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The birther albatross–sharing the pain

Yesterday’s online edition of the Dallas Morning News carried a political story about an endorsement of Katrina Pierson, who is running for Congress from Texas district 32. Typically when we read news of an endorsement, there is a photo of the candidate and the endorser. Here’s such an image (although not newspaper style) from Pierson’s own campaign web site.


The image from the Dallas Morning News showed the endorser, but rather than showing the candidate, the other person in the photo was Mike Zullo. :shock: Here’s the image:


In addition to Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, Pierson has been endorsed by none other than Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and when describing Arpaio, the article said:

In 2013, a federal court ruled that Arpaio’s office had used racial profiling to enforce those laws, a constitutional violation.

Arpaio has also repeatedly asserted that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

I don’t know if this Tea Party candidate is a birther, but now she has the weight of a birther endorsement (maybe that helps where she lives).

Conservatives, long tarred with the birther brush, are anxious to share the pain. In another story yesterday, this one from WorldNetDaily and picturing President Obama’s birth certificate, an article titled: “Dems want GOP candidate’s birth certificate,” they wrote:

While the demand for Barack Obama’s birth documentation has been met with indignation and ridicule, Democrats in Montana, nevertheless, are calling on a Republican congressman running for Senate to release his birth certificate.

The issue? The candidate claims to be a 5th generation Montanan, but was born in Southern California. According to a spokesperson for Republican candidate Steve Daines, his parents raced to California (I’m paraphrasing here) for him to be born, and then quickly returned to Montana. Sound oddly familiar? :roll:

Ted Cruz releases birth certificate

The Dallas Morning News reports that Senator Ted Cruz released his birth certificate. This is not a joke.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Senator Cruz is both an American and a Canadian citizen. I guess that makes him equally eligible to be President of the United States or Prime Minister of Canada1.


Senator Cruz, after initially denying that he was a Canadian citizen, has now said the he is renouncing his Canadian citizenship. President Obama was also born a dual citizen of the US and the UK; his UK citizenship automatically ended when he reached age 23.

1While there are no specific eligibility requirements for the Prime Minister of Canada, it is generally held that the qualifications for a Member of Parliament apply, and that is to be a Citizen of Canada of voting age (18). See the Wikipedia article for more details.