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ORYR spins interview with Justice Sanders

Reality Check Radio had a great show last night (I briefly called in), featuring former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders.

Sanders is representing birther plaintiff Linda Jordan before the Washington State Supreme Court in the matter of fees assessed Jordan as a result of her filing a frivolous appeal in the Jordan v. Reed lawsuit trying to prevent Barack Obama from being on the ballot in Washington State.

You can listen to the entire show below, or read the transcript:

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What Sanders emphasized was that he came late to the case and that his sole concern was the amount of the costs assessed against Jordan, whether they should be a market rate or the actual cost (which was about 1/3 of what the Court used). Sanders himself didn’t seem to be a birther and said essentially (and you can listen to his exact words) that anyone who wanted to prove Obama was foreign born “had a long way to go.” It seemed at first that Sanders thought he was on a birther program and was being reserved in what he said so as not to stir up an argument.

The birther spin machine at Obama Release Your Records accuses the Obots of putting words in Sanders’ mouth. I think RC did try to press Sanders on some points, but Sanders is an experienced attorney and judge, and can speak for himself. He had ample opportunity to say what he wanted to say. ORYR features a 13-minute excerpt, but also links to the full interview.

I am embarrassed in second-guessing myself when I said that Jordan had been involved with birther litigation since 2009 when she testified for Orly Taitz in Atlanta in the case of Farrar v. Obama. The reason for my hesitation was that while I was listening, I went back to this web site and searched for Jordan, finding nothing before 2011. So I was half right. Jordan did testify in Farrar but that case was in 2011-2012 with the hearing on January of 2012, and when Jordan should have known that the things she alleged in her own lawsuit would not be effective in court. To add to the confusion, Susan Daniels also testified at that hearing.

At the Farrar hearing Jordan testified that she used E-Verify to check Obama’s number on August 17, 2011 [Transcript P. 20, Lines 20-24], however, her Affidavit [Page 55] shows that the used she SSA Self Check system.

Zombie epidemic

Despite recent denials of zombie attacks from the Centers for Disease Control (the FBI used to say there was no organized crime), there continue to be sightings. We here at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog have been lulled into a sense of complacency by Mario Apuzzo who has been posting extensively in comments here; unbeknownst to us it was only a distraction while he created a zombie of his Purpura v. Obama lawsuit. The undead case has been seen and documented at the New Jersey Supreme Court1. It is well known that just about the only effective means of destroying a zombie is massive trauma to the head, preferably by a strike from a large wooden mallet.


Indeed, another brain-consuming zombie brief has appeared at the Supreme Court of the United States no less. Birther Zombie queen Orly Taitz filed an appeal of the Georgia ballot challenge,  Farrar v. Obama. Zombies have been identified by their decaying physical bodies, and this is clearly evident in the Farrar brief, for example on page 43 where some of the text has deteriorated to the point that it is barely recognizable.


1I’ve been reading the appeal and am researching it for a possible serious article.

This little Orly goes to market …

I don’t think the birthers like the Obama birth certificate mugs and t-shirts one little bit. As Orly Taitz put it:

Obama is flaunting his crimes, rubbing them into our faces by selling mugs and T-shirts with his forged birth certificate for $22.50.

So not to be outdone, Orly is going to flaunt her epic losses in court by selling autographed, professional videos of the debacle in Georgia before Judge Malihi (losing to an empty chair) and the presentation that broke down into threatening shouts before the New Hampshire Ballot Commission.

You can have a video in a “beautiful commemorative case” autographed by Orly herself for $22.50 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling – or for $50 you can get a set of two videos. And stand by: The humiliating loss in Indiana is coming soon.

One commenter said:

Will they be available on DVD? I’d be more apt to buy if I knew this and if you”ll (sic) also throw in some pizza bagels.

Another comment began:

Copies of your infamous DVD should be sent to every member of congress and double copies to scotus.

Apparently Orly is letting quite a bit through in comments, including one I won’t copy and this one:

What a little, spoiled whore this Orly turned out to be. How dare you ask for money…

It wasn’t immediately apparent how to order a video.

Birther appeals dismissed in Georgia

In an order today, the Judge Cynthia D. Wright of the Fulton County Superior Court dismissed appeals by all Petitioners (Farrar, Lax, Judy, Roth, Swensson, Powell, and Welden) in a series of ballot challenges raised against Barack Obama.

The court decided that under the U. S. Constitution and under Georgia Law, the Secretary of State may not interfere in the internal decision making of a political party, in this case the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary. Earlier the court had denied admission pro hac vice to Orly Taitz.

Read the order:

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Jablonski strikes back

Georgia State flagObama’s attorney in Georgia, Michael Jablonski, earned some good natured praise for winning a series of eligibility lawsuits in Georgia by not showing up, and adding “The Jablonski Empty Chair Technique”® into our vocabulary.

That’s all good fun, but now the decision of Georgia Secretary of State Kemp has been appealed to the Superior Court in Fulton County and everybody has to get serious. Once again the 4 cases have been moved to a single judge (Hon. Cynthia D. Wright) and Jablonski has move for dismissal in the Farrar case (and has or presumably will in the others).

There are two theories at play in the various cases. One is the identity theft, social-security fraud, Indonesian adoption scenario of Farrar (et al.), and the natural born citizen definition issue raised by Swensson (et al.) Jablonski succinctly1 responds to the Farrar case in a 7-page, heavily footnoted Brief in Support of Respondent’s Motion to Dismiss (embedded at the end of this article).

Please note that I am not including every detail raised in the Brief, only a survey.

Jablonski sets the scene by reciting in footnotes (almost 2 pages worth!) a litany of cases challenging Obama’s eligibility that have been rejected by the courts, cases in Georgia and in Federal Court, representing them as harassment and politically motivated. He cites two cases in support of Obama’s eligibility; one is the familiar  Ankeny v. Governor of Indiana and a new one, United States v. Marguet-Pillado, 748F.3d 1001,1006 (9th Cir., 2011). Marguet-Pillado was a case of a person born outside of the United States to one US citizen parent. The Circuit Court in that case stated that as a matter of law someone born outside the United States to one citizen parent was a natural born citizen.

Jablonski then requests that the suit be dismissed on three grounds:

  1. Lack of subject matter jurisdiction
  2. Failure of service
  3. Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted

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Zombie files in Georgia court

Orly Taitz, asserting that her needs are more important than the State of Georgia Superior Court Rules, files a request for Letters Rogatory with the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia. Taitz, who is “dead” insofar as her admission to practice law in Georgia, lumbers across the telecommunications pathways and files again, perhaps in a vain attempt to suck the brains from Judge Cynthia D. Wright. I don’t know – those 41 pages might suck the brains out of anyone.

Guess what Orly? Insulting the court doesn’t go over any better when coming from a zombie than a real lawyer.

It is apparent, though, that this court places form over substance

Perhaps another nasty letter from a Georgia Court to the California Bar Association is due?

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