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Arpaio mail bomber charged

According to Arpaio, death threats are part of his job. When a suspicious package addressed to Arpaio was discovered at a mail facility leaking what was identified as explosives, Arpaio said is was probably the Mexican drug cartels. (See my article last April.)

Well, thanks to our friends at the FBI, a suspect has been arrested and charged in the incident. Was he charged with attempted murder? Well no, because the bomb wasn’t actually wired to explode.

The prevailing theory is that Gregory Lynn Shrader mailed the package to Arpaio in order to get someone else in trouble (whose name was on the return address) because of past dispute.

I used to get evacuated for bomb threats all the time—the building where I worked housed a bank, the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRS and two radio stations. 😯

Read more on this story at the Phoenix New Times. And read even more about Sheriff Arpaio at the New Times.