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Photoshopped Obama photo appears in Romney ad

I wrote about the Photoshopped photo of Barack Obama, subtracted from a photo of his grandparents. That photo keeps popping up online and on TV, and now Conan O’Brien showed a Romney campaign ad with the photo!

This is a really strange ad, and the Republicans must be getting pretty desperate, bypassing the birther conspiracy theories and getting to the very heart of denying the legitimacy of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Check out the video for yourself.

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A Natural Born Citizen: the novel (reviewed)

No, this is not about Obama. Former newspaperman Don Rosebrock has written a suspense thriller about a hypothetical battle over the eligibility of a President. In this scenario, the vice president is sworn in to succeed  a president who dies in office. The speaker of the house launches a legal attack claiming the new president was born in Mexico. Oops, no birth certificate! The Kindle edition is only $1.99.

Cover of book: A Natural Born Citizen

Here’s my review:

This is an interesting “what if” examination of American government and what might happen if some “evidence” surfaced saying that the President of the United States was really not born in the United States not and eligible to office. The title of the book comes from the specific qualification in the United States Constitution Article II that the President be a “natural born Citizen” (all nouns in the US Constitution are capitalized).

Folks these days have probably heard of conspiracy theories about the foreign birth of the current US President and there is some necessary overlap between current events and this book’s scenario, but the book is really a very different story and the key difference is that the fictional challenge to the President’s legitimacy comes from within the government itself, making the challenge more newsworthy and credible.

As a novel, the book gets off to a slow start, perhaps due to the lack of an initial conflict. In fact, I was wondering whether I would finish the book at all until I got about one-third of the way through it. I remember thinking “hey this is getting interesting” when the Kindle reader said I hit 34%. After that I couldn’t put it down and stayed up until 3 AM when I finished it.

The book has three threads that I identified. The first is the legal thread invoking a lawsuit that attempts to get the President removed from office. Having seen 140-something cases thrown out of court in real life from Presidential eligibility challengers, I found the crazy federal judge Quinn character an unlikely one. The Supreme Court in the book is made up entirely of fictional characters, but even keeping in mind the real-world example of Bush v. Gore in 2000, I still find the Supreme Court’s vote in this book not credible.

The second thread is the media circus. This, I felt was much more true to life and the characters where quite believable. What was missing, and probably missing to build drama make the story work, was one essential character, the “liberal media.” News coverage was entirely characterized from one side, and in the real world there would have been a vocal response from the other side that we don’t see. Nobody took the President’s side.

The third thread, and I’m not going to spoil the suspense, is the action thriller part. In my mind this was the most plausible part of the book and the part that glued me to the pages until the end. Yes, there are machine guns and military-grade explosives employed.

Overall, it was an engaging book and I recommend it and think readers who get past the slow start will find it rewarding.

I personally am somewhat a devotee of the conspiracy theories and legal machinations about the current President, so I read this book with certain specialized interest, knowledge and background. What follows may not be of interest to the general reader.

One of the legal moves in the book is a quo warranto lawsuit, one brought against an office holder challenging his or her right to hold that office. The book notes that federal quo warranto actions, by statute, must be brought in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. The author had to introduce a crazy federal judge to advance the plot past this barrier. What the book does not address is that it has been further held in the federal courts that federal quo warranto actions can only be brought by the US Attorney General or the United States Attorney. It might be possible to argue under the book’s scenario that those precedents could be overruled, but in a realistic scenario the issue would have been raised.

Another legal nit I would pick on is the discussion of “standing.” The book oversimplifies the concept. It says that to have standing, a plaintiff must have a particularized injury and that’s fine as far as it goes; however, standing is described as a three-legged stool, and a particularized injury is only one necessary part, the other two being Causation and Redressability.

Finally, I found the crazy judge’s total lack of regard for a parish baptismal record, particularly in the jurisdiction where he presided, not credible even for a crazy judge and in fact the crazy judge is a plot device that I find a weakness in the faithful playing of the “what if” scenario. How can you have a plausible story when everything the crazy judge does is highly implausible? Perhaps the author has more experience with crazy judges than I do. Further, I found the Appeals Court decision incomprehensible. I guess it’s necessary to “suspend belief” with any fiction.

Solution to the 1890 date of birth!

imageI could have kicked myself because the solution to identity of the mystery man born in 1890 whose social-security number Obama is using was not only right in front of me, it was already here ON THE BLOG! Obama was using his father’s number, and I don’t mean Barack Obama, Sr., I mean Obama’s REAL father, who I just found out was BORN IN 1890, a man who lied about his date of birth, and spent some time in CUBA! And yes, he was a FREEMASON!

Check out my original article!

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Making sense of the evidence

I think you have to get past the prejudice against birthers (who admittedly got off to a rocky start in 2008 and have had to deal with the likes of Orly Taitz) and look at things a-fresh now that we have 3-years-worth of accumulated evidence to examine. Considering now the totality of what is now known about Barack Obama, his history and his associations, particularly with the revelations about the Selective Service coming out of Arizona, I don’t see how there is any doubt: Obama is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

Obama was born simultaneously in the United States, Kenya and Indonesia, not to mention his 16th century birth in Scotland (where he went under the name of Calvin) . It also explains how he could be born Barack Obama in 1961 and Bari Shabazz in 1958. The divided loyalties and allegiances boggle the mind.

This also explains why the letter carrier Hulton gave two different dates for meeting Obama and two different places of birth — this is normal when dealing with a time traveler. It’s a little more complicated to explain the temporal mechanics here, but time travel also explains how Barack Obama has three different fathers and how he could be living in Hawaii, Kenya (according to Mike Huckabee) and in Indonesia (Martha Trowbridge)  in 1965.  It explains why no one remembers Obama at various points of his life, while people do remember him at those same times. It explains how Obama planted the newspaper announcements in Honolulu in 1961 and inserted a fake birth certificate at the Department of Health Files. This explains the inserted Selective Service record, Obama knowing that it would become an issue in the future.

It explains how thousands of birthers have vanished without a trace, including newscasters who uncovered the truth, federal prosecutors who took evidence of this to grand juries and the Congressional committee that held hearings on Obama. They have all been erased from our memories: thanks to Obama, they were never born. This also includes the founders who wrote about the Vattellian definition of “natural born citizen” – all erased.

It all makes perfect sense when you look at it the right way.

Oh, the irony!

Things have been pretty busy for the Obama Conspiracy Theories warehouse staff since the Cold Case Posse’s report was released in Arizona. In fact we’ve been receiving shipments around the clock from all over the country. Basically every time someone uses the phrase “official investigation” in the same sentence with “Cold Case Posse,” an irony meter somewhere burns out. (Thanks to design changes, few of the latest generation of irony meters actually explode.)

Obama Conspiracy Theories is under contract with the March to Success Irony Meter Factory in Guangdong, China, to process U. S. returns of damaged meters. We’ve had to add staff and expand our warehouse facility to accommodate the flood. I spent a good part of the afternoon coordinating the shipment of the most recent batch of damaged meters back to China for refurbishing. This video that I took shows the blown irony meters being prepared for shipment.

Just to give you an idea of the ongoing seriousness of the issue, there are 709 comments on this web site alone containing the word “irony.” Multiply that by the entire Internet and you get, well you get a really big number.