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Karma is a bitch

Orly Taitz, personally responsible for publishing President Obama’s social-security number on the Internet, now finds herself the victim of identity theft with her SSN being used to file for a fraudulent tax refund, so reports Taitz along with a heavily-redacted letter from the IRS.

Taitz, of course, wants copies of the fraudulent return, I suppose so she can unleash her hoard of volunteer investigators on the case. The IRS has declined.

Taitz was somewhat stingy with the details, but here’s an article about tax refund identity theft from the IRS.

Blog features 2

One problem that I haven’t had on the blog is impersonation by commenters. Occasionally we will get two folks commenting under the same common name, but it’s rare and obviously not intentional.; however, I don’t want it to happen in the future and to prevent it, I’ve added features to the blog.

First, as you have no doubt seen, I have added avatars. These small images help commenters create a brand. The avatar is keyed by the private email address you leave on the blog. The avatar is randomly generated, but you can customize it at That said, there’s nothing to prevent two people from using the same custom image at Gravatar.

So, I’ve added another feature that prevents anyone from using a name or email address for commenting that matches one already registered to a user here on the site. In order gain this protection, you must create an account at and then login to comment.  When you login, you can check a “remember me box” to keep you logged in for 30 days. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO COMMENT. You may also continue to use OpenID.

When you create an account, you can upload your own avatar here, independent of what you use anywhere else. You can also tell it to use your Twitter avatar.

Commenting is an important part of this site, and I want to get it right.