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Lindsay oral arguments: peppered with “birther”

Orly Taitz has obtained an unofficial transcript of the oral arguments from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Peta Lindsay, et al v. Debra Bowen. Like 1968 Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Eldridge Cleaver1, Lindsay was too young to become President of the United States, and like Cleaver, she was refused a place on the California Ballot because of her age. The lower court dismissed Lindsay’s lawsuit.

Appellants argue that the US Constitution provides that under the 20th Amendment only Congress may decide presidential qualifications, the eligibility of a president-elect to become president. Under the political question doctrine, a court would decline to intervene when the Constitution explicitly assigns a role to another branch of government or to the democratic process. The State of California argues that Congress’ role in deciding eligibility is not exclusive and that case law gives states broad authority in the conduct of elections, including the power to prevent a ballot from being cluttered by frivolous candidates. Both parties cite Elections Code Section 6720, that says:

6720.  The Secretary of State shall place the name of a candidate upon the Peace and Freedom Party presidential preference ballot when the Secretary of State has determined that the candidate is generally advocated for or recognized throughout the United States or California as actively seeking the presidential nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party or the national party with which the Peace and Freedom Party is affiliated.

Appellants say this requires the Secretary of State to place the Peace and Freedom Party candidate on the ballot. Bowen argues that an obviously ineligible candidate cannot be considered “generally advocated.”

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Judd v. Obama Appellant brief filed

Something actually happened to break the birther doldrums. Orly Taitz has filed the Appellant’s Opening Brief in the case of Judd et al. v. Obama et al. Lots of familiar names in the et al. part, including Alvin Onaka, and Debra Bowen1. Orly Taitz is not only the attorney but also an appellant.

This is the crazy case that Orly Taitz tried to remove from state to federal court, even though plaintiffs can’t do that. It was a real mess and judge David Carter threw it out. The Appellants want the case reinstated and they want a different judge.

Taitz sums up her objections by saying:

The status of the U.S. Judiciary today is reminiscent of the judiciary in the Communist Soviet Union or NAZI Germany. Germany in 1932-1945 had a Constitution, parliament, codes, thousands of highly educated judges, however not one single judge in Germany found actions of Adolf Hitler to be in any way illegal or unconstitutional. In years of Communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union and Communist China not one single judge found actions of Stalin or Mao to be illegal or unconstitutional. Actions of the U.S. Judiciary during the Obama regime are very similar: judges have in front of them all the evidence of the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency by a criminal who does not have one single valid ID, using crude forgeries and the judges are simply using one bogus excuse after another to cover up flagrant elections fraud and forgery. Actions by judges are so egregious that they amount to criminal complicity and possibly treason.

Treason? :roll:

Taitz, always trendy, threw in the NSA surveillance/Prism story. Taitz speculates that judges won’t touch Obama because he’s blackmailing them with information gained in the NSA data gathering.

In days gone by, I would have spent more time on this filing, but I really don’t care any more. Read it if you want; it’s crap.

1For a complete list of the defendants in the original case, see the note at the end of my article: “Orly’s California case moving.”

California electoral vote certification forged?

One of the certain proofs that the birthers give for forgery is that certain parts of Obama’s long form birth certificate show a mix of black and white, and gray scale for a signature. Here’s a section from the Certificate magnified:

Detail of Stanley Ann Dunham signature on Obama's birth certifcate

You can see how some of the signature is in gray scale, and some is absolutely black.

Now, look at the Certificate of the California Electoral College vote from the web site of the US National Archives and Records Administration, particularly on signature number 42 magnified:

Detail from 2012 California Electoral College signature.

Wowzers. It’s that same mix of grey scale and black. I guess this means that Romney really won California, and National Archives substituted a forged computer-generated certificate of the vote in place of the real one California sent. Apparently the National Archivist was smart enough to tell the scanner to get rid of the halos.

Dialog showing "Halo Removal" option

Taitz v. everybody else: Orly’s massive lawsuit

A “do over” of the last four years is what Orly Taitz seems to be asking for in her latest filing in California, Judd v. Obama [link to complaint on Taitz web site]. This is the amended complaint in the case that was originally styled Taitz v. Obama, Feinstein, Emken et al.

Photo of Plaintiff Keith JuddSince Orly Taitz is still an attorney in California, she’s representing herself as well as a collection of the usual birther litigants, but this time the lead plaintiff is Keith Judd (aka “Dark Priest” right), a candidate for President. Recall that Judd got 40% of the Democratic primary vote in West Virginia and is supposed to be released from prison next June. Judd claims that he should have gotten all of West Virginia’s votes at the Democratic Convention because Obama wasn’t eligible. It seems a little late, though, to be pressing that claim.

What is amazing is the list of defendants, including pretty much everyone that has ever crossed Orly Taitz, even federal judge Clay D. Land who sanctioned her in Georgia. She’s got Obama in her sights of course, plus the Social Security Administrator, Selective Service, the secretaries of state of Virginia, Georgia, California and New Hampshire. She has the Republicans in California, her Republican opponent in the California Senate race, a pile of news organizations (MSNBC, CNN, The Daily Beast, Forbes Magazine and KFI AM), and the US Attorney General and even the Postmaster General. The State of Hawaii and the Democrats get their place at the table too–31 defendants all told.

