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Where in the world is Dr. Conspiracy?

Last year I published a photo of myself standing next to a truck in the article, “Anti-birther partisans flee country.” Looking back on that article, I found this quote from Gerbil Report™ by commenter “Joe Mannix,” whom I believe previously but no longer believe is likely to be Mike Zullo:

Dr. Conspiracy/Kevin Davidson is a person of interest in the birth certificate forgery. His background into working with birth certificates and vital statistics is key. You are being looked at Mr. Davidson.

Whether Mannix is Zullo or not, I recently learned that I was indeed investigated by the Cold Case Posse early on (to the extent that they really investigated anything—they looked on the Internet). Zullo thought I was a suspicious character because, believe it or not, my blog has a security paper background.

That tidbit aside, there is new photo of me standing next to a meat truck for your puzzling pleasure. The project that took up so much time of late was a vacation.


Contemplating Orly

When I saw this statue, I immediately thought of Orly Taitz.

DC and  Statue

Maybe it was the eyes.

Orly has always been a difficult character to relate to, not really helped by my having an extended phone conversation with her. I have a moral imperative to view and speak of my neighbor in the best possible light; most people I have known throughout the years have been decent people. Orly strains that attitude.

All conspiracy theorists (and here I only include unreasonable theories) are working from a disadvantage. My understanding of them comes from Michael Shermer’s book, The  Believing Brain, and I see the conspiracist mindset as coming from a low-functioning nonsense filter. So I don’t think that being a conspiracy theorists makes someone a bad person, or even a stupid one. Indeed, my criticisms of Orly Taitz are only tangentially related to her being a conspiracy theorist. Here are some of them:

  • Incompetence. Orly Taitz is a lawyer and a very bad one. She has been repeatedly lectured by judges that she doesn’t follow procedures and that she doesn’t understand the law. She repeatedly violated court rules by failing to redact social-security numbers. She has bungled service in almost every case. She was sanctioned 3 times.
  • Lack of regard for others. At various times, Orly has solicited clients and then represented them badly, doing things that were in Orly’s interest, but not that of her clients. Connie Rhodes had to write the Court to tell them that the things Orly was filing were not on her behalf. She has blatantly violated the privacy of individuals by publishing their names, addresses, social-security numbers, and even birth certificates. She even egged on her readers to investigate the deaths of newborns who had nothing whatever top do with any public issue.
  • Dishonesty. The most recent instance of this was when Orly presented a petition to the Court claiming “new evidence” that she had known about for at least 6 months. I believe she lied to me when she claimed that she had public records of other names associated with Obama’s social-security number before the number was published on the Internet.
  • Bigotry. I have seen Orly demonize illegal immigrant children on her web site. Orly likes to seek sympathy because she is a mother, but she doesn’t seem to be very motherly towards other people’s children.
  • Immorality. This assumes the truth of reports of her having an extramarital affair. I take a dim view of adultery.

I recognize that everyone has their bad points; nevertheless, I can chose those people I like, and those I don’t. There are people I get along with, and those I would rather stay away from. Orly Taitz is just someone I don’t like.

This is your brain on birthers

Sometimes I attempt to get inside the heads of birthers. If this were a television show, the narrator would be saying about now, “do not try this at home.”

Certainly I can understand the desire to be distinctive, special. Birthers think that they are in a unique group that knows the truth, that are awake, and are not fooled by the government, media, nor by popular opinion. It’s an attractive idea to be “in the know.” Mike Volin is the image in my mind right now, and perhaps that is because he gets a little “inside hints” from the Cold Case Posse. Volin, Gallups and who knows how many other people, like [mumble] who paid for Reed Hayes, fall into that category.

It’s also attractive to feel like you’re making a difference and supporting an important cause. This is harder to understand because birthers haven’t made any difference and it’s hard to imagine how they could think otherwise. Trying too hard resulted in this:


Homoerotic fetishism at Birther Report

“this thread needs more gay pictures”

When I saw the preceding comment this morning at Birther Report, I took it as coming from a troll, and while that may be true, Birther Report comments in general are known for their fascination with homoerotic imagery and excretory function. Not being gay myself, nor particularly interested in the details of gay sexual expression, a lot of what they talk about, directed at me, goes over my head.

I did, of course, understand the term, “Dr. Colostomy,” but I was completely mystified at why they kept mentioning gerbils in comments directed to me, at least until this morning when I looked it up.


I’m also called “Dr. Crunt” a lot, and one of the definitions of that word is a male genital reference. These guys live in a totally different world with a totally different vocabulary and knowledge base than mine, and frankly I am disgusted by their language.

