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Throw Miki under the bus or not?

The podcast of Freedom Friday last week has finally appeared on the WEBY web site. Mike Zullo is not on the program, but there were two call-in segments. Here’s the link to them at WEBY:


I haven’t had a chance to listen to these yet, except that the first birther-related call is somewhere around 10 minutes into the first segment above. I’m taking the quote from a comment at Birther Report, Gallups speaking:

I do know Miki very well, and her husband, and and think the WORLD of her.

If Gallups is indeed Mike Zullo’s official spokesperson, then this is a pretty strong endorsement from the Cold Case Posse faction going against the accusation from Doug Vogt that Booth is an accessory to forgery. However, birthers can see things we can’t. Notice “WORLD” in all caps. That relates to what followed in the comment:

Considering EARTH-shattering information will soon be revealed, this comment by Gallups could prove to be VERY telling.

I thought it was “UNIVERSE-shattering” but I digress. Somehow for this commenter, the character reference for Booth by Gallups is only the cause for more suspicion Continue Reading →

Gallups turns on birthers: calls them “whiners”

Leading birther web sites thrown under the bus

I don’t think that I really need to say much about this, since Mike Zullo’s best buddy Carl Gallups, in his own words, says it all:

imageWelcome to this Freedom Friday update. Your host, Carl Gallups.

It’s absolutely amazing to me the amount whining, complaining and false information and flat-out fabricated information that continues to spill out of the birther movement. Perhaps you see why now I have distanced myself from that movement and its supposed representatives.

I’ve said for a long time now that what Zullo and Arpaio have goes far and beyond the question of where Obama was born. So far beyond that it almost fades into the sunset compared to the revelations they now have.

I’ll grant the fact that the place any president was born is an important issue—it’s a Constitutional Issue. I’m a Constitutionalist. I want the Constitution and the law to be followed, but the birther movement itself unimpressed me a long time ago. Just recently I was reminded again of why that is so. Continue Reading →

Interfering with the investigation

I don’t think “interfere” means what you think it does

I don’t usually listen to the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday show, but as distasteful as I find these slanderous and intellectually-insulting programs, I think they are important because they are the starting point for birther speculation that follows; they are the drop of ink in the glass of water whose tendrils spread and eventually color all of the water. They are claiming that their opponents are interfering with Cold Case Posse investigation. One thread tries to turn criticism of the birthers into a crime.

Photo: Ink drop in water

The status of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse is somewhat murky (carrying on the ink-in-water metaphor). They appear to be affiliated with, but not responsible to, the Sheriff’s Office (there is, for example, no financial oversight and their Articles of Incorporation gives the Sheriff’s Office no say). There are assertions and denials (not precisely aligned in opposition) about the involvement of real Sheriff’s detectives in the volunteer posse’s investigation, and what they are investigating. But even if it were the FBI itself, criticism is not a crime and it doesn’t comprise impeding an investigation. On the contrary, criticism is a venerable American tradition, founded in the Constitutions’ protection of the freedom of speech. There’s a reason that the First Amendment comes first.

Continue Reading →

Flash: Arpaio has 2 full-time detectives investigating Obama! (or not!)

Yes friends, the inmates are running the asylum in Maricopa County, Arizona!

or not!

Here’s the story as it stood at 3:40 PM this afternoon, Phoenix time:

The Arizona’s Politics blog reported statements direct from the Sheriff’s Office saying that Arpaio has assigned two full-time detectives to the Obama investigation. They are investigating issues “surrounding” Obama’s birth certificate.

Arpaio spokesperson Lt. Brandon Jones confirmed to Arizona’s Politics that the detectives are working on the related investigation. After first referring the matter to Zullo for comment, Jones stated: "We have two Sheriff’s detectives assigned to look into other issues surrounding the birth certificate, however they are not investigating the birth certificate issue itself."

It will be interesting to see what the citizens of Maricopa County and the Board of Supervisors think about that!

but not so fast!

Arizona’s Politics now reports a change in the story:

MCSO Lt. Brandon Jones states that he "was misinformed" when he had confirmed the information earlier. He now states that "The detectives are not working on anything regarding the birth certificate. Not even surrounding. Mr Zullo was incorrect, they are working on other sensitive cases not even related."


Not related to what? Did the MCSO throw Zullo under the bus? What’s a fellow to think? Here’s the dialog on the Gallups show, starting about the 2:50 minute mark.

Gallups: You continue to work, because it’s my understanding, and I’m going to be very general here, you can be more detailed if you want, but it’s my understanding even recently you guys have uncovered even more stuff, so I mean… you’re shooting for March, but it might even be a little delayed if you guys keep finding more of this heavy-duty stuff. Am I anywhere near right on all that?

