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Sibley/Vogt revive old crock about Fuddy taking a bribe

Birther memes are immortal

imageButterdezillion, the fervent viewer of Hawaii state documents, went off on a tizzy last Spring over Loretta Fuddy’s state ethics financial disclosure forms, questioning a $50,000 amount of money that mysteriously appeared (according to her). Actually, the money just moved from one place on the balance sheet into another. There was a thread at the Free Republic, and I had a wonderfully alliterative article: “Fault found with Fuddy’s financial facts–fraud?” debunking the whole nonsense (thanks to the expert analysis of Butterfly Bilderberg).

An article of the Birther Creed is the immortality of the meme, and that well-debunked misreading of financial statements has come back under the auspices of Sibley/Vogt and their formerly sealed affidavit in the Washington State case, In re: Douglas Vogt (aka Vogt v. Obama) now before the Supreme Court (for a few more days). Sibley is reported to have disclosed to talk radio host Erik Rush, and that up and coming smear merchant Nathan Bickel gives us the transcript of what Sibley said.

Sibley gives further evidence that “forensic” does not mean what birthers think it does, saying:

additionally there’s some forensic accounting investigation of Loretta Fuddy’s personal finances which resulted in a disclosure that she received a substantial – I believe she received a $50,000.00 dollars in cash shortly after she verified the Obama’s birth certificate as being legitimate.

Birther forensic accounting is no better than their forensic document analysis, i.e., abysmally inept.

You show them mine; I’ll show them yours

It looks like birther KenyaBornObamAcorn has added yet another to her list of YouTube accounts: FogbowObotsExposed. KBOA, under the principle “fair is fair” has made it her mission in life to get back at those who criticized her at The Fogbow forum by broadcasting their personal information1 in YouTube videos. Below is the latest video in the series of attacks against Fogbow forum users. Yours truly, Dr. Conspiracy, makes an appearance (at 7:10) in the video too as the owner of a blog The Fogbow links to.

What is more disturbing is when Orly Taitz goes one step further, trying to intimidate and cause harm to these individuals by threatening to file complaints against their employers and urging her follows to do likewise. Orly launched such an attack against Butterfly Bilderberg yesterday [link to Taitz web site], and today against Reality Check [link to Taitz website].

The video’s claim that birthers aren’t concerned about where Obama was born has got to be the most outrageous comment of the millennium. How could someone who’s Internet persona is KenyaBornObamAcorn claim that “Our issue is not about ‘where’ Obama was born”?

The Video has been removed from YouTube.

1The Fogbow also exposes personal information about birthers. KBOA has covered up SOME personal information, including email addresses and phone numbers in this latest video. However, she still shows employer information.

This is one area where I disagree with The Fogbow. I do not allow personal information on my own site.

Unusual goings on at Orly Taitz website

Orly Taitz

It’s been a slow week for Obama conspiracies so, scraping the bottom of the barrel for material, I went over to Orly Taitz’s train wreck1 of a web site and found a couple of surprises.

The first was a reprint of a spoof, a fake comment by Vladimir Putin about Obama being a socialist. That’s not odd, but the fact that it was labeled “HUMOR” did get my attention. Birthers are supposed to fall for this stuff, not correctly identify it. (One commenter did appear to have fallen for it.)

The second thing was the “outing” of the obot “Butterfly Bieldeburg” [sic], and claims that same is an IRS attorney named [mumble] and that this person threatened to use her government position against Orly, and that Orly would be filing a complaint. That’s not interesting either, except two amazing things happened. Orly petitioned the court to get the sign-in sheet for the Hornbeck v. Salazar hearing, someone raised an objection, and the court sided with Taitz — saying that it was a public hearing. Usually when a judge starts citing rules at Taitz, she loses.  The other amazing thing is that someone left the following comment, and it was allowed to be seen:

What are you? Five?
“This person hurt my feelings! I’m going to sue!”
Go back to where you came from.

The article itself is part of Orly’s vendetta against participants in The Fog Bow forum. Personally, I try to stay out of feuds involving folks like Orly Taitz. Butterfly Bilderberg has a particular sense of humor that has led her to say things that should not be taken literally, like:

Hey, Orly, did I ever tell you that Lisa Liberi is my best friend? Yeah, that’s right. We’ve been friends since before I moved away from San Bernardino. She introduced me to Phil. Did you know that I’ve been working for Berg since 2008? All those pleadings he filed — well, I wrote them. I used to live in Pennsylvania, in 2000 – 2002. When I lived there the court reporter for the E.D. Pa. worked lots of my depositions — I think she is good at her craft. I would vouch for her character any day of the week. I’m heading to Washington DC next week — anything you want me to tell the docket clerk in DC?

Read more:

1There are three huge problems on that site. 1) She uses oversized images that overlay the right sidebar. 2) She doesn’t break her very long articles using the “Read more” feature. 3) the Next / Previous article links seem to be missing so that if you are on the home page you can’t scroll to earlier articles, or if on an article page, you can’t view a previous article. About the only to navigate is to use the topical/archive/calendar widgets.