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Birther police chief out: finds entertainment career

Gilberton Pennsylvania police Chief Mark Kessler is officially out of a job, reports the Penn Live news site. He became somewhat of a celebrity among more extreme pro-gun activists for making YouTube videos of himself firing automatic weapons at targets labeled with the names of government officials. Penn Live further reported:

He has signed a contract with a national production company to appear in a reality show, but he said he could not provide details about his role.

Kessler was behind the failed March 9 “Taking Back Washington” rally and also is the founder of a militia movement.

His birther creds come from a recording made after Mike Zullo’s closed-door presentation at the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association meeting. Birther Report has links to Kessler’s recordings, including:

This Barry…he’s not an American, I can tell you that right now. The information that I was given, he’s not an American. He’s not even Kenyan and I’m tellin’ you that when you find out what he is, your blood is gonna boil. The American people are gonna go absolutely crazy if Congress doesn’t do something about this cause he’s not Kenyan and he’s not American. …There’s no record of him prior to the age of five anywhere in this country. Nowhere. The people that…that they say are his parents, guess what? They’re not his real parents. They’re not. I’ve seen the evidence. I’ve seen the evidence and I give kudos to Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio because Joe took this bull by the horns and ran with it. [text from the Free Republic forum]

No record, except newspaper announcements of his birth, a birth certificate, and contemporary references in State Department documents.

Later Kessler dropped support for Zullo.