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Run, Orly Run: web site has problems

I was looking for polling results on the California Attorney General race—didn’t find any. Commentary I read says that Democratic incumbent Kamala D. Harris is a shoe in–no idea who will be #2. California has a “top-two” primary system, where all the candidates run together, and the top two, regardless of party, move on. In California it’s not unusual to have two Democrats facing each other in the general election.

Anyway, I came to the Ballotpedia web site entry for the 2014 California AG contest, which links to Orly Taitz’ campaign web site. Her site is a WordPress blog with a nice header graphic featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, and Orly’s smiling face. The articles have a named author, in this case Chito Papa, a Florida “computer guy” that testified for her in the Farrar case in Atlanta.

Benign neglect

Whoever is running the site isn’t all that concerned about its appearance, evidenced by this leftover on the front page:


Also on the Orly Gear page, there is a month-old inquiry from a KFBK  staffer asking for an Orly Taitz’ photo for their candidates page at There is no reply on Orly’s web site, and the KFBK page now has that really goofy Washington Post photo by Jonathan Alcorn.

No one expects…

The Orly Taitz Super PAC put up a message a few weeks back that they had moved to a new and faster server. It seemed to have worked as I got about 3 second response on that home page. They have a new short article up complaining about the Los Angeles Times ignoring Taitz.

Battle of the bumper stickers

The official Orly Gear page has a bunch of different bumper stickers that you can order from The Orly Taitz Super PAC is also offering bumper stickers from the same company, only just a single design. Both competing web sites are charging the same $4.95 for a standard-sized sticker, so neither is making any money off them. Orly says that a t=shirt is coming soon, but they better hurry because the race is likely to be over in 11 days.

Independent reporting

I came across an independent progressive web site covering the California AG race, that had some comical things to say about Taitz.

On the merits

imageBirthers believe things that aren’t true. I saw that over at ObamaReleaseYourRecords today, where a commenter addressed me saying:

You’re not keeping up with current events. The specific issue of the legitimacy of the lfbc proffered by the White House has not been adjudicated by a court. So neither you nor I know whether there are facts sufficient to prove a forgery.

That’s not true. The authenticity of Obama’s long form birth certificate was adjudicated in 2011.

In the case of Farrar v. Obama Orly Taitz presented witnesses, among them Douglas Vogt and Felicito Papa, who testified to the alleged forgery of the LFBC. She also presented exhibits including the analysis of Paul Irey. Judge Malihi, in his order, stated that he had decided the case “on the merits of their arguments and evidence.” In regard to the allegations of forgery, Judge Malihi said: “The Court finds the testimony of the witnesses, as well as the exhibits tendered, to be of little, if any, probative value, and thus wholly insufficient to support Plaintiffs’ allegations.”

One may say that this loss was not due to a lack of evidence, but to the ineptitude of Orly Taitz in presenting it (and she certainly had no clue about how to present expert testimony), but administrative law judges in Georgia such as Michael Malihi have wide latitude in considering evidence, including unqualified testimony that wouldn’t be admissible in superior court. Malihi said: “None of the testifying witnesses provided persuasive testimony.”

Malihi also rejected arguments that Obama was ineligible because of his non-citizen father.

In conclusion, Judge Malihi ruled: “President Barack Obama is eligible as a candidate for the presidential primary election under O.C.G.A. § 21-2-5(b).”

Whatever criticism one may raise against that trial, still the authenticity of Obama’s Long Form birth certificate WAS litigated ON THE MERITS and Obama was found eligible.

Where’s the expert certificate?

Papa, Polland, Vogt, Irey, Zebest and a long list of other Internet desk jockeys have claimed that the image of President Obama’s  long form Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth of a forgery. Let me ask you two questions,. Have any of these people:

  • Testified in court as an expert in document fraud or document forensics?1
  • Been accredited by any of the national professional associations for document examiners?
  • Taught document fraud detection and  forensics at a recognized institution of higher learning?
  • Earned their living regularly providing document fraud detection services?

The obvious answer is “no.”

So given that fact, why has no one employed someone qualified by the criteria I listed ever said that the long form PDF is a fake and published their report? If a credentialed document examiner concluded the form was a fraud, it would be real evidence that could be presented in court. It would be huge. It would all of Obots scrambling for cover. So why has it not been done?2

1Mr. Papa testified in Atlanta, but Judge Malihi stated in his ruling that he was not “qualified.”

2WorldNetDaily actually hired three credentialed experts, but never published their reports. One of them, Zatkovich, published the report himself, saying no proof of fraud. WorldNetDaily writer Aaron Klein stated that all three said basically the same thing.

Birther rogues gallery to appear in Atlanta

The Georgia ballot challenge administrative hearings (Farrar v Obama and others) scheduled for January 26 is shaping up to be quite a show. I said before that it’s probably the most important Obama Conspiracy story of the year and birthers seem to think so too, based on the participants lined up to appear [link to Taitz web site]. (Photo right of previous birther rally in Atlanta taken by Loren Collins.)

  1. Felicito Papa
  2. Douglas Vogt
  3. Susan Daniels
  4. Dr. Ron Polland
  5. Linda Jordan
  6. Chris Strunk

Looking at Orly’s witness list, I see half of the people relate to her claims that Obama uses a fraudulent social-security number. I fail to see how this is relevant to whether Obama can appear on the Georgia primary ballot. Likely Judge Malihi won’t see it either.

Taitz has claimed to have hired a real attorney to help her just in case. She is excusing herself as having been too busy with her personal lawsuit (Liberi v Taitz) to properly prepare. She says that the timing is not a coincidence – so this implies what – that Phil Berg and Gary Kreep are in Obama’s pocket?

At this point, I suggest that readers unplug any irony meters they have, and put on a pair of irony-reducing glasses to prevent injury. Here’s what Taitz said about the Liberi suit:

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