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Birther publishes Obama accomplice list

The conspiracy grows

I got the link from a pretty messed-up article at Orly’s place, “ObamaNazi regime is sensoring (sic) everything, including the new ‘aider and Abetter Central’ (sic) Tracy is asking the public to ad (sic) the names of people they suspect to be accomplices of ObamaNazi regime.” Orly, never one to respect private emails, identified “Tracy” as the creator of the new web site, UnslaveAmerica. Apparently this wasn’t meant as a secret, because Tracy Fair’s well-known online persona, KenyanBornObama, is the Twitter feed on the site and it links to the documents in her birther lawsuit in Maryland that name her.

The “sensoring” part is a claim that Tracy’s emails promoting her site are bouncing, but not the one to Orly. Here’s a puzzle for Tracy: If the “ObamaNazi” regime is trying to prevent Tracy getting the word out about her web site, and Tracy lists me as one of the “aider and Abettors” of that regime, then how can I be promoting the site in an article here? It’s a pickle™.

imageUnslave America is the usual compilation of birther stuff, plus Federal Reserve and Illuminati conspiracy theories. It carries on one of Tracy’s themes, naming enemies; she does this on a page “Central aid and abet list.” The list contains the media and the federal government plus a Fogbow segment that is almost the same as the “Good” list here (another example of birthers reversing the meaning of good and evil). She links to her personal exposé videos that name names to go with the screen names. Others on her list are less likely candidates, including Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and US Representative Steve King of Iowa.

Commenter strikefighter said something on this blog back in 2009 that is even more true today:

So, at this point, is there anybody, other than the birthers, who is not part of the conspiracy?

Clicking around looking for something new, I found a Mr. Hyde version of my Debunker’s Guide, called the “OBAMA INELIGIBILTY EVIDENCE DATABASE,” a compilation of Vattelist material. The challenge is often laid down to birthers to name one child born in the United States to alien parents that needed to be naturalized. This database has one, from the case of IN RE THENAULT 47 F.Supp. 952 (1942). The mother was a US Citizen and the father a French diplomat (hereby creating an exception under the 14th Amendment jurisdiction requirement).  The Court ruled that the children could become naturalized US Citizens through through the petition of their mother according to the law regarding foreign-born children of US mothers in effect at the time. The Circuit Court said:

Although these children in a geographical sense were born within the United States, by virtue of the status of their father at that time, they became subject to the jurisdiction of the French Republic as effectively as though they were born within its territorial limits and outside those of the United States.

Unslave America also includes the ubiquitous birther PayPal donation button.

It’s a shame that Tracy doesn’t use her video and graphic skills for something that benefits people. Until that happens, I have a new entry for the Bad list, Unslave America.

Orly’s RICO statement: Fogbow is the enemy

I am not a lawyer, but I have been told that Civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is one of the most complex areas of the law. Orly Taitz “just started” [link to Taitz web site] the Civil RICO statement in her Mississippi case YESTERDAY and it is due MONDAY (actually it was ordered to be filed in May).

Why is there a standing order that a RICO statement must be filed? In Gutierrez v. Givens, 1 F.Supp.2d 1077, 1087 (S.D.Cal.1998), the Court explained that it was “…the filtering out of meritless complaints.” YES!

FoggySmileyOrly has asked her readers if she left anything out of a long list of “criminal” activities. Interestingly, Orly mentions one subversive organization, “Fogbow,” not named as a defendant in her suit. Fogbow leader “Foggy” appears (right) in a photo taken at the recent Obot conference. Orly writes in her RICO statement:

“Fogbow”-subversive organization, created with the purpose of aiding and abetting Obama in usurpation of U.S. Presidency with forged IDs and by defaming and slandering civil rights leaders, ike (sic) Plaintiffs herein, who are bringing civil challenges to Obama and destroy their ability to make a living.

Orly Taitz has never, to my knowledge, been paid by anyone as a lawyer, and she cannot credibly claim that this is way she makes her living. If anything, she gains by contributions to her web site which would not exist save for the allegations she makes of a criminal conspiracy. According to Taitz (pulling this out of the clouds, I suppose):

Financial backers to … Fogbow, specifically the largest financial backer believed to be billionaire George Soros.  further discovery will be necessary to ascertain identity of backers and members of “Fogbow”).

Well, the identities of the financial backers and members of Fogbow are hardly a secret. Here’s a group photo of them.

FogbowMembers Continue Reading →

Fogbow blows blowhard birther Arpaio to oblivion

After yesterday, I guess we have to call Joe Arpaio a birther, just like his investigative team: Mara Zebest, Mark Gillar and Jerome Corsi.

I apologize for doing this because I like to write my own stuff and do my own research and not just copy from other folks. However, there is just one of me and I am frankly overwhelmed by all the sand being raised by the birthers this week, what with Arpaio, and the ballot challenges, and Orly’s antics, and the day-to-day tasks of reading comments and maintaining the web site. I have to read news reports and read legal briefs and find all this stuff in the first place. I probably put 80 hours a week into the blog as it is, not that I mind the work because I think it is for a good cause.

So with that excuse, I present this hyperlink to the The Fogbow forum and their report into Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s claims about Obama.

Because this is not my report, I am going to close comments on it. If you wish to comment on the report, do so at the Fogbow forum.

War of words

Dr. Conspiracy

Jounalist Bill Bowman published an article at with the title: Orly Taitz is building an enemies list. A very successful anti-birther web site, The FogBow has been under aggressive attack including a YouTube video. The commenter KenyanBornObamAcorn posted a list of names here that she claimed were the real identities of anti-birther bloggers, including me, saying: “We know all about you guys, don’t you worry! so, if you want to go throwing names and docs around, I can play that game too!” Of course, that commenter posted a list of names already.

I believe in the freedom of speech, and threats from either side intended to intimidate are against what I stand for.

Now in what can only be described as a conciliatory gesture, Orly Taitz has written an article encouraging some cooling in the war of words. Taitz wrote:

Unless people are paid to attack, there is no reason to attack, unless someone is paid to obstruct justice and hide evidence, there is no reason to do it.

I know who KenyanBornObamAcorn is, and she can rest assured that I will never publish her name, nor encourage anyone to intrude on her personal life. Some have chosen to enter the debate in a public way by filing lawsuits, and some have entered it in sensational ways, such as Orly Taitz. Some do so anonymously, and deserve to keep their privacy.

Partisans like to paint themselves as victims of vicious attacks when criticized. I say that if they can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, but “going personal” is going too far.


Subsequent to the publication of this article, KenyanBornObamAcorn filed a public lawsuit under her real name and so entered the public arena. That lawsuit is discussed on this blog and her screen name association has become widely known, but not because I disclosed it.