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Sibley/Vogt revive old crock about Fuddy taking a bribe

Birther memes are immortal

imageButterdezillion, the fervent viewer of Hawaii state documents, went off on a tizzy last Spring over Loretta Fuddy’s state ethics financial disclosure forms, questioning a $50,000 amount of money that mysteriously appeared (according to her). Actually, the money just moved from one place on the balance sheet into another. There was a thread at the Free Republic, and I had a wonderfully alliterative article: “Fault found with Fuddy’s financial facts–fraud?” debunking the whole nonsense (thanks to the expert analysis of Butterfly Bilderberg).

An article of the Birther Creed is the immortality of the meme, and that well-debunked misreading of financial statements has come back under the auspices of Sibley/Vogt and their formerly sealed affidavit in the Washington State case, In re: Douglas Vogt (aka Vogt v. Obama) now before the Supreme Court (for a few more days). Sibley is reported to have disclosed to talk radio host Erik Rush, and that up and coming smear merchant Nathan Bickel gives us the transcript of what Sibley said.

Sibley gives further evidence that “forensic” does not mean what birthers think it does, saying:

additionally there’s some forensic accounting investigation of Loretta Fuddy’s personal finances which resulted in a disclosure that she received a substantial – I believe she received a $50,000.00 dollars in cash shortly after she verified the Obama’s birth certificate as being legitimate.

Birther forensic accounting is no better than their forensic document analysis, i.e., abysmally inept.

Fuddy offed by flotsam?

Butterdezillion is continuing on her theme of a Loretta Fuddy murder or abduction with some still shots from ABC footage of the passengers in the water taken by Mr. Puentes. The stills that come from the sequence beginning around 3:30 in the Nightline video for just a moment show something that might be imagined to be a scuba diver wearing a raincoat and a big floppy hat, but in the whole sequence viewed in motion looks like debris. Certainly if it had been a real diver, there would have been a reaction from the people in the water, which there was not.

The way I look at these things is to download the video and then single-step with QuickTime (the arrow keys move by one frame).

Also in the video I found a young man wearing glasses and a pointed wizards hat riding a motorcycle.

Harry Potter?

Reverse engineering Dr. Onaka

Birther blogger Butterdezillion has a reputation for, how shall I say it, “non-linear thinking.” She’s a pretty good researcher, persistent and I think accurate. The problem with her writing is that the conclusions typically turn out the opposite of what one gets with the usual rules of logic.

The latest example of BZ’ discovery of hidden meaning in plain text is a letter purportedly faxed to every member of Congress in which she says, in part:

Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama’s HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery. He also confirmed to KS SOS Kris Kobach that the information contained in the White House image is NOT “identical to” that in the official record.

Cat staring off into spaceI had read that paragraph before without attribution at various web sites, and it frankly made no sense. Now with Butterdezillion’s name attached, the explanation is no longer a mystery. You see, what you don’t say is more important to Butterdezillion than what you do say, and in this case apparently only some special magic formulation can convey Obama’s eligibility, and any failure to use the magic words means the opposite is true. BZ reminds me of the cat in a Kliban cartoon captioned: “Cats see things we don’t.”

What Onaka actually said to Bennett was:

Additionally, I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our files.

What Onaka actually said to Kobach was:

  1. The original Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama, II, is on file with the State of Hawaii Department of Health.
  2. The file number for the Certificate of live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama, II, is 151 61 10641.
  3. The information contained in the “Certificate of Live Birth” published at and reviewed by me on the date of this verification, a copy of which is attached with your request, matches the information contained in the original Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama, II on file with the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

Photo of cat

Butterdezillion strikes back

In response to my article, Flags in Hawaii, blogger Butterdezillion, takes me to task for a “rush” job and not getting the facts right in my critique of her page, Red Flags in Hawaii. This blog is all about getting the facts right, and I’m not about to leave misinformation floating about my articles. So let’s look at the criticism and see what’s what. So once again, into the fray (Butterdezillion’s comments indented and in italics). I will try to give some context so as to minimize the need to refer back to the two articles linked above, but you may have to go there eventually to follow everything.

The DOH did not have their Admin Rules posted until on or about Nov 5, 2009, so you were wrong about that.

As I pointed out in my original article (which BZ inexplicably missed) : “a commenter on this blog referred to them, [the Administrative Rules] including the hyperlink last May, 2009.” The May 2009 comment included citations from sections 11-120-2 and 11-120-4 of the rules. Now it’s simply impossible for someone to comment on a set of rules in May of 2009, cite their contents, and provide a hyperlink to them, if they were not posted until November. Another commenter on this blog mentioned and hyperlinked to the rules back in January of 2009! They were also in my research notes bookmarks (last updated March 14, 2009). So quit the foolishness. They’ve been on the State web site for at least a year and you could have found them easily. Continue Reading →