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Taitz tries tort tomorrow; Judge jabs Johnson

I think the tales of Orly Taitz have reached the level of a saga. The woman from Rancho Santa Margarita will, we suppose, be in Texas for a hearing at 1:30 in her immigration case, styled Taitz v. Johnson et al.

Orly Taitz believes she has found her judge. Writing to Kathleen Staunton, executive assistant to Congressman Rohrbacher:

Judge Hanen is a judge, who previously excoriated the US government for acting as human smugglers. He scheduled a hearing for August 27, 2014, 1:30 pm, at Brownsville, TX, 600 Harrison ave, USDC, courtroom #6.

The judge issued an order to show cause to DHS and HHS, why shouldn’t he rule in favor of Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz seeking a 2 months quarantine, medical release, criminal record from the country of origin and legal determination of eligibility for US residency before release of illegal aliens into the communities.

The Defendants argue that the case should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and that no witnesses are appropriate, but in order to comply with the Court’s order, they submitted a list of 3 witnesses who are prepared to testify as to the current practice in handling unaccompanied minors entering the US without documentation. Taitz in turn has subpoenaed 4 other Border Patrol members to testify that officers are getting sick from diseases carried by the children. According to Taitz:

They are prepared to testify that the defendants are trafficking multiple illegal aliens with infectious diseases and 11 officers have been infected while processing these illegal aliens. Additionally, they are prepared to testify in regards to multiple individuals from hostile radical Muslim countries crossing the border and being allowed to fly all over the country without any IDs. Officers are under a gag order coming from their superiors.

Judge Hanen has signed an order for them to appear.

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Notes from the infectious disease ward

UPDATE: Orly’s site is entirely down now. [5 PM EDT, 2 July 2014]

UPDATE 2: It’s back up.

This the third day since Google again identified as an attack site, passing on malware to visitors. I take such warnings more seriously than I used to. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at the Taitz web site obtained through the browser on my phone.

Taitz continues to focus on immigration issues with this headline yesterday:

  • Response from Attorney Orly Taitz to Obama’s today’s speech: our immigration system is not broken, the only thing that is broken, is the path of neuron connections in Obama’s brain. Obama did not need to dispatch Biden to Central America to search for the cause of the problem, he had to dispatch himself to the nearest mirror

Taitz is praying for more Republicans to drive drunk in this item about Pete Perry who was quoted on this blog yesterday. The title of the article is:

  • As some of you may be aware by now, Hinds County GOP chair Pete Perry, a man that many believe is behind the shenanigans on June 24, was arrested for speeding and drunk driving this past Saturday night. Here is his mugshot. Hopefully there will be more pics like this in the future! We can only pray!


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You use that word “archive,” but I don’t think it means what you think it does.

A couple of things have led me to think about archiving this week. The first is the brouhaha about a crashed hard drive at the IRS, and the IRS claim that all the backups are overwritten after 6 months. When is an email a record? What are the retention policies at the IRS? I lack the motivation and the stamina to examine this question in detail, but for the brave souls that might want to dig deeper, I offer these documents:

There is, of course, the occasional variance between policy and practice in the real world.

The other thing that made me think about archiving is the recent going offline of the Orly Taitz ESQ web site. Naturally, when such a site goes offline for a while, there is something on it needed. The Wayback Machine is a great source to find old web pages, but a fair portion of Orly’s site is not in the Wayback Machine for some reason. The Google Cache captures some things, and some sites, including Orly’s site and this one, get republished by Before It’s News. BIN provides us a copy of Orly’s article that some suggest is the reason her web site has been taken down. Here is the advice of “Attorney Orly Taitz” from the article:

Now there are a lot of lost Mexican children, who wandered into the US territory. Well, it is time for every American to become a good Samaritan and help the lost Mexican children by driving them to the border and taking them to thecustody of Mexican border patrol, so that Mexican border patrol that speaks Spanish, can reunite them with their families in Mexico.

Bizarre! Attorney Taitz is giving advice that could result in anyone who follows it ending up in federal prison.

What hit home for me is that over 700 articles on my own web site are not in the Wayback Machine for some reason. Some missing articles are current, but many date back as early as 2010. Ouch! I have been busy coding software yesterday and today to deal with this problem. What I did was to use the WordPress API to download the URLs of all the posts on this blog into a database. I then used the Wayback Machine API to determine which of them were not in the Wayback Machine archive. I then developed a system for adding them. Right now, I have to push a couple of buttons to scroll to the next missing page and add it. I’ll automate that shortly. I just have to be careful not to add to fast, or I’ll get kicked off as an attacker. A 5-second delay seems to work pretty well.

Abhorrent Arpaio assassination attempt aborted

Still in the alliterative mode, we note that a maximum security prisoner named Samuel Matta has allegedly plotted kill Maricopa County County Sheriff, and birther conspiracy theorist, Joe Arpaio, with a high-powered rifle. Reports say that the attempt was in response to Arpaio being responsible for the deportation of members of Matta’s family, reports Fox Latino News.


Sorry folks, that was last year’s attempt to assassinate Joe Arpaio. This time it was a bomb. Brietbart News (WorldNetDaily and the birther blogs) report that a bomb was intercepted in the mail to Arpaio. Fox News describes it as a “suspicious package containing explosives.” The device was neutralized by a water canon. One source said the package appeared suspicious because it was leaking gunpowder.

Arpaio, who gets lots of death threats, responded:

It’s the nature of the business.

This site does not condone sending bombs to people, nor death threats for that matter.


It was later determined that the bomb was not wired to explode.

Expanding the definition of “birther”

An article at Phoeniz, Arizona, TV station KPHO titled: Birther Bill In Limbo, Voting Postponed caught my eye for obvious reasons. I jumped to the conclusion that the article was about House Bill 2544,  an act relating to the conduct of elections, and in particular requiring certain documentation and certifications of presidential candidates designed to exclude Barack Obama. However, it was about a bill that would exclude the children of illegal immigrants from US citizenship.

At least at this news outlet immigration activists are being lumped in with the conspiracy theorists who believe Barack Obama himself was a immigrant. While I see some reason to make the connection, I think this usage will create confusion.