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BR lite

There is speculation that Birther Report, possibly the number 1 birther web site, is run by an English-born, Canadian raised, California resident named Gary Wilmott. I haven’t said much about him before, although he’s been busy in many birther activities such participating in a ballot challenge in California, attending court hearings (and calling Obots “assholes”), was one of the feature speakers at the canceled Birther Summit, and was a board member of the Article II Super PAC (an anti-Obama-eligibility political committee that raised about $34,000 in the last election cycle).

Now, Wilmott’s own blog Give Us Liberty 1776 announces that Birther Report content may be appearing there while BR is down for scrubbing. Gary’s blog also appears on Google’s free Blogger service. Can we all go “hmmm”?


In the few hours since this article was published, the commenting policy at Wilmott’s blog was changed so that only members of the blog can post there. Comments by Foggy left yesterday, suggesting that Wilmott runs BR, were scrubbed.

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Birther Summit names names

According to a press release from Dean Haskins of The Birther Summit, a combination birther strategy meeting, rally and march, and a game of “pin the tail on the Congressman” scheduled for March 29 – 31 2012, the list of initial dignitaries is now available. They are, ta da:

Hyperlinks point to articles on this site. Some names are familiar to me, and some not. Fortunately the Birther Summit web site has some brief biographical information on each. If they all show up, this could be the biggest birther rally of all time.

I’d be willing to pay BIG BUCKS for a bootleg video tape of the strategy session where they work out their “unified, cohesive message.” Conspiracy theorists don’t usually get along well together.