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Obama starts World War III to hide birth certificate

or something like that

Thanks to a commenter who pointed me to an “Alternative News & Commentary” web site called State of the Nation. Their March 7 article, “’Universe-Shattering Evidence’ Re: Obama Criminal Investigation To Be Announced By Cold Case Posse,” suggests a tie in with recent political instability in the Ukraine:

Why would Team Obama execute the violent overthrow of yet another democratically elected nation on Russia’s border, unless it was a necessary diversion to soon-to-be-presented “Universe-Shattering Evidence“?

They did? The article goes on to say, of course, there are other very good reasons why Obama would literally start World War III, outlining other problems the Obama administration is having, but I would hardly agree with their assessment of the situation: DESPERATE.

Why do they think that the Obama Administration engineered the crisis in the Ukraine? Well, because everything points to it and because, well, because they did, AND, AND, AND [wait for it …….. ]Benghazi!

The site is pretty flakey, linking to the Dystel publicists brochure from 1991 falsely labeled as a biography from the 1991 Harvard Law Review Year Book. (This fake made the rounds in 2012 and again this past January on some Internet sites.)

State of the Nation is an eclectic collection of conspiracy theories from Chemtrails to Sandy Hook. In fairness to them, they have several articles which I didn’t read on their theories that the US engineered the Ukrainian crisis.

Liberals cover Orly Taitz; Conservatives not so much

Here’s the latest story title on Orly’s blog:

Dan Amira, reporter for the far left NewYork magazine posted an interview with me and provided a link to my site for people to see for themselves Obama’s forged IDs and stolen SSN, however who claim to be exposing Obama did not publish either the docs or the link. Demand they post Obama’s failed E-Verify or post a link to my site. Demand that Ari Rabin-Huff from Media Matters does not become complicit in the cover up of forgery and SSA fraud, demand he posts the interview and documents as well.

Orly Taitz has been the albatross around the neck of Conservatives who are attempting to recover from the pummeling they received in the last election. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham identified the problem when he said “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” Taitz’s rejection by Breitbart News, et al. at a recent CPAC session, is an example of a shift in Conservative strategy to try to become respectable. Fox News hasn’t had a Taitz article I can find since 2011.

On the other hand, the liberal and progressive press is all to happy to rub Orly Taitz in the faces of conservatives and to keep her in the news. The example Taitz cites from New York Magazine is one; Huffington Post has extensive Orly Taitz coverage; and we’ve seen articles at

Why the idea that the President attended Columbia University as “Barry Soetoro” is beyond silly

Orly Taitz’ latest shiny object is a report from Al Hendershot, a skip tracer from Alabama, that he found a 2010 record in one of his databases that lists a “Barry Soetoro” with a Columbia University address. Hendershot thinks this is evidence Obama attended Columbia as a foreign student. He’s being silly.

The original story was an April Fool joke that Obama attended Occidental College as a foreign student. This may be one of the most successful April Fool jokes of all time, surpassing the Orson Wells radio broadcast that Martians had landed in New Jersey (which was not broadcast on April 1 anyway).

First, there is no way a name and address from the 1980’s is going to appear in for the first time in some skip-tracing database in 2010 unless somebody intentionally created a transaction, such as a credit application, for the purpose of inserting the record. This is obviously a birther trick  and only somebody hopelessly naive would fail to recognize this.

For the benefit of readers who have never been to college in the US, this is how things work. When you apply to a college, you have your high school submit a transcript. Well President Obama went high school in Hawaii under the name of Barack (or Barry) Obama, not Soetoro. Lots of people remember him from high school. Some of his friends even wrote a book about it. Obama is in the Punahau yearbook, and Punahou School proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.

Barack Obama graduated from high school as Barack Obama, ergo, he entered Occidental College as Barack Obama. There are many references and published interviews confirming the President at Occidental, under the name Obama. Occidental College proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.


The president then transferred from Occidental to Columbia University. When you transfer from one college to another, you have a transcript sent; you don’t send it yourself, the school does. The President attended Occidental as Barack Obama, ergo he attended Columbia University as Barack Obama.

His name appears on the list of graduates supplied to Brietbart News by Columbia University:

And we also see Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro, in the Columbia graduation program. Columbia celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.

Following graduation from Columbia University, Barack Obama attended Harvard University. When one applies to graduate school, one must have the undergraduate transcript sent to the graduate school. The President went to Harvard as Barack Obama, ergo it said Barack Obama on his transcript from Columbia, not Soetoro. Harvard Law School celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.


As a normal human being, it is hard to grasp how someone would fall for an April Fool joke and try to keep it alive for years, risking their professional livelihood by violating the terms of service of a critical tool used in their job, and making themself the object of universal ridicule on the Internet.