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CCP Universe-shattering evidence revealed

This article is in the Wild & Wacky category, suggesting that it’s satire or a spoof. In one sense it is and in another sense it isn’t.

The obvious question is: What could shatter the universe? Certainly no case of identity fraud on the part of Barack Obama, no matter how messy, would fundamentally alter the country, the world or much less the universe. If proven, Obama would be impeached, and out of office. It would be a scandal, but we’ve had lots of scandals. Life as we know it would continue. We survived “Teapot Dome.” No, it has to be something bigger, and what is bigger than the President? Clearly it must be something international and be tied to a fundamental way people comprehend how the world works.

I think two important clues are found in an unlikely source: anti-birther humor. The first is “What Birthers Believe,” (2009) one of my favorite videos. Please watch it and then this article will continue.

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Top of the week

Todd House

Todd House

Good morning from rainy South Carolina. Today we’ll be looking for news from the Kentucky ballot challenge hearing of House v. Obama to see if any entertainment value is to be found in the replay of a lawsuit that has been lost more times than I can readily count. That hearing was scheduled to start about 30 minutes ago. See Motion to Dismiss and Proposed Order from the Kentucky Secretary of State, and State Board of Elections and the answer from President Obama.

Update: The Obama Ballot Challenge web site reports:

Dr. Todd House informed me that he withdrew his case under threat of Rule 11 sanctions, but you might not have heard the last of him. I’ll save that for when Todd is ready.

Our opposition can’t win in a fair fight, so they resort to Obama Chicago tactics. Look up how Obama won some of his past elections.

For you Obots who say his case was frivolous, look up Obama’s forged birth certificate, forged draft registration, stolen Social Security numbers, lack of natural born citizenship, numerous felony fraud acts, etc.  Not frivolous.  He hasn’t provided a shred of valid, legal evidence of eligibility.

Just moments ago the Supreme Court issued its orders for last week, and we  see the ballot challenge cases of Judy and Welden denied cert.

I’m personally excited about the big meeting this weekend at an undisclosed location (codenamed “Denver”). The latest I have is that George Soros will not be attending.

Article II Super PAC plans to pressure electors

It looks like some of the birthers are planning to hijack the next election. The following promotional piece was put out by the Article II Super PAC.

A key to developing A2’s political/campaign strategy for the general election is by first looking at the Electoral College rules/codes in all 50 states. Why?

In the general election we are casting our votes for citizens from our respective states to serve in the Electoral College. 538 members are elected in total.

It is this body, 538 electors, who then casts their respective vote either for the individual who won the majority or who still has independence to cast their votes for  whomever. 

Soros has been pouring money into states, especially blue ones, to change their Electoral College election code to legally tie the hands of those elected to vote for the nominee who won the majority of votes cast.

However, there are plenty of states that have not passed such code.

A2 knows this but we don’t know what all of those specific states are and we don’t know where we can apply pressure or sway the elector.

Wow! Do they realize how ominous “apply pressure” sounds?

The Article II Super PAC is also raising money to fund a $10,000 retainer (they need $4,000 more)  for birther law professor Herb Titus to come on board and assist. I wonder if Titus knows their plan to pressure members of the Electoral College break their pledge to the people who elected them.

Apparently the Article II bogey man is the “National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPVIC),” which if ratified by enough states to comprise a majority of the Electoral Vote would require electors in those states to vote for whoever won the popular vote nationwide. Since only 8 states plus DC have joined the compact (comprising 24.5% of the electoral vote) , it doesn’t kick in and will not have any consequence for this election. How George Soros is supposed to be involved escapes me.  Here’s an example of a NPVIC Bill from California.)

States currently in the NPVIC are:

  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Vermont
  • Washington

That list is distinct from the twenty-four states with laws requiring electors to honor their pledges and the Supreme Court has ruled such laws constitutional. A member of the Electoral College who votes against their pledge is called a “faithless elector.”  There have been a number of faithless electors in history, particularly when their candidate died between the election and the meeting of the College.

A bill in Nebraska would make it a Class IV felony for an elector to vote for a candidate not certified as eligible by the Secretary of State (something the bill says requires a birth certificate).

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I’ve just started reading Michael Barkun’s 2003 book, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America. I’m looking forward to it, having read and thoroughly enjoyed his earlier book, Religion and the Racist Right. One of the themes in the newer book is the inroads that one conspiracy theory is making into another, and in particular right-wing conspiracies about the New World Order gaining traction among UFO types.

