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Linguistic analysis expert debunks Obama ghost writer theory

Obama's memoir, Dreams from my is an academic website developed by Professor Peter Millican of Oxford University made in support of the “New Degree Programme in Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University.” I found the web site through some research on authorship identification software and a discipline called Stylometry. I didn’t have in mind Jack Cashill’s book that claims Bill Ayers is the ghost writer of Obama’s “Dreams from My Father,” but that is certainly within the purview of stylometry and Millican’s expertise.

Professor Millican provides a detailed analysis of Cashill’s claims that technically-inclined readers will certainly want to read, but the summary is this:

I have prepared the following analysis, which will I hope make clear how I see things in regard to the Ayers allegation made by Jack Cashill, an American author. In short, I feel very confident that it is false.

Millican notes that the writing styles of Bill Clinton and Bill Ayers are far more similar than Ayers and Obama.

Taitz: new twist on old Obama copyright story

It was last January when Orly came up with this document anomaly, if you could call it that. Obama’s copyright application for Dreams from My Father has the letters “U S A” in place of the author’s year born. The year of birth is not applicable because US Copyright law doesn’t consider the birth and death dates of US authors (while it is relevant for  most foreign authors). I debunked it then in my article, “Taitz continues to baffle.”

Taitz is back with the same story again, citing Paul Irey as her authority on copyright applications. Only this time, Irey states that the certificate of copyright from the US Registrar of Copyrights is itself a forgery, and probably made for the purpose of hiding “Kenya” as Obama’s place of birth on the original, and done by the same forger who forged Obama’s birth certificate.

Does the Registrar of Copyrights have a Xerox WorkCentre too? I suppose it’s possible.

While Irey doesn’t name the forger, he narrows it down a bit by saying:

I predict the forger may disappear soon because just like Fuddy … she is in the same situation now.

Given that Paul Irey works closely with Doug Vogt, we have a pretty good idea who Irey means (I won’t mention the name, but you know who the innocent bystander in Vogt’s suit is).

Taitz continues to baffle

As usual, Orly Taitz makes little sense in her latest press release [link to Taitz site], this time about the certification of copyright registration of Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father. The opening paragraph contains at least two and probably 3 mistakes:

Attorney Orly Taitz recently discovered lack of necessary entry of date of birth in Obama’s registration of copyright protection of his book “Dreams from my father”.

The simplest mistake is not naming the book correctly as to capitalization. The second is the word “necessary’’ since the date of birth on a copyright application is optional according to the instructions. (“Author’s birth date is optional but it is useful as a form of identification.”) Here’s the copyright registration from Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, also with no birth date. The third is the statement that Taitz discovered the blank birth date, when it is highly unlikely that she made the discovery herself. Continue Reading →

New speculation about what Zullo’s been up to

Carl Gallups in an interview with Mike Zullo talked about “universe shattering” new evidence, piles of it, coming out of the of the Cold Case Posse investigation. Zullo supposedly has been “out west” for three weeks following up the lead.

I was at a loss as to what Zullo might have been up to but I was thinking “inside the box” with some vague idea that it had to do with something remotely to do with law enforcement, and remotely to do with Maricopa County Arizona, where his tax-subsidized Cold Case Posse was chartered to look into unsolved homicides in the county. Conspiracy theorists, however, don’t think inside the box—it’s one of their enabling characteristics, and one of the birthers over at Birther Report made a comment that I think has merit as to what Zullo has been doing. Here’s the comment:

FUBO: I think I might have it Doc.

End of September’s, Obamas dear Friend Keith was arrested for rape in California. He wanted to talk.

Now let’s connect the dots. Zullo has been out west for a three week interview. Kieth is out west, wanting to talk.

Keith was friends with O in the FMD days, and when O got his Social Security card, and when O was first applying to colleges. Our was also coming to terms with who he is, where he came from.

Doc, if Keith is talking, all the dots may be coming together. All of them. The Bill Ayers connection, FMD, cocaine, gay life, the SSN, his parents, and God knows what else. The genesis of the greatest deception in American history may be getting documented. Universe shattering? Maybe.

Continue Reading →

Bill Ayers says he wrote Dreams from My Father ;)

Who’d have thought that Bill Ayers was born in Hawaii to a mixed race couple? Apparently so, as Ayers in a video on YouTube says that he wrote Obama’s best-selling memoir, Dreams from My Father. Ayers asked the audience to help him prove it so he could get the royalties.

Some say he wasn’t joking, “just look at his eyes.” Personally, I don’t need jokes like that.

When asked previously about whether he had written Dreams, Ayers responded:

“You’ve all lost your minds,” he wrote. “Best of luck in the twilight zone.”

Ghostwriters in the sky

Author Obama

Author Obama

During the last election, rumors flew about saying that former radical and education activist Bill Ayers wrote all or part of Barack Obama’s book Dreams from My Father. This rumor morphed into a small cottage industry of analysis trying to prove Ayer’s involvement in the book including a series of articles by WorldNetDaily columnist Jack Cashill.

These allegations have been repeated in a number of right wing web sites such as The American Thinker and The Free Republic. Now WorldNetDaily has a new article, Author confirms Bill Ayers helped Obama write ‘Dreams’.

Of course, the “author” WND talks about is not the author of Obama’s book, but that of a new book, Barack and Michelle: An American Marriage by Christopher Andersen. Andersen should know because he had access to unnamed sources close to Obama. I should say that Cashill claims Andersen supports his view (in fact I have no confirmation of this).

The scenario alleged is in the typical nobama style. If alleges a fact (Obama was facing a deadline) that no one can easily verify but might accept because it it plausibled, it alleges another fact (Ayers lived nearby) that is non-trivial to verify and then it offers another allegation (the neighbors knew…) that no one can easily verify, but might accept because it is plausible and asserted.  It is a good example of substitution of speculation for evidence made in the form of an argument. But this claim has no more substance to it than the travel ban to Pakistan argument, the born in Kenya argument and the Indonesian adoption argument: none.

So did Bill Ayers write Dreams from My Father?   There is nothing in the WND article that would lead a rationally thinking person to jump to any conclusion.