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Daily Taitz

Only one Orly Taitz article allowed today

So on her web site Orly writes an article [link to Taitz web site] appealing to her readers, rather than spending 30 seconds on Google (keywords: zullo, japanese, mafia), to find the interview where Mike Zullo said that the Japanese Mafia was selling fake birth registrations in Hawaii in the 1960’s. Here’s my helpful reply, still in moderation:

Zullo made those comments on the Tea Party Power Hour program. There’s a video of it on YouTube

The segment on the “Japanese registrations” appears about 7 minutes in.

I personally do not believe the story.

Of course we know that Obama was born in a hospital, and couldn’t have been registered by his granny. But birthers will be birthers.

In other Taitz news, documents are filtering in related to the case of Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi. Apparently that legislative candidate in Hawaii, Larry Fenton, that Orly is so fond of may not actually know how serve summons any better than Orly does, or so alleges the “Motion to Dismiss” [and Memorandum] from the Hawaii Defendants (Alvin Onaka and Loretta Fuddy). Fenton apparently left his summons with  Audrey Gibo, a Department of Health secretary who was authorized to answer the phone, but not to receive service on behalf of Onaka and Fuddy. The case also must be dismissed as to those defendants for lack of personal jurisdiction (they don’t live or have business interests in Mississippi). Mississippi attorney Walter W. Dukes, who is representing the Hawaii Defendants,  noted that it took 172 days for Orly to even half serve them (federal rules require service within 120 days of filing a complaint). Reviewing the Court’s options: they can either dismiss the case, dismiss it, or order it dismissed.

Speaking of doing things late, Orly announced [draft on Taitz web site] that the David Farrar Primary Election objection in Georgia is being renewed for the General Election, almost two weeks after early voting has already started in Georgia. Taitz writes:

Inexplicably this court [Administrative Law Court in the original Farrar case] found that the evidence brought forward by 7 experts and competent witnesses at trial was “not convincing enough” and allowed Obama to stay on the ballot.

I would suggest that Taitz read the decision of Judge Malihi for a full explanation.

Georgia: Birther legislator defeated

Georgia Representative Mark Hatfield was known to me as a sponsor of the Georgia “birther bill” rejected in 2011. I got to hear him speak briefly representing Kevin Powell and Carl Swensson at the ballot challenge hearing in Atlanta last January 26.

Mr. Hatfield will not be introducing any birther bills in the next legislative session, being soundly defeated in the Primary Tuesday, receiving only 29% of the vote in his bid for a state Senate seat. I don’t think birtherism was a factor in the election, but

Winner Tyler Harper will face Democratic challenger Donald Mitchell in the General Election.


Caution: this article contains disturbing imagery.

I’m reading Georgia Odyssey by James C. Cobb, a history of the state of Georgia. I just got through a particularly difficult to read section on the post-reconstruction period. The accounts of starving children are terrible but the accounts of torture, mutilation and burning of black citizens at the hands of white mobs are more chilling still. It’s hard to come to terms with a host of things that people, perhaps my own ancestors, did.

We perhaps think of the lynch mob as a spontaneous expression of mob violence, and it was that, but it was often premeditated and well-organized. Sometimes thousands showed up for a lynching and picnic. Sound recordings of tortured victim screams were made, and people paid 5 cents to listen to them. Prominent political leaders defended lynching as necessary to deter race riots and what they believed would be the wholesale rape of white women. In fact the significant race riot in Georgia was a murderous rampage of white Atlanta men against blacks in 1906.

René Girard in his book The Scapegoat (among several) discusses mob violence, and says that tension builds up in the community between groups with conflicting interests, groups that could not in reality oppose each other, but could become reconciled through periodic acts of violence against a low-class member, an outsider or a stranger. In post-reconstruction Georgia the real conflict was between the rich small town man who owned the store and the mill, was a director in the bank, and effectively enslaved the tenant farmers (black and white) through the sharecropping system, flimflam accounting, and usurious interest rates.

So what does this have to do with Obama conspiracies?

