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Mississippi Democrats attempt to dam flooding Taitz

Rather than respond to Defense opposition to her previous motion to file new information, Taitz did something called a “First amended motion for leave of court to file new facts and opinions.” Attorneys for the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee respond that they can’t find anything in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that let her do that, but just to be safe, they are replying to it anyway. Read the MDEC reply.

Articles like this are what I call a “wrapper” because I assume that all the reader really wants to do is read the reply and go from there. The article just puts a title and some introductory text around the actual document.

The document itself is pretty much a reprise of their motion in opposition to Taitz’ previous attempt to file more stuff.

My favorite quote:

While these materials purport to show that attorney Taitz is being victimized by someone, they appear to be little more than pranks from people who have read her website.

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