If belief in crank ideas is the result of how some of our brains are wired, as Michael Shermer argues in The Believing Brain, then it follows that susceptible individuals would embrace more than one conspiracy theory. We’ve seen this to some extent with birthers and truthers, Vattelists and tax resisters, and one comment I heard by a birther on Internet radio that mentioned the Illuminati.

This all came to my attention this morning because of a link I received in email to a web site that had a link to a web site called Educate-Yourself: The Freedom of Knowledge, the Power of Thought. A quick look at their conspiracy topic menu lists everything from Chemtrails to HAARP. They carry this paranoid-sounding warning:

It is strongly recommended that visitors to this web site print out hard copies of the information that is of interest. Do not assume that your hard drive, this web site, or even the Internet itself will always be there to serve you….Ken Adachi, Editor

While Educate-Yourself doesn’t focus on birther issues, rather more on health-related conspiracies, they are quite eclectic and include Obama conspiracies from time to time, such as in the articles: Soetoro Produces Certified Long Form Birth Certificate Copy, a tongue in cheek ridicule of the long form and this Video Highlights Obama’s Ineligibility to be President (the video was from PPSimmons, a WorldNetDaily so-called document expert).

The other web site was The White Hats Report: Reporting What The Main Stream Media Refuses To Report. This site seems oriented toward the Bilderberger/New World Order side of conspiracies. Obama, we learn, is wheeling and dealing with billions of dollars internationally in cahoots with George Soros. In explosive report # 18 from April, 2011, Soros, Obama and the rest of the cabal about to be Trumped? we see that none other than George H. W. Bush has Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate and is using it to blackmail him.

With Donald Trump’s new investigations proceeding into Obama’s citizenship issue, will this, in one fell swoop, remove Bush Senior’s powerful grip over Obama by diminishing the affect of his holding the certified copy of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate?  What will happen when Trump starts investigating and tracking Obama’s offshore bank accounts?  What will happen when Trump starts investigating Mitt Romney’s Achilles Heel?  In one combined sweep, Trump could take out both contestants and begin cleaning up America!

These anecdotal examples lead one think that conspiracy-minded people naturally latch onto any conspiracy based on distrust of the main-stream official explanation of things. Whether birthers on the whole are just conspiracy-minded people, or whether something else is going on there, I’m still considering.

How big is the conspiracy?

By conspiracy here I do not mean necessarily people acting as part of a unified effort. I’m including people who inexplicably fail to carry out their legal, statutory, ethical or professional responsibilities. I am talking about people who take bribes, cover up and tell public lies.

Update: Quite a few additional items have been added since the original publication of this article, and continue to be added.

According to the Obama denialists the “truth” involves many actors hiding that truth including:

  1. The United States Army. There are several instances of this, including the allegation that the Army rescinded deployment of Major Cook to keep Obama’s records from coming out (they wouldn’t) and the refusal by the Investigating officer in the Lakin prosecution to allow him to subpoena Obama’s kindergarten records.
  2. Billionaire George Soros who is secretly pulling the strings behind “all this.”
  3. Nancy Peolsi, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention who signed an affidavit that Obama was eligible.
  4. The document forgers who forged the COLB and created fake microfilm containing Obama birth announcement in Hawaii newspapers, and their accomplices who have replaced all the copies in all the libraries.
  5. John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the entire Republican Party who inexplicably failed to raise the eligibility issue during the debates and the campaign.
  6. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs who keeps reporters from asking probing questions about Obama’s eligibility.
  7. The FEMA officials who hiding the fact that  they are planning to house all the birthers once they are rounded up. Continue Reading →

Barack Obama was Genetically Altered Super-Child

This article is really about the possibility that Barack Obama’s birth in Hawaii was fraudulently registered. The frequently raised objection to this idea is the question of why someone would go to the trouble to register an obscure mixed-race child in Hawaii, that no one knew would one day run for president. So we’ll look into the fraudulent registration question through a fanciful scenario.

George Soros

George Soros

The quest starts with liberal billionaire George Soros. As we know, Soros had some contact with the Nazis during WW II. The Nazi eugenics project to provide a super race continued in secret after the war in Argentina. Soros was determined to perpetuate his own genes but in an improved form through a part clone, part engineered child. Soros provided funding for the Nazi doctors to create the genetically altered super child, who had an African mother and Soros as the father. Continue Reading →