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Orly’s approach to web site maintenance

Several readers of this blog are complaining that they are nable to post. Please, contact and demand that they fix this glitch ASAP

And that’s the most interesting recent post from Orly Taitz! What’s the world coming to when all an anti-birther gets to write about is maintenance problems on Orly’s web site? Or perhaps this breaking news headline from Orly is more to your taste:

No decisions yet in 5 pending cases

At least she didn’t make that 5 articles. Another major article says that Israel Hanukoglu complained to Orly about a typo in her link to his site, and this somehow turns into harassment of academics. The rest of her stuff is just invective against everybody in the government, accusing of them of treason, and some nasty anti-Muslim bigotry. Pathetic and wholly uninteresting.

A quick scan of Birther Report didn’t get my juices flowing either. Maybe there’s something in the comments, but really, “any day now” is pretty threadbare after all this time.

On the “any day now” theme, Obot1 has declared the birther movement dead — again. Yeah, right.

Lessons learned (not)

Back to normal

Gosh, I hope that’s true.

You might notice that the stern Dr. Conspiracy has reappeared on the blog Welcome at right. A new Quote of the Day has been set. The Friends and Feeds widget has been restored, and our1 beloved flag is once again raised.

I think the last of the character encoding issues are behind us and the short link to the Debunker’s Guide is working again.

Like many things, if I had known before what I know now, it would have been pretty easy.

I don’t know that I could have predicted and avoided switching hosting companies right on the eve of a disaster, but I could have made better contingency plans. And speaking of contingency plans, I will be setting up another site to where you can go for status on this one – announcement to follow.


Yesterday was pretty rough. The has made yet another excuse, something about excessive load on one of their servers. You’d think they would be able to deal with something like this quickly and efficiently, and not just go down for hours at a time.

I finished the off-site status page. It can be reached at Obama Conspiracy Theories Status. I say it can be reached, but I can’t reach it myself at that address. It looks like the BellSouth DNS servers are weird. I’d appreciate comments below on whether you can get to the status site or not. I’m looking into switching to Google’s public DNS servers that resolve the status site  properly.

1For those of you for whom it is your flag