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Poll: What’s your favorite birther image from 2014?

I have a couple of images from 2014 that are my personal favorites. One is the logo for the Orly Taitz Super PAC. Originally, the OTSPAC had laughably bad graphics, leading many to the correct opinion that the site was a spoof. The spiffy updated graphic made the site a little more credible. The anonymous designer is not a Taitz supporter, and was not responsible for putting up the site.

My other favorite image is one I made myself, altering a real TV news clip showing Mike Zullo, and highlighting the “universe shattering” revelations that never happened.

Commenters have offered another Zullo image (courtesy of RC Radio), part of the brief KPHO-TV interview where Zullo admitted taking the $10,000 gift:

Zullo Behind bars

Cropped by Doc

Mario ApuzzoI am sincerely bemused by this story. It started in November of 2009 when I wrote one of a series of quick birther bios on Mario Apuzzo. I wanted to illustrate those articles with photos of the subjects. I don’t know whether I found it myself, or someone sent it to me, but I ended up with a group photo including Apuzzo that  I cropped for my article. Ridiculing someone with a bad photo is not my usual style, and I thought the photo (right) looked rather distinguished. Apuzzo apparently thought so too because he started using the photo on his own web site. Hey, that’s fine with me.

Today, though, I was writing about the Orly Taitz campaign web site, and noticed the nice header graphic. Here’s some of it:

Photo of Orly Taitz, US Flag background

Does that photo look familiar? It’s cropped from a group photo of Taitz with National Republican Chairman Reince Prebius and co-chair of the Romney Campaign, Governor Tim Pawlenty taken during her 2012 Senate race. How do I know that? I cropped it myself. 1

Several anti-Taitz videos have appeared of late on YouTube. This character, DavidJamesManning has been uploading videos for 5 years now according to YouTube. I checked out one of them titled “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”  just now and it has a series of images, including:

imageAnd where have we seen that image before? (And no, I had nothing to do with the videos.)

1OK, the image above is cropped a little tighter than mine, but I still think she got it from me.  The original Taitz image apparently came from a printed photograph that was scanned a bit crooked. I did some resizing and rotating for my version. When I overlay the image from the campaign site onto my own adjusted version of the original, it fits perfectly. It doesn’t quite fit as well to the original photo on the Taitz site. Readers here know about the reliability of amateur forensic photo analysts.