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New high score

Tes has been busy, I see, updating the Birther Scorecard. The number of birther cases is up to 226, with zero wins, 220 losses and 6 pending. In addition, birthers have lost over 90 appeals, plus at least 25 losses at the Supreme Court. I’d make that 221 losses and 5 pending with the dismissal of Taitz v. Hawaii Memorial Park Mortuary.

The pending cases are:

207 – 0

That’s the score (birther court losses against wins) on the Birther Scorecard as of today. That number does not include most of the 50 lawsuits filed by Keith Judd that typically don’t amount to much, being summarily dismissed. He has been found to be a vexatious litigant and prohibited from filing in Louisiana, Mississippi , Tennessee and Texas (where Judd is presently incarcerated). We noted Judd primarily for his representation by Orly Taitz in some California eligibility cases.

Judd filed three lawsuits before in Iowa federal courts, all dismissed. In what may be a first for Judd (at least so far as I can tell), he filed a May 9, 2013, suit, in Polk County, Iowa, state court according to an article in the Des Moines Register. It says something about Obama being born in Kenya. The suit also claims that Judd has similar cases pending in all 50 states.

Who knew?

I checked his Vermont case and it had nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. This case wasn’t counted in the 50.