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Arpaio 2nd criminal investigation canned?

Gary Wilmott (Give Us Liberty 1776) posted 2 comments at Birther Report™ yesterday that give some inside information about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s maybe investigation of Barack Obama or something:

For what it’s worth. I had some face time with Arpaio in mid-October. He wasn’t interested in talking about the issue. In fact he was somewhat irritated and dismissive. I also asked him some very direct questions in a public forum. Also dismissive. I just talked to a good friend and well-known activist who has had 3 conversations on the phone with Zullo in the last month. While there is no representation that A & Z have folded their tents…it was quite apparent that they are not poised to release any information in the near future. Personally as much as it pains me to say it and my friend agrees…we are not optimistic that anything will happen. I think that A & Z have been betrayed by the politicians, they have no viable media outlets (although Arpaio told me that if he needs to get the story out he can do it…but wait he got no traction in his last press conference) and I think they have been intimidated and threatened by forces and powers that we can only imagine. As more time goes by it would seem that there is increasingly less chance that Obama can be convincingly exposed and ultimately removed. I pray that I am wrong. Remember however that Obama has been committing his crimes (at the direction of the puppet masters) with the help of the republican establishment. These traitors will do anything to ensure the status quo.

He followed up with:

Once again…for what it’s worth. Of course I don’t have the inside scoop…I am merely putting 2 and 2 together in my mind and giving my opinion. I want this to happen more than you can imagine. I am living a nightmare. However…let me just say this…I am in regular though infrequent communications with someone who DID have access to the investigation (not Gallups) and was privy to SOME of the universe-shattering info. At one time that person thought that something would be released late last August. That person does not think anything will now happen and that is also part of my calculus. Sorry…I pray that I am wrong because this country is in a world of hurt and its only going to get worse. I love RG’s [BR commenter Reagans_ghost] positive attitude…but my hopes are waning. We are in late January and the focus is going to be on the presidential race and all irresponsible wannabes jockeying for position.

Wilmott has all the pieces — [mixing metaphors] now he just has to read the handwriting on the wall. Mike Zullo never had anything. He was just stringing you on.

Important birther, Jeff Lichter, seriously ill

There has been virtually no coverage of Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party on this blog, but that is my oversight. Lichter has been an important figure in organized birtherism. Who else among the birthers can say that they met Donald Trump face to face, and advised him about Obama’s birth certificate (and carries a photo to prove it)? Miki Booth in her book Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i wrote about the encounter:

Dr. Kate, well-known conservative political activist and host of the Revolution Radio Show, and I met for the first time in Phoenix on April 16th for a meeting arranged by Jeff Lichter of Arizona to compile evidence that would be given to Michael D. Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Donald Trump. At a little known meeting weeks earlier in New York City, Jeff, Arizona State Rep. Carl Seel, and Kelly Townsend, organizer of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, met with Trump for a brief 30 minutes discussing the Arizona eligibility bill which Trump fully supports and pledged to go to Arizona in June. Wrapping up the meeting when the topic changed to the birth certificate and “natural-born citizen,” Trump’s time had run out, but he gave a “homework assignment” to Jeff by saying, “I want to know everything about ‘natural-born citizen,’ and I want to know about these reports from Kenya when members of the Kenyan Parliament had talked about Obama having been born there.”

Booth, Miki (2012-01-30). Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i (Kindle Locations 5330-5336). New Patriot Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Lichter was a very active birther, who met not only with Trump but with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who demanded a verification of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. He was also acquainted with Orly Taitz and Dean Haskins of the Birther Summit, acting as its organizer for Arizona. Lichter was instrumental in Sheriff Arpaio’s meeting with Lord Monckton, British eccentric and birther.

Lichter was one of the original Tea Party members who met with Sheriff Arpaio to urge him to investigate Jerome Corsi’s allegations about Barack Obama. Here’s a photo of Lichter with Mike Zullo taken at the Cold Case Posse Press Conference, 31 March 2012 (courtesy of the Ventura County Tea Party):


You can listen to Lichter as a guest on America’s Web Radio program “One Nation Under Fraud,” hosted by Gary Wilmott of the Article 2 Super PAC:

He made the national news in a 2011 Associated Press story where he famously said (making my quote of the day):

“The term ‘natural-born’ has nothing to do” with location of birth, said Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.

Commenting on Miki Booth’s Facebook page in March of 2012, he said:

Miki, you raise a good point about whether we can trust SCOTUS. I encourage everyone writing on your thread here to keep fighting, keep spreading by whatever means (email, word of mouth) his ineligibility and Arpaio’s findings. And keep pounding and compounding demands to the media to stop their censorship.

Jeff was a true believer and didn’t just sit around waiting for others to act.

He has been hospitalized for some time following complications of surgery, reports Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email. According to her, Lichter is showing some signs of recovery and there are hopes of being able to remove him from the ventilator soon. Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Lichter in the hospital.

BR lite

There is speculation that Birther Report, possibly the number 1 birther web site, is run by an English-born, Canadian raised, California resident named Gary Wilmott. I haven’t said much about him before, although he’s been busy in many birther activities such participating in a ballot challenge in California, attending court hearings (and calling Obots “assholes”), was one of the feature speakers at the canceled Birther Summit, and was a board member of the Article II Super PAC (an anti-Obama-eligibility political committee that raised about $34,000 in the last election cycle).

Now, Wilmott’s own blog Give Us Liberty 1776 announces that Birther Report content may be appearing there while BR is down for scrubbing. Gary’s blog also appears on Google’s free Blogger service. Can we all go “hmmm”?


In the few hours since this article was published, the commenting policy at Wilmott’s blog was changed so that only members of the blog can post there. Comments by Foggy left yesterday, suggesting that Wilmott runs BR, were scrubbed.

Read more:

Birther Summit names names

According to a press release from Dean Haskins of The Birther Summit, a combination birther strategy meeting, rally and march, and a game of “pin the tail on the Congressman” scheduled for March 29 – 31 2012, the list of initial dignitaries is now available. They are, ta da:

Hyperlinks point to articles on this site. Some names are familiar to me, and some not. Fortunately the Birther Summit web site has some brief biographical information on each. If they all show up, this could be the biggest birther rally of all time.

I’d be willing to pay BIG BUCKS for a bootleg video tape of the strategy session where they work out their “unified, cohesive message.” Conspiracy theorists don’t usually get along well together.