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Why aren’t birthers dropping like flies?

Birthers seem dead serious about the role-playing game they obsess over, a game I have dubbed “Evil Obama.” They swear up and down that they are not just playing, but there are a couple of facts that belie that.

The first fact is that they generally don’t show up in real life for a rally or a demonstration. Like gamers, they just play online.

The other observation separating birtherism from the real world is that they hold views that don’t take reality into account. One big point of dissonance is the fantasy view that Obama is ultimate evil, controls vast covert resources, and ruthlessly kills his enemies (like, for example his ally Loretta Fuddy), and that Obama and his minions are deathly afraid of imminent destruction on account of the birthers special knowledge, contrasted to the fact that the birthers have complete freedom to publish their views, and nothing bad is happening to them.

If Obama is so evil, and birthers are such a threat, why aren’t they dropping like flies?