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A-Z with Dr. Conspiracy

Hey, anything to scroll that other article off the top.

When I start typing in the address line of my web browser, the browser automatically starts filling in a guess as to what I want. It will do that after the very first letter. So, what does it suggest for those one-letter guesses? Here are some samples, skipping some uninteresting results:

  • A – – where you can find birther books and discussions
  • B – Birther Report
  • D – – I hate telemarketers
  • E – English Wikipedia
  • F – Facebook
  • I – Google Images
  • M – Google Maps
  • N – Network Solutions Whois
  • O – Orly Taitz
  • S – SpamCop – I hate spammers too
  • T- Twitter
  • U – United Nations (that one surprised me)
  • W – Wayback Machine ( – I use this a LOT
  • Y – YouTube
  • Z – (you can’t really view that web site any more except on the Web Archive). It’s not that I visit that site a lot but rather that it was the only “z.”

Important Internet Explorer Patch: XP too!

A public service announcement

A rather nasty bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been patched as of yesterday. Even though officially unsupported, a patch for Windows XP is available also. See article at ZDNet.

Among the more virtuous and enlightened Internet readers of this blog, the Chrome browser has taken the number 1 position (followed in order by Firefox and Internet Explorer) in April statistics:


Windows remains, far and above, the most used Operating system for visitors at 68%:


I would have expected more iOS.