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Birther movement creator found with potentially smoking gun

Joseph Farah, editor of the Internet tabloid WorldNetDaily, was detained at the Dulles Airport after TSA screeners found a loaded 38 caliber revolver in his carryon luggage. He faces a class 1 misdemeanor charge, says The Southern Poverty Law Center web site.

Farah famously claimed to have created the birther movement. His WorldNetDaily “Where’s the Birth Certificate” billboards and a similarly-named book by Jerome Corsi popularized the movement, and their support for Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse kept the movement alive after Obama released his long-form birth certificate.

I wonder what he planned to do with that gun?


Farah has commented on his experience in an article at WorldNetDaily calling his action “something stupid.” Farah then goes on to use the incident to push some other left-wing bashing agenda.

Farah and WorldNetDaily have been very critical of the TSA, writing a series of articles such as:

That’s not half of them. You would think that Farah feels the way about the TSA as I feel about birthers. 😯


This article appears because I felt that my readers would want to know about the Farah incident. There is some satisfaction seeing what I think is a successful “bad person” get his comeuppance.1 It is not intended as evidence that birthers are a special class of scofflaw, at least not consciously. Perhaps part of it is that vocal birthers hold themselves as upholders of the law (in particular the Constitution) and ones who resist what they perceive as the lawlessness of the Executive. The “Birthers behaving badly” series seeks to poke holes in that argument with counterexamples, but don’t expect tomorrow’s headline to be “Birther fined for littering.”

1I don’t think I’ve ever written that word before.

Just another day at the outrage mine

If America is so rich and powerful, why doesn’t everything go our way?

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t. Part of the problem might be how the government is run compared to, say, the Space Program. I was very impressed with the two books by Halperin and Heilemann on the 2008 and 2012 elections. One takeaway from those books is that the folks who run for president, even the team that wins, are not these quintessential professionals, always in control and never surprised. In fact, a presidential race is more of a circus than a campaign and luck plays a role.

Extending what I learned about people trying to become the government to the government itself, it should not be surprising that the government itself is surprised by what happens sometimes, and that things really don’t go right (from our point of view). I remember back at screw-up after screw-up across every administration. Remember the Bay of Pigs or the Mayaguez incident?

On top of things not going right, there are those who do everything they can to make things look worse than they are and to make others angry and resentful about it (see Fox News Network). Continue Reading →