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New Hampshire says eligibility bill not about Obama

We’ve been tracking legislation in 14 states that in some way limits access to the ballot for President and Vice President to persons who prove they are eligible for the office. These are popularly called “birther bills” because some of them include language designed to exclude Barack Obama’s published Certification of Live Birth1 as proof of where he was born. Many demand a certified photocopy of the original certificate filed by the hospital with the State of Hawaii (the so-called “long form”), rather than the standard computer-generated form the State now issues. The birth certificate Obama released shows that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, but it doesn’t include the name of the hospital or the doctor who delivered him.2

The chairman of the New Hampshire House Election Law Committee, David Bates, says that their bill will be amended so that it does not go into effect until 2013, proving that the bill is not about Obama. House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt issued a statement opposing the bill in any form.

Extensive coverage of the New Hampshire is being provided by the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.

Update: The House Election Law Committee voted 18-0 to recommend that the bill be rejected by the full House. The bill is being put on an expedited list for a full vote with no debate.

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1Hawaii’s Certification of Live Birth form has come under such derisive attack from Obama eligibility deniers, that the State has since renamed it a “Certificate of Live Birth”, the term used by most other states. Misinformation about this document is widespread, and we have given it extensive coverage on this web site over the past 2 years.

2Birthers contend that Barack Obama’s parents fraudulently registered him as being born at home, while really being born in Kenya. The “long form” would distinguish between a hospital birth and a home birth. So far President Obama has not given permission for the release of this long form birth certificate, and so it remains protected from disclosure by Hawaiian law.

Notre Dame law professor dives into birther waters

Charles E. Rice, professor emeritus of the University of Notre Dame Law School has an article widely repeated on birther web sites about Barack Obama’s eligibility.


I am suggesting that Professor Rice has not taken on his topic, Barack Obama: Is he or Isn’t he an American citizen?, out of academic curiosity, but as an anti-Obama partisan. Rice’s official biography includes: “He served for eight years as State Vice-Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.” Rice is no friend of Barack Obama either, as evidenced by this article on Rice’s book, titled What Happened to Notre Dame? that includes this opening paragraph.

When the University of Notre Dame announced that President Barack Obama would speak at its 2009 Commencement and would receive an honorary doctor of laws degree, the reaction was more than anyone expected. Students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame denounced the honoring of Obama, who is the most relentlessly pro-abortion public official in the world. Beyond abortion, Obama has taken steps to withdraw from health-care professionals the right of conscientious objection.

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“Here’s your souvenir”

I’ve been with the kids this week for the birth of our new grand baby. This morning I was at the hospital visiting mommy, daddy and the new guy when a hospital worker came in with some paperwork for mommy to sign. It was the birth information sheet for the state.

The worker gave mommy a form to send in to order a certified copy of the birth certificate from the state, and then she handed mommy another piece of colored paper from the hospital, previously prepared, and said, “here’s your souvenir.”

State and local jurisdictions issue certified copies of birth certificates; hospitals issue souvenirs.

New Polland video casts shadows

Dr. Ron Polland (aka Ron Polarik, PhD) has made another pass attempting to persuade folks that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery with a short video attacking the certificate photographs taken by the respected political analysis web site, Forget the fact that the Hawaii Director of Health confirmed that the birth certificate on the Obama Fight the Smears campaign web site is “his birth certificate” and her press release saying Obama was born in Hawaii.

Let’s watch the video and then examine it critically.

The Polland video “zooms in” on the birth certificate and points out what he calls shadows under some of the letters. Polland explains these so-called shadows in a most bizarre way. He claims that the birth certificate is not on the security paper, but on a plastic sheet pasted onto the paper. I invite the reader to examine all the FactCheck photos and see if this is even remotely credible! The first picture should be enough.

What Polland has actually done is to point out the places where the darker basket weave pattern of the security paper appears next to the letters and calls them shadows. He magnified the image to the extent that the pattern of the security paper is blurry, making it more difficult to recognize the pattern and easier to fool the viewer. If you look at other letters, where they don’t lie on top of the darker security paper pattern, there are no “shadows”. Even in the comparison shot in Polland’s video you can see the “shadows” pointed out on the right are actually on the “real certificate” on the left too. The only real difference is that the image on the right is overall darker than the one on the left making the darker areas more pronounced.

It has been pointed out that the two FactCheck staffers who photographed the document were not forensic document analysts. That’s right; their job was to take pictures, not examine documents. Dr. Ron Polland is not a forensic document analyst either; his job is to smear Barack Obama. The only question remaining is whether Polland’s video is a fraud, or just inept.

Ultimate birther bill stalls

Perhaps the only proposed legislation with a real chance of unearthing Barack Obama’s fabled long form birth certificate has stalled in Hawaii legislature. The bill, sponsored by five Hawaiian Democrats, did not get debated before a Friday deadline for it to be passed to final committees, leaving it in limbo, The State Column reported.

I so much wanted one to frame and hang in my study. Oh well.

Hawaii newspaper proposes solution to birth certificate controversy

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has proposed a novel solution to those seeking verification of Barack Obama’s birth in Hawaii. They’ve suggested putting the President’s original long-form birth certificate on public display and charging admission. They wrote:

Whether or not anyone thinks that will work, another strategy might raise a lot more money for the state’s hungry coffers: Have the original placed under glass, and then charge a fat fee for someone to view it — in person, just like the Book of Kells in Dublin.