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Arduini bites Vogt

Tenacious debunker Frank Arduini has sunk his teeth into Douglas Vogt’s Seattle Court filings and come up with a new report in his series of debunking major birther documents,  “20 Shades of Vogt: Digital Document Forensics for Amateurs.”

I started debunking Vogt’s 20 points of forgery, but tired of the effort, plus I never could properly use the word “prolix” in a sentence. Arduini had the endurance and the grammar to pull it off.

The Annotated Zullo

Respected birther antagonist Frank Arduini has published a critique of Mike Zullo’s second expanded affidavit. One of the cornerstones of birther alternate history is that the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse (MCCCP1) conducted a professional law enforcement investigation of Barack Obama’s government records. Mr. Arduini begs to differ. Birthers who read this document will gain insight into why the Cold Case Posse hasn’t made any splash in the media except for the occasional phrase, “long debunked.”

The Annotated Zullo

1Anti-birthers have often associated the initials CCCP (the abbreviation for the Soviet Union in Russian characters) with the Cold Case Posse. Maricopa County Cold Case Posse (MCCCP) is one solution. Another is “Corsi’s Cold Case Posse,” something that is justified by the revelations in Arduini’s paper. Personally, I an satisfied to call them the CCP, which in Russian is the abbreviation for “Soviet Socialist Republic.” Such labeling may be a petty pursuit, but it provides a bit of fun in the grim business of refuting birthers.

Arduini v. Zebest

Frank Arduini has written a comprehensive refutation of the birth certificate claims of author Mara Zebest, who was author of the graphic analysis published by the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse. Zebest is an expert on Adobe Photoshop software, but apparently unfamiliar with the software used to scan Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate, Quartz PDF Context.

Now’s a good time to take a look at Frank’s work.

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