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Taitz tries tort tomorrow; Judge jabs Johnson

I think the tales of Orly Taitz have reached the level of a saga. The woman from Rancho Santa Margarita will, we suppose, be in Texas for a hearing at 1:30 in her immigration case, styled Taitz v. Johnson et al.

Orly Taitz believes she has found her judge. Writing to Kathleen Staunton, executive assistant to Congressman Rohrbacher:

Judge Hanen is a judge, who previously excoriated the US government for acting as human smugglers. He scheduled a hearing for August 27, 2014, 1:30 pm, at Brownsville, TX, 600 Harrison ave, USDC, courtroom #6.

The judge issued an order to show cause to DHS and HHS, why shouldn’t he rule in favor of Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz seeking a 2 months quarantine, medical release, criminal record from the country of origin and legal determination of eligibility for US residency before release of illegal aliens into the communities.

The Defendants argue that the case should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and that no witnesses are appropriate, but in order to comply with the Court’s order, they submitted a list of 3 witnesses who are prepared to testify as to the current practice in handling unaccompanied minors entering the US without documentation. Taitz in turn has subpoenaed 4 other Border Patrol members to testify that officers are getting sick from diseases carried by the children. According to Taitz:

They are prepared to testify that the defendants are trafficking multiple illegal aliens with infectious diseases and 11 officers have been infected while processing these illegal aliens. Additionally, they are prepared to testify in regards to multiple individuals from hostile radical Muslim countries crossing the border and being allowed to fly all over the country without any IDs. Officers are under a gag order coming from their superiors.

Judge Hanen has signed an order for them to appear.

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