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imageYou remember the Dementors from the Harry Potter books. They were the most vile of creatures—you might call them anti-life. They lived by feeding on horror and despair which they were very good at creating in the minds of their victims. They drained their victims of every good thought, every happy thought, ever decent thought, and left them with their worst experiences—before sucking the soul out of them.

In this Obama conspiracy business there are people who take on the role of Dementors, creating anxiety, fear, despair and anger for their livelihood. There was a very representative pair of them trying the suck the life out of the country by undermining respect for our democratic institutions that I stepped in today.

One is the online tabloid web site WorldNetDaily and the other was a particularly nasty fellow named Glenn Beck that they were reporting on. Beck put a figure of Barack Obama in a jar of what appeared to be urine and called it “Obama in Pee Pee” and tried to sell it on eBay for $25,000. It was reportedly removed from eBay.

WND is conducting a poll of reader reaction to what Beck did. WND readers overwhelmingly reacted positively. Their souls have already been sucked out at that vile place.