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Sheriff Joe confirms birther investigation ongoing

After a long silence on the issue, Joe Arpaio once again talked about his birther investigation in a May 10, 2014, interview with Chris Pareja, host of a conservative public access cable channel show in Mountain View, CA, called “The Right Side.” Here’s the transcript of what Arpaio said [17:34 in video embedded at end of this article]:

Pareja: Across the country you’re either loved or hated, and you probably know that very well. But it seems that the citizens of Maricopa County have a pretty high approval rating of at least the results you’re getting. How does that mesh with the national narrative?

Arpaio: Well I, let me say I’m well known across the country. There’s rumors I may run for governor. I’ll make that decision–two weeks. If I do run, I’ll have to leave the office. I don’t wanna leave the office. I have some sensitive investigations going on including the birth certificate.

Pareja: And that’s one that’s come up.

Arpaio: I’m not done with that yet. People think I surrendered. No. It’s really interesting. No politician, nobody will touch it. The media’s a blackout. I can’t believe this. And I have the evidence. So I’m trying to find out who’s behind it now. That’s the key. You can always have a crime to investigate, but I think you would like to know who did it.

Pareja: And why. So for those in the audience who don’t know exactly what the birth certificate investigation is all about, can you give them a sentence or two?

Arpaio: About 200 Tea Party people came to me and said, Sheriff, you’re the elected sheriff. You’re our last resort. Nobody has touched this. I had to make a decision. These are my constituents. They ask me to do something–I’m gonna do it. I could have thrown it in the wastebasket. I decided to use my posse, free posse, cold case posse so it doesn’t cost taxpayers. So we worked it, and worked it, and worked it.

Pareja: And the birth certificate you’re looking for would be that of the current president.

Arpaio: [Speaking with emphasis] No, I’m not looking at whether he’s here illegally or not. I am looking at a forged, fraudulent document in Hawaii by the government. If you did it, you’d be in jail tomorrow. Nobody wants to touch it. Nobody. But I’m still trying to find out who is behind it.

Pareja: Well, their Photoshop skills are poor because the stuff moves around [laughs] on it.

Arpaio: Isn’t it interesting that nobody cares? Yeah, a fraudulent document. You can’t have fraudulent documents. Come on! It’s a felony. I’m locking up people every day with fake documents, that are here illegally.

Pareja: Right, and so but there’s still a case that’s still in the works?

Arpaio: It’s still in the works. Don’t be fooled that it’s over.

Watch the video:

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