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Smith not being extradited to Kenya

Atlanta attorney Loren Collins, who had offered to represent Lucas Smith in what Smith claimed was an imminent extradition from the Dominican Republic (where Smith is residing at present) to Kenya, has good news for Smith.

I had previously contacted the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic who checked with Dominican  authorities to learn that there was no pending extradition and published that response in my article “Smith safe!” Now Collins has contacted the DR Supreme Court (who handles extradition cases) to confirm that there is no extradition proceeding.

Collins gave Smith the good news at Smith’s, “Was Obama Born in Kenya” blog. Collins sums it up:

Regardless, no extradition is definitely good news. It means you don’t have to worry about getting sent to Kenya, it means there’s never been any need for my legal help, and it means that Bruce gets his $5,800 back. It was good that he was willing to help out a friend, but luckily we found out that that wasn’t necessary after all. It would’ve been a real shame if someone had abused his generosity. I’m glad I could help out.

Smith benefits from the paucity of birther material to publish, and gets an article here for something that’s just an unimportant novelty.

Smith safe!

Amidst whoops of joy at OCT central, the following information was just received in response to my inquiry to the United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic:


Transcribed text:

Good afternoon,

Please be advised that based on the information we have from the Dominican authorities, Mr. Smith is not facing extradition.

If we can be of further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


Centro Consular de Atención al Cliente
Embajada de los Estados Unidos, Santo Domingo
Bureau of Consular Affairs, ensuring “Secure Borders, Open Doors”

What a relief!

Why did Bruce Steadman give Lucas Daniel Smith $5,800?

and was it a good investment?

In an timing error almost as monumental as that of the release of Jerome Corsi’s Where’s the Birth Certificate?, Lucas Daniel Smith misses April Fools by a scant 3 days with his latest article: “Lucas Daniel Smith arrested (2014) for extradition to Kenya.”

Smith wrote:

On or about the 4th day of February 2014 while I was physically present in the Dominican Republic, the National Police (Policia Nacional) raided my home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with an arrest warrant for extradition to Kenya on criminal charges of allegedly bribing government officials in Kenya.

Smith claims to be in the Dominican Republic, free on 250,000 Dominican Pesos (about $5,800) bond, the money provided by birther Bruce Steadman. Smith, known for his documents, provides an image of a complaint (“acta de denuncia”) in Spanish.

Research questions:

  1. Does the Dominican Republic have an extradition treaty with Kenya?
  2. Is the “acta de denuncia” authentic?
  3. Has Bruce Stedman been conned out of $5,800?

I’m still checking on the matter of the extradition treaty. So far I have not found any bilateral treaty between the Dominican Republic and Kenya. The Dominican Republic has an extradition treaty with the contiguous with Kenya, Commonwealth countries, the United States, Italy, Finland, Greece, Poland, Spain, Peru, Germany and perhaps some others, but if Smith had been sought by Kenya, one would have though that they would be looking in the US, and one wonders how they would have found him in the Dominican Republic. See also, “Foreigners under Dominican Criminal Law.”

Persons familiar with the Spanish language, commenting on the Internet and on this blog say, that the document is riddled with errors, and not written by a native speaker of Spanish.

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Fleeing the country

It’s March, and the tension is mounting. One commenter at Birther Report said:

The warrants are already lined up for some of the Obot clowns. I’m quite sure because this is a full blown criminal investigation. As a matter of fact I believe some warrants have already been issued for various documents.

Where to go? Where to go?

One destination made famous by the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where an outlaw can re-establish himself, is a region shared by Argentina and Chile called Patagonia. Even though the United States has extradition treaties with Argentina and Chile, still it would be easy to disappear into the mountains in such a place. Bruce Chatwin’s book In Patagonia (1977) is a fascinating travelogue that includes some historical information on the old time outlaws. Of course, one must make sure ones passport and vaccinations are up to date. A visa is required for a visit longer than 90 days. There is also a $160 entry fee to Argentina, but the vanishing outlaw need not worry about the exit fees 😉

Patagonia is a starkly beautiful region with glaciers and deserts, flamingos and penguins.

One may have a long stretch of success, but there comes a point when one should just take the money and run. Mike Zullo has made some bold statements about what is going to happen in March and who knows the result? It’s serious business.

I hope Zullo enjoys his exile, wherever he flees to. I think his muy mas macho moustache will fit right in there in Patagonia.