Not only are there several plaintiffs and many defendants, in addition to filing the case in the US District Court for Central District of California, Southern Division, it is also being sent to the Department of justice, Inspector General of the Department of Justice, Public Integrity Unit of the Department of Justice, House of Representatives Oversight committee, Judiciary Committee, Elections subcommittee, Civil Rights Commission of the United Nations, International Criminal Bar Panel in Haague (sic), and the Inter-American commission for Human Rights.

The 110-page complaint (not including exhibits) includes an incoherent mix of causes of action as diverse as the list of defendants. I hesitate to try to impose order on this thing, but I’ll take a shot at the high points. Orly is taking aim at:

  • Republicans, for Orly’s loss in the California Senate Race (she claims fraud)
  • Government agencies (Social Security, Selective Service, the US Postal Service) that won’t do what she wants
  • The State of Hawaii that won’t bend their laws to let Orly play detective
  • Democrats who nominated Obama, or said he is eligible
  • People in the media who have said not nice things about Orly
  • Secretaries of State and elections commissions who are putting Obama on the ballot even though Orly told them not to
  • Everybody who has engaged in a criminal conspiracy to keep her from getting Obama out of office.
  • The federal judge who sanctioned her for her previous antics in court

Basically Orly is trying to re-litigate all of her prior losses in court over the last 4 years, hold the California Republican Senate Primary again, and to punish the media for speaking ill of her. It’s as if Orly never learned one essential English word: “no.”

Since Orly has pretty much lost all of these cases already, I can imagine that the defendants will looking for monetary damages for having to defend a frivolous lawsuit. Skimming Orly’s usual nonsense might be light entertainment for some, but it has to be a royal pain for the attorneys and law clerks to go through these things point by point, citing applicable law as to why they should be dismissed. By suing everybody under the sun, she’s opening herself up for some serious sanctions and assessments of costs and fees. Orly’s mania may have finally ruined her.

Challengers bustin’ out all over

Photo of Pamela Barnett with Pastor ManningJune is still a few months away, but birther ballot challenges are bustin’ out all over (and I’m running out of snappy headlines). It’s the June 5 California Primary, this time, with Edward Noonan, Sharon Chickering, George Miller, Tony Dolz, Neil Turner, Gary Wilmott and familiar birther activist, and former Orly Taitz military plaintiff, Pamela Barnett taking on the veteran birther lawsuit defender, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen. (Barnett is shown here in a photo with Pastor James David Manning during his Blood of Jesus v. Obama mock trial in Harlem.)

California Secretary of State Debra BowenThe venue is the Sacramento County Superior Court and the defendants are Secretary of State Bowen, Barack Obama and the Obama campaign committee Organizing for America. Bowen (pictured left) says that she will be in court on April 20 to present her response and assert that the Petitioners “fail to state a cause of action.”

The Petitioners seek [link to text of the petition] to keep Obama from raising money in California in addition to removing him from the ballot. The Petition is filed under the State’s Elections Code §13314 (text following). Petitioners cite the historical precedent of the removal of Eldridge Cleaver from the ballot in 1968 (ineligible because of age) by then Secretary Frank Jordan.

The Petitioners argue that Barack Obama should be barred from the ballot because his father was not a US Citizen, citing Minor v. Happersett for a definition of “natural born citizen.” Petitioners assert that the Secretary of state has a “ministerial duty” to investigate possible fraud related to the eligibility of Barack Obama.

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How big is the conspiracy?

By conspiracy here I do not mean necessarily people acting as part of a unified effort. I’m including people who inexplicably fail to carry out their legal, statutory, ethical or professional responsibilities. I am talking about people who take bribes, cover up and tell public lies.

Update: Quite a few additional items have been added since the original publication of this article, and continue to be added.

According to the Obama denialists the “truth” involves many actors hiding that truth including:

  1. The United States Army. There are several instances of this, including the allegation that the Army rescinded deployment of Major Cook to keep Obama’s records from coming out (they wouldn’t) and the refusal by the Investigating officer in the Lakin prosecution to allow him to subpoena Obama’s kindergarten records.
  2. Billionaire George Soros who is secretly pulling the strings behind “all this.”
  3. Nancy Peolsi, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention who signed an affidavit that Obama was eligible.
  4. The document forgers who forged the COLB and created fake microfilm containing Obama birth announcement in Hawaii newspapers, and their accomplices who have replaced all the copies in all the libraries.
  5. John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the entire Republican Party who inexplicably failed to raise the eligibility issue during the debates and the campaign.
  6. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs who keeps reporters from asking probing questions about Obama’s eligibility.
  7. The FEMA officials who hiding the fact that  they are planning to house all the birthers once they are rounded up. Continue Reading →