In 21st century America, we are passing through the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Unemployment is still bordering on 10%. The conflict between the extremely rich and the desperately poor and unemployed is real, and there is again an extreme credit crunch. The unemployed in the country really can’t beat up the directors of  Lehman Brothers (AIG, Behr Stearns and Goldman Sachs) for redress of their situation, and while occasional acts of violence against low-class individuals still happens, they are in the main investigated and the perpetrators punished.

What’s needed is violence that, like the old time lynch mob, is a community activity and that has no consequences. I think I saw it happen yesterday, reading comments on WorldNetDaily. Commenters there were virtually wallowing in mud and excrement contesting who could degrade themself the most in insulting the President. I’ve written about this before:

And look at how the birthers try to paint Barack Obama as an “outsider,” a “foreigner,” and not a “real American.” The stranger, or the low-class person is the prototypical scapegoat victim of mob violence. I believe that much of the most extreme anti-Obama rhetoric is using him as a scapegoat to release tensions (albeit only temporarily) stemming from the people’s frustration over their inability to get at the real causes of their anxiety.

Orly’s new BFF, the Appeal and the ES of TRA

It looks like Orly has a new BFF in the Monroe County Tennessee Jail frequent flier, Walter Fitzpatrick III [link to Taitz site]. Walter sent her a gushing endorsement. I wonder if her opponents in the Republican Senate race in California can turn it against her? Probably not without some money.

Orly is tentatively on the calendar for the Supreme Court of Georgia in the Farrar case. Oral arguments will come in June, assuming it gets that far. Check back on that link for the actual date. Jablonski is the empty chair for the defense.

Finally, Mississippi is burning with curiosity about Orly’s “secret witness.” She says:

“Great news! While Arpaio and Zullo are still stonewalling, an important new witness with personal knowledge ageed (sic)to testify in MS. I will need to pay for his expenses of hotel and airfare and will appreciate donations es of tra.” Someone speculated that the witness is Tim Adams, but I sincerely doubt that Orly will get to call any witnesses at the upcoming hearing, April 16. I doubt that it’s Tim Adams because a) he doesn’t have any personal knowledge, b) I think he’s too smart to perjure himself and c) he wants to put this behind him. My guess is Mark Gillar who produced the Cold Case Posse videos.

Orly comments about Mike Zullo’s refusal to show up in Mississippi:

There is no legitimate reason for Arpaio or Zullo not to appear in court and state: yes, I confirm under the penalty of perjury what I said in press conferences. I can’t believe there are still people who are so brain dead as to not understand something that simple.

Orly (who has never gotten that far in court) may not be aware of the fact that the defense gets to examine the witnesses under oath too. Zullo would never submit to that willfully.

Birther Bills: They’re Back!

If you’ve been reading the coverage of the Arizona Cold Case Posse, you probably also know that Arizona Representative Carl Seel is headed back to the Arizona legislature with another attempt to get a birth certificate from Barack Obama. See my article: “Arizona legislator seeks ‘third-time charm.’”

Nebraska is back with Legislative Bill 654 that requires a birth certificate from presidential candidates and makes it a Class IV felony for a member of the Electoral College to vote for someone not certified as eligible by the Secretary of State.

Read more:

Tennessee attorney attacks Georgia courts

In a statement which can only be described as Taitzesque, Tennessee attorney Van R. Irion1 has published a remarkable document attacking the courts in Georgia as “corrupt2”. Irion further says that there will be an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court of his recent Fulton County Superior Court loss of a ballot challenge (he’s asking for donations).

Following is the text from the Liberty Legal Foundation website. Since they are trying to publicize this material, I think reproduction of the text is not something they would object to. The reader will no doubt understand that this is only one side of the story.

So much has happened recently demonstrating the lack of honor in our judicial system that I’m now forced to review these incidents in bullet point format:

  • The President’s attorney dishonors the Georgia Administrative Court by sending a letter directly to the Secretary of State requesting the executive branch of Georgia to take a lawsuit away from the judicial branch.
  • The President and his attorney dishonor the Georgia Administrative court again by violating that court’s order to appear.
  • The Georgia Administrative Court refuses to forward Liberty Legal Foundation’s motion for contempt [link to motion] to the Georgia Supreme Court, despite Georgia law leaving the Administrative court no discretion on this matter.

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