Zullo: You’re correct, Carl. I don’t know how this is all gonna play out. I know that the criminal investigation that we’re working on now, Sheriff Arpaio has dedicated resources in two full-time Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office detectives. These are seasoned pros that are working this. These are the guys that go hunt down the really bad guys …

I suspect there will be more to come!

Zullo v. Vogt

Cheese Food Package photoI can’t stand to listen to the stuff, except in small bits, so I’m relying on Birther Report for the story.

Apparently Mike Zullo appeared on the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday show today and announced proof: “IronClad And Can Never Be Refuted.” Well, that’s refreshing, because I am getting pretty tired of their usual stuff that comes clad in a wrapper labeled “imitation pasteurized process cheese food.”

Birthers don’t play well with others

Some factionalism appears among the birthers, according to BR:

Zullo also denounced Doug Vogt’s assertions regarding the purported Obama birth certificate forger

Vogt’s identification of the “forger” in sealed court papers, and unsealed lips on talk radio abetted by unredacted web posts from Orly Taitz, is of course pure nonsense (not to be confused with imitation process nonsense).

The conflict gets more serious when Vogt and Zullo contradict each the other in affidavits filed in court. Here’s Vogt first in his Seattle affidavit:

When a birth certificate comes in from a hospital or clinic, the registrar much check that there are no cross outs, all the fields have been filled out, the mother and doctor have both signed and dated the form using black indelible ink. The registrar then stamps the certificate with a date stamp and then uses a Bates numbering machine to print the unique certificate number on the upper right hand comer of the form. Finally the registrar signs the form.

We observe that Hawaiian birth certificates are signed all through the month, usually just a few days after birth, so by implication (according to Vogt) certificates are stamped all through the month. Now contrast what Vogt avers to Zullo’s version that appears in his own affidavit filed in the case of McInnish v. Chapman now before the Alabama Supreme Court:

The serial number shown on the image of the certificate, which purports on its face to have been imposed on the form with an automated sequential numbering stamp, is 61-10641. Investigators learned at that time, batches of birth certificates were collected monthly, ordered by date and time of birth, and then sequentially number-stamped in a special room by a single clerk trained for the purpose, to minimize numbering errors.

So which is it: numbering daily in order of registration, or numbering in birth order sequence in batches at the end of the month? Vogt appeals to his reading of Hawaiian law and federal regulations. Zullo claims an investigation. Which is right? Neither of them is right. The known certificates make it clear that the main sorting of the monthly batch is alphabetic (and possibly a high-level sort on birth facility before). The latest known August 1961 certificate has the lowest certificate number (and the child’s last name begins with “A”). In order to try to make Obama’s certificate appear out of order both Vogt and Zullo make up inconsistent stories, neither of which fits the facts.

Gallups and Zullo “turn off the switch”

In the concluding moments of the Freedom Friday program last week on WEBY radio, Zullo and Gallups stated that they were “turning off the the switch,” that is, ending all discussion of the small group of anti-birthers that they spent 38 minutes talking about on the program. They said that it was a waste of time. Here’s the exact statement:

Gallups: You are the lead investigator in this case, assigned by Sheriff Arpaio. You represent him around the nation, actually you represent him around the world. He is still engaged. You speak with him all the time. You just with him less than an hour ago.  This is not going away. You are reporting directly to him. Sheriff Arpaio knows what’s going on with this investigation. …

imageZullo: … And you know what Carl, I think that at this point for the sake of your listeners, I think, I’m gonna turn off the switch on this group of guys, this five or six.

Gallups: I agree

Zullo: They got their own [talk?] line.

Gallups: I agree. It’s a waste of your time. It’s a waste of your time.

Zullo: It is a waste. If they come through with an affidavit, and not an affidavit signed by Dr. Conspiracy, because quite frankly RC who’s the one out there saying he’s doing all this work.

Gallups: Right, right, right, right, right. Mike had to cut you off because we’re out of time.

imageI don’t know a lot about law enforcement, but I always thought that law enforcement not only accepted anonymous tips, but that they solicited them. Doesn’t every big police department have an anonymous “tip line?” Nevertheless, Zullo makes it clear that he cannot accept information from anybody without knowing their name, their address, and doing a background check on them. He knows my name, but he wouldn’t accept a recipe for making the long form with a Xerox machine from me because not only does he require my name, he requires that I give him the names and addresses of everybody who might have developed the information. That means Zullo won’t accept evidence from me unless I tell him RC’s real name, which I wouldn’t do, and NBC’s real name which I don’t even know.

But anyhow, it’s all over! I don’t normally listen to the Gallups show, except I felt obligated to listen this past one because it talks about me. It’s painful to hear the smears and the non sequiturs; it offends a finely-tuned logical mind like mine, not to mention my moral sense. Thank goodness I won’t have to listen to any more of that.

Oh wait, Zullo and Gallups lie. Sigh. Crying face