is a cadre of people who are outraged, and being outranged not thinking straight, and not thinking straight, being outright nasty and combative. Outrage also makes people act hastily and stupidly. It is my feeling that folks are more nasty and belligerent than they used to be, Congress is more nasty and belligerent than it used to be, and that the explosion of low-quality alternative news sources and nasty and belligerent commentators is largely to blame, and those people who get rich by making other people angry really outrage me.