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Notes from the infectious disease ward

UPDATE: Orly’s site is entirely down now. [5 PM EDT, 2 July 2014]

UPDATE 2: It’s back up.

This the third day since Google again identified as an attack site, passing on malware to visitors. I take such warnings more seriously than I used to. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at the Taitz web site obtained through the browser on my phone.

Taitz continues to focus on immigration issues with this headline yesterday:

  • Response from Attorney Orly Taitz to Obama’s today’s speech: our immigration system is not broken, the only thing that is broken, is the path of neuron connections in Obama’s brain. Obama did not need to dispatch Biden to Central America to search for the cause of the problem, he had to dispatch himself to the nearest mirror

Taitz is praying for more Republicans to drive drunk in this item about Pete Perry who was quoted on this blog yesterday. The title of the article is:

  • As some of you may be aware by now, Hinds County GOP chair Pete Perry, a man that many believe is behind the shenanigans on June 24, was arrested for speeding and drunk driving this past Saturday night. Here is his mugshot. Hopefully there will be more pics like this in the future! We can only pray!


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Taitz has Google troubles too

I’ve written about the troubles at Birther Report that was acting as a vector for malware from one of its advertisers. Google Safe Sites identified the malware, and visitors using the Firefox browser were warned about the infection.

Orly Taitz has been noted for malware on her site in the past, but I haven’t heard of any infections through her site lately. What I have seen is that if you stay idle on her site for a while, something may pop up, including a fake message that your browser needs updating. Today, while researching another article, I was on her site and a window popped up with a buxom Asian girl pictured and the title, “Date Chinese Women.” That’s definitely on the lower tier of advertising. Even lower is this that appeared a little later:


What happened was that the Taitz site tried to open the page in Firefox, but it was blocked as a phishing site, probably from a Google service. While not exactly malware, it is an example of Orly using dodgy sources for her advertising, and her total disregard for the user experience her site provides.

Orly had previously reported that her site was unreachable with the Google Chrome browser, but I didn’t have any problems when I tested this today.

Live interview with Birther Report

The birthers are excited about Mike Volin’s Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? Blogtalk Radio program tonight, where Volin says that he is going to interview the person behind Birther Report. Well isn’t that special! It’s at 8 PM Eastern time (10 Feb 2014). My suspicious nature tells me that it’s not going happen, but we’ll see.

I personally have a church meeting tonight and will miss the show. My meeting was canceled. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever listened to one of Mike Volin’s shows live (and maybe not recorded either).

Because Birther Report is one of the few interesting things still happening in the birther world, I have decided to promote it from a tag to a category here on the blog.


OK, I heard the interview. It was pretty much nothing new. The male interviewee was identified as “Birther Report.” What he had to say was pretty much what he said in the Birther Report article about the vectored malware that got BR shut down. About the only thing new was that the future Birther Report will run under WordPress. What is bizarre is that even though Birther Report both in the interview and on his site made it clear that they went down because of a general problem with an ad company, the commenters were having none of it.

The show in general was a birther celebrity event with Charles Kerchner, Sharon Rondeau and Orly Taitz on. The callers and the chat were really wild.

Birther Report back up at Google Blogger

Malware cleared

To his credit, the owner of Birther Report/Obama Release Your Records is not one of the folks who went off half cocked making wild claims about Google shutting down the site for ideological reasons. He admitted that his site had been a vector for malware coming from one of his advertisers. The problem was corrected, and Google Blogger turned his site back on.

What is lacking right now is those annoying popup ads they used to have. Thumbs upThere is an ad, however, and I don’t know if it is intentional or a really cute coincidence:


The blog owner says that the blog will still be moving, but at least now it can be done in a more orderly fashion and with perhaps less down time. It might be a good idea to do what I do, create a separate status site so that people can get information about outages. I’m assuming that Google Blogger sites are ultra reliable, but when you go out shopping for hosting, particularly budget hosting, there are pitfalls. Also when moving a site, DNS caching can cause weird things to happen.

Now if they could just get rid of some of the verbal malware …

What Happened to BR

In my initial report on Google’s shut-down of Birther Report, I included this from the Google report on the site:

2 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,

It appears that MadAdsMedia, an online supplier of advertising to BR, was itself struck by malware. It’s detailed in an article at Tech Worm, that says that thousands of websites were blocked by Google Safe Browsing as a result., for example is returning the Google warning as of this writing.


MadAdsMedia contacted affected web sites, and so BR knows what’s going on. All BR has to do is to request that Google review their site, now that MadAdsMedia has fixed their problem. So why is BR moving to a new host anyway? Perhaps because this isn’t the first time Birther Report has run into conflict with Google terms of service. Comments appearing at various web sites (see link below) as coming from the BR owner says that in October 2013, Google shut off AdSense advertising at BR for violating its terms by “targeting individuals.” This latest seems to be the straw that goaded the camel to get moving on finally moving the BR site to a host with less restrictive policies.

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Obots amok!

Oh wow! Birther Report’s off the air! Now I can do whatever I want! I can say whatever I want! Wow, just wow! There’s no one left to check Obot excesses (Orly doesn’t count). Shout gleefully! Sing! Obots, run amok!

T-shirt saying "AMOK" divided in two lines

You know what my first major project in this BR-free environment will be? I’m going to work on the porch screens.

Birthers share a number of delusions, first among which is that anything they do really matters. Does anyone in their right mind think that the 227th lawsuit is going to go any differently that its predecessors? A corollary oft heard at Birther Report is that Obots are anxious, even scared, of what Mike Zullo is going to reveal in March. All Zullo is going to reveal in March is more proof that he and his investigation is a fraud. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is the least bit anxious over anything Mike Zullo is going to do. This Obot has a clean conscience. There is a reason why birthers lose all their lawsuits, a reason why Obama got re-elected, a reason why the mainstream media ignores them, and a reason why US Attorneys won’t touch their complaints: they are all meritless, and nothing they do can change that.

Indeed, rather than an opportunity, BR’s hiatus is a problem. There’s no one-stop shopping place for a marginally obscene and fully outrageous comments for the Quote of the Day. There’s one less source for something to poke fun at. Obot tabloids will have do go without some of their most zany and sensational stories.

Photo of a pickle

I do have one serious concern. If Birther Report moves away from Google Blogger, it becomes even more likely that they will become a dangerous site to visit in terms of malware.