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Punk the Taitz

On Taitz’ web site, and in her latest filing in Mississippi, Orly Taitz included a March 16 web comment from someone named “Marie Anderson” with an IP address in California (the IP address is only in the court filing). Here’s the text:

Dr. Taitz,

I think I was fooled into this scam when I sent an e-mail to the wrong address. I received a reply which was supposedly from you which stated as follows:

“Dear Marie,

I appreciate your support but wanted to let you know not to send any donations through PayPal because someone has tampered with my Pay Pal account. Therefore, please make out a check payable to Protect Our Freedoms Foundation and mail it to P.O. Box 1173, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

Kind regards,

Orly Taitz, Attorney at Law”

I obviously put a stop payment to the check. Thanks for letting us know.


In the Mississippi court filing, Taitz includes this in Exhibit 1 with the Orly Taitz Super PAC screen shots and characterizes them as a RICO activity stealing money from her.

There is a scam going on, but I think it’s not the fake Protect Our Freedoms Foundation, but rather a fake Marie Anderson2. I say that for three reasons: First, Marie Anderson has commented nowhere else on Taitz’ site, there was no other reference on the web to a Protect Our Freedoms Foundation when this first appeared on Orly’s web site, and most importantly, there is no P. O. Box 1173 in Laguna Niguel, California (and no such business registered in the State of California).


The lookup fails with or without the ZIP Code. One cannot siphon off funds without a valid mailing address. In the same manner, the Orly Taitz Super PAC contains no mechanism on the web site through which someone could actually make a donation. It appears to me that nobody is stealing any money from Orly Taitz; they are just feeding her paranoia.

1The correct name of Taitz’ foundation is “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.”

I suppose there could be a real Marie Anderson who was punked, but the bottom line is that no one can received real checks at a fake PO box. Anderson made another comment at the Taitz site not in the court filing:

By the way, isn’t Laguna Niguel near where you live? Maybe you can obtain a subpoena to find out who rented that PO Box. I’ll bet that an Obot set up this scam and maybe, once you have a name, maybe this person will make a deal to tie Obama to this scam in exchange for immunity. Pardon my French but I think you have them by the balls!

PS: The fake lobbyist from Texas also used the name “Anderson.”

Defend our Freedoms Foundation update

While it sounds dodgy, the term “fictitious business” is a normal classification in California. Taitz’ DOFF fictitious business registration with Orange County expired at the end of last year. This may be intentional because the significance of a “fictitious business” is that the name of the business is not reflected in its articles of incorporation. The Defend Our Freedoms Foundations (sic) was registered as a corporation after the fictitious business filing.


Taitz has (at least) two corporations in California. The earlier one (entity number C1871559) is from 1994.

imageThe second, for DOFF (entity number C3189036), is from 2009:


It appears that Taitz did not follow through with her registration of the DOFF as a California charity (screen shot taken today):


The 3189036 number appears to be a Secretary of State or Franchise Tax Board Number.

According to the Second Notice to Register (dated December 19, 2011):


I had reported in my prior article that some reports appeared on the Internet that the DOFF had a federal employer ID number (FEIN) of 26-4328440. The charities registration site used to retrieve the record preceding also allows for a search by FEIN, and that number did not return a record.

A search of charitable organizations with the IRS does not list the DOFF, neither by name nor EIN. (I suggest searching for the word “Defend” within the state of California to return a manageable number of results.)

The Defend our Freedoms Foundation web domains are owned owned by a Taitz detractor (who I presume is Lisa Ostella, Taitz’ former webmaster).

The lack of a determination by the IRS that the DOFF is tax exempt does not necessarily mean that the organization is not tax exempt; however, anyone taking a tax deduction for an organization for a donation to an organization without a determination is taking a risk. Charitable organizations, whether recognized or not, are required to file IRS Form 990 or one of its variants.

The rebranding of Orly Taitz

It once was the “World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site,” but as commenters here have noted, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. has changed the emphasis of her site. Today it’s titled:

Review of Politics, Economics, Constitution, Law and World Affairs by Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz

with a new graphic touting her “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.”

Even though Taitz is branching out, this does not mean that she’s stopped birthing, as evidenced by a recent article saying:

Obama’s operatives are spreading rumors that are not true. They are claiming that MS court ruled for Obama, this is not true, there is no decision in MS or MD or 2 cases in Dc or 3 cases in CA. all 7 cases are still pending. they have been spreading similar rumors before [errors in the original]

The smack downs in those cases we are still anticipating, but they are inevitable. Taitz seems to feed on the notoriety she gained among the birthers by filing lawsuits against President Obama; she seems to need this kind of attention. Once before she made a foray into more general litigation by challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), and one might anticipate that she would try to insinuate herself into future “current affairs” lawsuits.

On the new site we can see that the same old grammar errors, and titles that contain most of the articles remain. Much of the non-birther content is borrowed from other sources. While her new direction would appeal to a broader audience than birthers, her vacuous content and disdain for quality production will not. We are not looking at the next Huffington Post.

Nonprofit v. Charity

Orly Mascot

Tax Deductible

A new feature has appeared on the Orly Taitz blog,, a “NonProfit Federal Tax ID#” down at the bottom of the page.

I suppose this is in response to calls for more transparency at sites like hers and Phil Berg’s. However, donors should be aware that while the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation may be a non-profit, it is not a charity, not a 501(c)(3). Donations to the DOFF are not tax deductible.

The way to verify a charity, an organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions, is through the IRS Search for Charities page. The quick search is to put the word “Defend” in the search box, and the name type “Starts with”.

Orly never says contributions to her are tax deductible, but someone might mistakenly confuse a non-profit with a charity. Since Defend Our Freedoms Foundation is in essence a political organization, it can never be 501(c)(3).