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Running scared

The Obots are scared spitless, and now they will be attacking like wounded animals.

— Freeangel (September, 2008)

The Obots are running scared.
Shoot on sight.

Geir Smith (December, 2013)

It’s obvious to rational people that liberals are running scared. They now resorting to histrionics like screaming banshees..

cajun_2 (September, 2013)

Could the following be a possible trigger mechanism for Obots running scared and starting to cover up, edit, and scrub?

Charles Kerchner (January, 2014)

Listening to the Mike Volin show last night, and watching his chat room, enforced an observation I made earlier reading Birther Report: there is a lot of fear language in birtherism.

There are two conflicting birther eschatologies. On the one hand, birthers are running scared before the coming end of America as they know it. They believe that the President, with just a whisper to an aide, can have any birther web site shut down (even though they all come back up after they fix their technical problems), and any birther taken into custody and “disappeared” into an internment camp, although none have been. They are convinced that Obama is well on his way towards accomplishing a plan to destroy the country by the end of his term. A vision like that believed, is enough to scare anybody.

On the other hand, the birthers hold a vision of salvation and vindication. Along with vindication, the birthers also paint a pretty scary vision of what it means for them to win, as we see in this comment, again at BR:

It’s not just dr. commie’s articles that we’re interested in preserving for future prosecution: it’s all the comments left by his ass-kissing fellow Obots that need to be cataloged for investigation. For years, these enemies of freedom have done all they could to discredit birtherism and the eligibility movement. They mocked and ridiculed true Americans while they hid behind internet anonymity growing fat on money supplied by Soros and other NWO stooges. However, after the fall-out from Mike Zullo’s revelations in March, we’ll likely see citizen posses assigned to seek out and “interview” these traitors. If some of them don’t survive our questioning, America can count itself the better.

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