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Where was the “birther vote”?

I have always had doubts about birther poll numbers and found it hard to believe that there are as many birthers as the numbers suggest. I am part of the 25% of Americans who believe that people respond to polls saying Obama is ineligible just for spite and not because they believe it.

I find confirmation for my doubts in the California Attorney General election results. I’m working from two assumptions: 1) almost every birther knows who Orly Taitz is and 2) almost everybody knew that Kamala Harris was going to win big.

If Obama’s eligibility is a big deal, then it seems to me that a significant number of voters would vote for Taitz as a symbolic gesture against Barack Obama. On the other hand, no one in their right mind would vote for Taitz because they think she would make a good attorney general. Indeed, the 3.1% for Taitz may just be the Schadenfreude vote. So at least in California, we can put the birther vote somewhere less than 3.1%, far below polling numbers for birthers.

Taitz running 2nd

… to last

With 100% of the vote counted, Attorney General Candidate Orly Taitz came in next to last with 3.1% of the vote. In the field of 7 candidates, incumbent Kamala Harris has a commanding lead with 53.1% followed by Republican Ronald Gold at 13.2%. Libertarian Jonathan Jaech holds last place with 2.4%.

For full results, check the LA Times.

Taitz this morning (June 4) posted a strange headline:

According to the SOS of CA so far only 18.1% of the ballots of the registered voters from 98% of all of the precincts were counted and I have so far 92,763 votes, ballot count will continue until July 4th, certified total tally will be on July 11th

She seems to be hoping for a landslide in the late write-in vote.

California Primary, June 3

Interesting true story. I was talking to one of the anti-birthers at the Fogbow meetup Saturday. It appears that she had attended a meeting, not suspecting that there would be one of those “patriotic presentations” from the Orly Taitz Super PAC as part of the program, including the handing out of OTSP bumper stickers. (No one expects the Orly Taitz Super PAC.) So I asked her, if she was going to vote for Orly Taitz for California AG. She said no, that even for a joke, her vote was too valuable to her.

I can certainly appreciate such a sentiment. On the other hand, I know some folks who want Orly Taitz to be in the AG runoff race for the entertainment value. Contrary to popular belief, I won’t be voting and will remain neutral on the contest.

On an unrelated Taitz story, Orly received an invitation to attend an International Criminal Court school for attorneys and NGOs in Ireland. She’s asking for donations to pay her way ($2,500) for the June 16-20 school about how the ICC works. I think I’ll save up my money for the Fogbow meetup in Hawaii next year instead.

Candidates for California Attorney General

(Lifted from the Wikipedia)

Democratic Party

Republican Party

  • Ronald Gold
  • John Haggerty
  • David King
  • Phil Wyman, former State Assemblyman, former State Senator

Libertarian Party

  • Jonathan Jaech, attorney

No Party Preference