What triggered this article, however, was what followed in the thread from the comment highlighted above, and that was a series of photos of me, or photos in which my face had been added, the most ambitious of which was this one from “Barry Soetoro, ESQ”:

The image from which this was altered, is one of Michelle Obama, and appeared widely on right-wing web sites as “proof” that she is really a transsexual man (named Michael). That image originated from Michelle Obama’s appearance as a speaker at the 2008 Democratic convention [video of the speech]. However, looking at the entire video, the alleged “object” bulging between the legs does not appear to be actually there and the video frame (if that’s what it is) itself may have been “enhanced.” I have never been able to find an original media source for that image of Michelle Obama.

Read more:

Breaking news: Dr. Conspiracy named as birth certificate forgery conspirator

Foggy just called to tell me that I have been named by Douglas Vogt as part of the Obama birth certificate forgery ring. What a hoot!

I don’t know nothin’ ’bout forgin’ no birth certificates!

— Dr. Conspiracy

The birther reporter at Newsblaze, Randy Foreman, according to Birther Report, obtained a copy of Douglas Vogt’s previous sealed affidavit most recently filed with the Supreme Court not under seal, and it names the forgers of Obama’s birth certificate. The images appear to have come from the court document itself. The affidavit names as forgers:

  • Miki Booth (not mentioned in the Birther Report article)
  • Johanna Ah’Nee
  • Kevin Davidson (me)
  • Loretta Fuddy
  • Alvin Onaka

I guess it’s natural that someone like Vogt with no forensic document examination experience would name forgers with no forgery experience. :roll:

Johanna Ah’Nee is a person born the same month as Barack Obama, who (foolishly, in my opinion) provided copies of her birth certificate through birther Miki Booth (who also had a son born in Hawaii and published a certificate) to Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi. Corsi and Taitz both published copies in various stages of redaction, proving among other things that Mike Zullo lied about penciled race codes on Obama’s certificate, and that birthers in general were wrong about how certificates were numbered in Hawaii in 1961. Rather than make his theories fit the evidence, Vogt made the evidence fit his theories by declaring most of the August 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates including that of Booth and Ah’Nee to be forgeries. Vogt, unable to keep it in his pants under his hat, gave enough clues on birther talk radio, that it became obvious that Ah’Nee was his forger.

Both Fuddy (former Director of Health for the Hawaii Department of Health) and Onaka (Registrar of Vital records for the Hawaii Department of Health) were natural candidates for Vogt’s fantasies, since they verified and certified Obama’s own certificate.

I got tagged as the one who “did the research,” which is pretty silly when you think about it, since Dr. Onaka knows a thousand times more about a Hawaiian birth certificate than I do, since he has them all at his fingertips. I know something about birth certificates, having worked in the field almost all of my professional career, but I don’t have specialized knowledge about certificates in Hawaii, and could provide no help to any putative forgers of one. Absurd as it is, I predicted being named John Doe #8 last October, writing:

I wondered whether or not I could be one of the John Does in the complaint, and the best fit I could come up with is John Doe #8…

Vogt makes the claim that I agree with his certificate numbering scheme in one of my articles, where I said:

To forge Obama’s birth certificate, it would be necessary to create a fake certificate in early August of 1961, filled out to look like it came from Kapi’olani Hospital, with a fake signature from Dr. Sinclair (or an authentic one if he were the forger). Once inserted into the work flow at the State Department of Health, the certificate would have been registered, numbered, filed and reported to the newspapers just like certificates for all the rest born that month.

Vogt reads something into that statement that I never intended, that the list of work flow elements were listed in the order performed.

In another flight of fancy, Vogt writes:

After looking at [Dr. Conspiracy’s] articles and other obots (stands for “Obama Robots”) who post comments on his web site, it was obvious to me, that his web site was part of the disinformation program orchestrated by the White House through Jim Johnson a supporter of Obama and former head of Fannie Mae. [footnote to WorldNetDaily]

Predictably, Vogt zeroes in on my 2009 reconstruction of Obama’s long form and can’t figure out why I would have made such a thing. Vogt, usually so very imaginative, couldn’t guess that I was using a graphic format to present the known information about what would be found on the Obama certificate, should it ever be released. Vogt makes a big point that the “06” number in my reconstructed certificate is just like the off-baseline number in real certificates from that month, oblivious to the fact that I was just following the published Nordyke certificate, which I listed as one of my sources in the article. Vogt says that the available Nordyke certificate was too poor in quality for me to have gotten the information that way, but the Nordyke image linked in the article clearly shows the offset. Vogt notes that my 2009 reconstruction was updated in 2010, and wonders why. The answer is that I made a number of incremental improvements in the reconstruction as I learned stuff or decided things. The oldest version is found on the Wayback Machine and the newest version here. The specific changes were:

  1. Increasing the font size of the word “African” in Box 9
  2. Adding “Stanley Ann D. Obama” signature to Box 18a
  3. Changed placement and font size of “Wichita, Kansas” in block 16

imageVogt in the available portions of the affidavit, repeats nonsense previously debunked by me (here and here) and by Frank Arduini. I hesitate to say this, but Douglas Vogt is a pretty dim bulb.

