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Jesse Ventura, birther?

imageWill I have to add James George Janos (aka Jesse Ventura) to the Birthers from A to Z list? The former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler has launched a podcasting series, “We the People,” and in the first episode, he covers the birther issue, according to the online edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

During the premiere episode last week, Ventura interviewed [Adam] Carolla and discussed the Pope and the birther issue.1

Minnesota-themed web site goes further to say:

Yes, you read that right. He still has questions about the birther issue.

Ventura has been a guest on the Alex Jones InfoWars show, and Ventura hosted a series of programs titled “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” covering everything from reptiles in the British monarchy to HAARP.

But is Ventura a birther? None of the news stories cited above actually link to the podcast, but I do:

So on the question of whether Ventura is a birther or not, I found this smoking gun. In a discussion of the recent Rasmussen poll on conspiracy beliefs, Ventura says:

It’s not shocking to me that Republicans, like in this survey, believe that Barack Obama wasn’t born here, well, because they want to. It gives them an excuse then, if they believe that. They’re anti-Obama and it reinforces their belief.

Jesse Ventura doesn’t sound like a birther to me. He does say, as a general proposition, that questioning the official story is “healthy and good.”

1Note that Ventura does not discuss the Pope and birthers with Adam Carolla, but before the Carolla segment.

Banned ‘Birther’ Breaks the BR Censorship Barrier

The Cold Case Posse’s “Universe Shattering” Evidence

Opinion: By Brian Reilly To: Kevin Davidson, Dr. Conspiracy

Once again, America is being told by Birther news outlets that new, universe shattering evidence about the Obama investigation will be released by Commander Mike Zullo and his non-profit, all volunteer, Cold Case Posse in March, or possibly April or possibly May or, possibly never, depending on who the Birther spokesperson is for the day. Even if new evidence were released this month, the Cold Case Posse has cried wolf so many times, who really is going to listen, except hardcore, agenda driven Birthers?

But wait a minute…..Brian Reilly…..isn’t he a Birther? Why is he writing to Dr. Conspiracy??? I’m glad that you asked. I’ve been banned at many Birther websites, including Birther Report. Many Birther sites put my comments into an endless, black cavern of moderation with my comments never seeing the light of day or the courtesy of a reply or a posting. My comments don’t fit the Birther narrative. On one particularly nefarious Birther website I’ve read threats and defamatory statements directed toward me for simply speaking my opinion. Do these tactics sound familiar? I came to Dr. Conspiracy’s website because, I had no other choice. I believed that he would give me the freedom to write and publish my thoughts. I was right. I am grateful for Dr. Conspiracy’s courtesy.

Yes, Dr. Conspiracy has me listed on his Birthers A-Z list, but I have never considered myself a Birther. I simply had questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, based on the PDF I saw posted on April 27, 2011 on the White House website. Many wanted answers as did I. But no, I don’t consider myself a Birther. Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Obama Conspiracy Theories

Apparently one of the birthers is disappointed that I didn’t include him on my “Birthers from A to Z” list. Frederick William Dame, essayist at The Obama Timeline has written an open letter to this site.

I have been thinking for the past couple of days about how I might respond to requests to remove someone from my birther list, but I didn’t contemplate someone asking to be added. Well Mr. Dame, congratulations! You’re on the list.

Mr. Dame writes that he thinks that every American Patriot should be on the list. The list, however, is only for “notable” persons. If someone files a lawsuit, or writes an article, hosts a web site, organizes a demonstration, murders somebody or something like that, then they qualify for the list.

I welcome any and all suggestions for additions to the list. You can just leave a comment—it’s not necessary to write an open letter.

Learning from the birther list

My birther list, “Birthers from A to Z” has cruised past the count of 300. I’m pausing to think about the exercise.

One of the things I learned, and this was a surprise, was a quirk in my own attitude towards birthers. Time after time when I added a new birther to the list, I searched this site for a reference to use with the entry. In a surprising number of instances the article was not tagged with the birther’s name. Sometimes an article about a particular birther would have half a dozen tags, but not one to the person the story is about. I’m still puzzled over that one. Note that birthers that have their own blog category (like Orly Taitz) are typically and intentionally not tagged.

Another related thing that I leaned about myself (and had suspected already) is that I am less interested in birther personalities than in birther theories. A case in point is Karl Denninger. I had heard the name, but when a commenter suggested adding him to the list, I didn’t know who he was. Reality Check has significant knowledge of birther internet radio that I know almost nothing about. Several anti-birthers listen to those shows and comment on them. I simply cannot bear to listen to those smug idiots.

The next obvious thing of note is the sheer number of birthers on the list, over 300. That’s a lot of birthers, and just scrolling through the list is impressive. There are more than I expected when I started, and I may have a similar bias estimating the number of anti-birthers. To get on the list, a birther has to run a blog, write an article, file a lawsuit or do something else notable. Applying that same criteria to anti-birthers, I think I would be hard pressed to come up with 30 (commenting on a web doesn’t count). That is, birther activists outnumber anti-birther activists more than 10 to 1. Birthers attempted mass rallies and other initiatives, none of which had much success. Anti-birthers organized going out to eat together, and were wildly successful.

Most of my present activity in updating the list consists of plowing through the over 3,000 articles on this web site. That’s been helpful in and of itself because it has reminded me of things I had forgotten. It also helps improve the site with more articles being tagged, dead hyperlinks replaced and a few typos fixed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.