Miki Booth agrees, according to this comment at Birther Report:

doug vogt is a f***ing idiot!! He’s gonna get his ass sued. My friend Johanna had nothing to do with this except to give her birth certificate to me to give to Dr. Corsi and Mike Zullo. vogt was jealous not being privy to the investigation and figured we were hiding something because we wouldn’t share with him.

Crash coincidence

Some things are just too weird. Yesterday I was involved in a collision; a truck hit me in the rear. There were no injuries. Here’s a photo:

Photo showing collision damage to left rear of auto

Dr. Conspiracy auto damage


I’ve been on the phone with my insurance company, which conveniently happens to be the company insuring the other vehicle. This certainly wouldn’t be anything to write about on this blog except that after I got off the phone with my insurance company and finally on the blog, what should I find but this comment:


Yes folks,  it’s true, not an April Fool aftershock. Orly Taitz was also hit in the rear by a truck yesterday. Here’s her own photo [link to Taitz site edited to remove her license plate number and turned right side up]:

Taitz accident photo showing extensive rear end damage

Taitz accident photo

Those are not happy pictures and Taitz got the larger share of damage. The main reason that I posted this article is to point out that coincidences happen.

Now it is true that after my accident, I said to Ms. Conspiracy, “I bet that guy was a birther.” Based on his age and location of residence, he might well have been, but I was joking when I said it, and the idea that he was out to get me never crossed my mind. Commenters on Taitz’ site, however, are more conspiracy minded than I am. Here are some samples (keep in mind that many commenters on Taitz’ site are not sincere):

Jerry G: Was this an accident or was it a planned hit The Obama gang is probably getting desperate.

will: and i have to wonder if this was a deliberate attack on dr orly… someone needs to investigate thia as a criminal act

steve: Dr. Taitz – It’s a jungle out there and Obama’s “King” of the Jungle. Try to be more careful.

Barry Soetoro: Soebarkah is desperate. He killed Fuddy.


Breitbart got killed. Then, LA COUNTY Coroner Technician (Michael Cormier) DROPS DEAD from arsenic poisoning, within hours of his office releasing Breitbart Autopsy Report to the public.

Then, Michael Hastings gets car bombed, sending his engine block 150 feet from his car.

Linda: I’m so glad to know that you’re ok, but I’ll bet you will be some kinda sore tomorrow. My first thought was to wonder if this was caused by an Obot. Sounds like it could very well have been that. If so, I hope it can be proved. I couldn’t help wondering if the truck driver had been paid off.

larry: …looks like someone is out for you two…so be careful of your surroundings and keep up the good work

Starlight: Skeptical me, I think this is no accident but when the truck driver is cited, find out who he is and his attitude, more will be revealed. True, CA has lots of unskilled drivers, driving excessive speeds, but …. like Ms. Fuddy’s supposed accident, this one rings untrue. the driver did not hive me his papers, but he did give them to the Highway patrol. I repeatedly asked the CHP officer for the truck driver
s papers, but he refused to give them to me and said that it will be with the report and insurance will get it within 10 days. I never saw an accident where the CHP officer would refuse to give the papers. I got the license of the truck though. They told me that I need to be transported to the emergency room, I refused. Strangely my insurance called and the rep stated that they were told that I was taken to the emergency room with an ambulance, which was not true

will: a case of attempted murder if you can tie this peson to some of the obummer crowd….. PLEASE BE MUCH MORE CAREFULL IN THE FUTURE……….. i have been waiting on something like this to happen

John: We are all thankful to god that you have been able to walk away from this accident, I/we think it’s time that you maybe should consider an armed security personnel to accompany you to and from these public venues. You should not be driving with everything that has been going on lately, especially with the high profile cases that you are involved in. Their has to be someone out there to volunteer their services for Orly, until the heat dies down. I don’t live in California, if I did I would volunteer for it.

Tim: Perhaps a LA private detective will volunteer to look into the truck driver and find out if there is anything “unusual” about his background. I am glad that you are essentially ok. You are a national treaure and are 180 degrees positive compared to the national disgrace called mainstream media. More accurately they should be called mainstream traitors and fools.

Linda: The more I learn about this accident, the more suspicious I become. I am stunned that the cop refused to give you the driver’s identifying information. That is unheard of! I’m alSO really glad that you didn’t need an ambulance – otherwise, you might have gotten ‘arrhythmia’ like Fuddy. I lost count of how many people Obama and his thugs have killed, but it’s a very high number.

James P Jr  Bettes: She got Silkwooded. Luckily, she survived, unlike Karen Silkwood.

ron: Orly, I read your reply about the insurance company calling. If you had gone with the ambulance what could have happened on the way to the hospital or at the hospital. I know, just speculation. Sounds like the story had already been written.

David: I hope this just turns out to be a stupid accident and nothing more. But the awkwardness of the situation makes me think it may have not been accidental. I’m glad you are ok.

Glasnost: They were waiting for you at the ER with the Brietbart treatment.